With Brown Down, Hawks Need To Prove Themselves

Chad Brown's injury should not keep the Seahawks from reaching their 2004 goals. Find out why inside...

Linebacker Chad Brown went down today at training camp obviously in great pain. Coaches Mike Holmgren and Ray Rhodes could only look on helplessly as one of the team's top defensive players clutched at his leg. An air cast was soon placed on his leg, and ESPNews is now reporting that Brown has a broken fibula and will be out at least eight weeks.

So what started out with a slight skip in the music at the Pre-Super Bowl Party many Seahawks fans have been caught up in lately caused by a 19-3 drubbing by the Denver Broncos last Saturday, has now heard a sudden hush of the music altogether with one of the team's best players looking to miss at least the first month of the season.

A flat, uninspired team, coming off an emotional trip and victory at Green Bay limited to two practices before facing a hungry Broncos (0-2) team desperate for a win was hardly reason for much concern in the Seahawks quest for the NFC West crown, but losing one of the best defenders and leaders the team has for the first month (at least) of the 2004 season is cause for some concern.

In my opinion, the team is still stacked enough with talent and depth to still win the majority of their games even with one of the major players down. However, it doesn't make the road any easier to travel upon.

Hopefully, the team will use this latest unfortunate turn of events to become even more focused and driven to succeed, even in the face of the first major road block of the season. This is what proves the mettle of a championship-caliber team. Injuries are a convenient excuse for losing teams in the NFL.

The time has indeed come that we shouldn't be one of them. Winning teams win in spite of injuries, not lose because of them. Winning teams take unfortunate events and rally because of them, not use them as excuses for failure.

Sometimes it takes an unfortunate event to prove beyond a shadow of doubt, that all that Super Bowl media hype is well deserved.

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