NET Exclusive: Q&A With Amber

The Seattle Seahawks Sea Gal squad is full of attractive women with great personalities and big smiles. However for the past 5 seasons, one former 'Gal has stood out among the crowd. From Qwest Field to National TV, to a recent "Hometown Hotties" special for Maxim Magazine, Amber Lancaster is in a class all of her own.


Like Madonna, Sting, Prince, Cher and Britney, one only needs to recite the first name and every Seahawks fan on the face of this planet knows who you're talking about. And for good reason. She is a beautiful girl. But what really makes Amber special is not how great she looks in a bathing suit, nor how much the camera adores her. What makes her special is that she is a walking, breathing poster girl for every man's dream girl:

She's beautiful, but also genuinely humble and down-to-earth with a terrific personality.


Anyone who has ever met Amber in person, either at one of our Annual NET Bashes, or at a Seahawks function, can attest not only to her outside – but inner beauty. Sadly, for many Seahawks fans, Amber decided to hang up her Sea Gal uniform for good after last season. Yet, fear not. She has moved to LA to further pursue her career in modeling and acting. So far, so good. Before her boxes could be unpacked and the fresh coats of paint on the walls could dry, Amber is already gearing up for more National exposure.

Amber will be featured in Maxim Magazine's "Hometown Hotties" competition, beating out endless groups of "hotties" to make it to their Top 10 special. A new round of voting began September 15th. The winner of that vote will get her own photo spread in an upcoming edition of the popular men's magazine.

We recently sat down to catch up with the ever-effervescent Amber to see how California is treating her, as well as her time with the Sea Gals, some of her favorite things, moments, and but of course, the Seattle Seahawks.

Seahawks.NET: Thanks for sitting down with us Amber. You know, like it or not, you became sort of the "poster girl" for the Sea Gals during your term with the squad, and although all good things come to an end, it must have been difficult for you to leave behind the fans and friends you made in your years as a Sea Gal. What did you most value in your experience with the squad?

Amber: First let me just say that it was SO HARD for me not to try out this year for the Sea Gals, I was so depressed. Now, I am happy with my decision, as moving to LA has always been something I've wanted to do. Being with the Sea Gals for the last 5 seasons has been such an amazing experience, I have SO many great memories and experiences that I will never forget. I have met amazing people from all walks of life, participated in charitable causes, made amazing friends I will have for the rest of my life, grown as a person, and have gotten to cheer on the best football team on the planet while doing something I love. My experience was invaluable, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

SN: You've recently moved to California to further pursue your modeling and acting career. So how is Cali' treating you so far?

A: So far so good, it is a lot different than Seattle, that's for sure! Yesterday, it was gloomy outside when I woke up, and I thought to myself "it's a nice day today!" I never thought I would ever think that!

Career-wise, it's a tough industry, but I am loving it, and I am having so much fun! I recently made it into the Top 10 (thanks to you guys!) in Maxim's Hometown Hotties Competition. The next round of voting started September 15 at The winner gets a photo spread in an upcoming issue. So vote if you can!

SN: People naturally assume that NFL cheerleaders say their favorite team is inevitably the one they cheer for, as if it's only lip service, but in your case you really are a Seahawks fan, aren't you?

A: I truly do love the Seahawks! I was with them for 5 seasons, and I started when I was only 18. Of course, first starting out, I didn't have the same appreciation and love for them that I do now. I can't miss a game! I even got Direct TV just so I can watch every Seahawks game!

SN: What do you think is the most surprising characteristic about you? In other words, what do you think people would be most surprised to learn about you?

A: I'm pretty laid-back. I love just hanging out with my friends, going to movies, stuff like that. I am really down to earth and easy to talk to. I love getting to know new people.

SN: We have readers who are fathers to some young girls who admire the Sea Gals and would love to grow up and become one someday. What advice would you give them?

A: The fathers or the girls? (Laughing) The Sea Gals stand for so many things, they are classy, beautiful, humble, down to earth, and talented…..definitely excellent role models in the community, and beautiful both inside and out! If you strive for all of those things in your life, then you will always be a Sea Gal at heart!

SN: If you could list your favorite moment or experience as a Sea Gal, what would that be?

A: There are so many aspects of the Sea Gals, it's really hard to pick just ONE favorite! Of course, I remember visiting the troops in Fort Hood, Texas, the thrill of being on the field on game day, signing an autograph for a little girl who thinks you are the coolest person they've ever met, meeting all of you guys at .NET and Seahawk Sal, dressing up for the Sea Gal dinners, having MY OWN flag in downtown Seattle, helping the battered women and children's shelter every Christmas…

But if I had to list my MOST favorite, it would have to be the first time I walked into the Kingdome for practice, it was such a huge feeling of accomplishment, and not knowing what was to come.

SN: You're relaxing with your favorite person, CD, type of food, drink, and movie. Who are you with, what are you listening to, what's on the menu and eventually, what movie are you going to watch?

A: Wow, well, no offense to anyone…I'm really homesick right now, so I would be with my best friend Sarah (the Sea Gal), we'd be listening to KUBE 93, eating Sakura's, drinking some Chateau St. Michelle Riesling, and watching Labyrinth (she's probably the only one that would tolerate it with me).

SN: Who has been the most instrumental person in your life to this point and why?

A: That's always a tough question for me. I have had quite a unique life. I was raised by so many different people growing up, so I really couldn't choose just one. My whole family has been instrumental!

SN: What's your current "guilty pleasure"?

A: My guilty pleasure is shopping…I can shop with the best of them!

SN: Where can we expect to see Amber 5 years from now?

A: Having a successful career in the Entertainment industry, and maybe settling down (with a Seahawks fan of course!)

SN: Okay, give us your prediction for the Seahawks this year...


SN: Thank you so much for your time Amber. We miss you in a Sea Gal's uniform but we have no doubt we will be seeing more from you on a National level one day soon. Any last comments for our readers?

A: I really want to truly thank everyone for all of the support you all have given me over the last few years. Seattle has the best fans ever! You guys Rock! I will definitely see you in the stands at a few of the games (bundled up, with a cold one for once!) And hopefully at the NET BASH! You guys have given me some memories that I will honestly remember for the rest of my life. Thank You!

Everyone at Seahawks.NET would like to thank Amber for taking the time to talk with us during her busy schedule, and we all wish her luck in her current and future endeavors. You can vote for Amber at Maxim Magazine. Top Stories