Question The Hype

Before the Seahawks can be proclaimed the "belles of the ball" in the NFL, there's a tough season to play. .NET's Don Christensen takes a different look at the team's opening matchup versus the Saints.

A season opener...on the road...against one of the most talented teams in the NFC...and in a dome.

Oh yes, forgot to mention Deuce McAllister, whose fresh legs are ready to take advantage of a largely untested and questionable Seahawk middle, weakened by injuries, young players and new combinations.

A 100-yard performance or more by McAllister will naturally compliment a solid, if not speedy passing attack by a talented group of receivers and one Aaron Brooks. The Saints’ QB, who finished last season with over 3,500 yards of passing, 24 TD’s and a rating of 88.9 will work the passing zones all day, keeping Lucas, Trufant and Mr. Ken Hamlin very busy. Are they ready for Joe Horn this time?

Is too early to expect results from Grant Wistrom fresh off injuries? What about the inexperienced Marcus Tubbs?

Middle linebacker becomes a nagging question also. In his own right, Orlando Huff deserves to be starting going into game one. No disrespect to Huff, but failure by the Seahawk personnel office to draft a blue chip MLB in the past few seasons could become about as costly to the 2004 Seahawks as relying on Randall Godfrey to stop Ahman Green. In certain ways, this unaddressed weakness ended the 2003 campaign.

And perhaps outside observers make too much of Chad Brown’s injury. After all, this is his 12th year and he will likely face other injuries before it is all over. Isaiah Kacyvenski will face another season opener with the assignment of his life, part 2. More question marks, indeed.

The hype has given Seahawk fans a boost, especially coming off 3 preseason wins and lots of puffs from the press, two rare commodities for enthusiasts. These can be medicine or poison, depending upon what kind expectations fans have.

From the laws of averages, it stands to reason that as the Mariners and Huskies are heading south, the Hawks are rising to the ascendancy that they’ve missed over the past 20 years.

Hype or no-hype, still nagging us are those losses on the road and a soft middle. These will be the cannon fodder of conversation of those looking to get real about a team on the verge.

In perspective, opening the season with two games on the road means nothing more than 1/8th of a season.

How pivotal can a season opener be? Never before have so many questions been asked and answered in one game.

Don Christensen writes for Seahawks.NET. You can reach him at Top Stories