Flattland - "Bye Week Blues"

With the Seahawks off this Sunday, Trav Flatt has put the XBox down to wax philisophical about the NFC West, the Presidential Debate, and...squirrel vomit???

Alas, I found myself unable to put together a Highly Scientific Pre-Game Prediction last week. Turns out your intrepid reporter found himself overly intrepified, though detail has been intentionally omitted. Either way, the Xbox and I both anticipated a Seahawk win, but neither of us quite imagined the utter butt-whooping (to put it in technical terms) that was handed forth by our Seahawks last weekend.

To date, our defense has allowed an entire thirteen points on the season. Historically, I think Seattle defenses have been more prone to allow that sum per half. We’re talking about just over a point allowed per quarter, here.

In any event, the next week brings us to the Really Reliable Reflection of the week! Uh… well, “The Seahawks Will Not Play.”


Hrm. There’s still a lot of white space left, isn’t there? Well, I suppose we could reflect about the season in general. I for one am highly optimistic. 3-0 with two road games and one division game already out of the way. Hard to ask for much more at the bye week, isn’t it? The performance against the San Francisco Squirrel Vomits indicated that the offensive anemia against the Buccaneers wasn’t a beginning trend of any sort… Things look very good.

Even a couple of the local Cowboy Fan friends of mine are already expressing a bit of concern regarding the upcoming Seahawks game. This has boggled my mind. Apparently Dallas fans IN Texas are a bit more down-to-earth than those found abroad. This makes sense, really. There’s less of an elitism tied into being a fan of the local team than in picking up on the Cowboys historical success from, say, Maine.

But that’s just feels strange to consider, doesn’t it? There are Cowboy fans Scared of the Seahawks! Ha ha! Given that I’ll likely be having final exams around roughly the same time that game comes around, I’m probably going to be stuck in Texas instead of staggering around, mildly inebriated, at the NET Bash. Therefore, I’m most likely to be getting beaten into a pulp by disgruntled Cowboy fans with whom I’ll be watching the game.

Naturally, there aren’t a lot of Seahawk fans in Texas. I do, however, know a Redskins fan… Must be some sort of thrill-seeker?

Going into the bye week with this sort of momentum is iffy. Will the guys go cold? Will the fans, having the attention spans of ferrets, become distracted? Will it just be a good chance to heal up some bangs and bruises?

Probably the latter, which is why I really wish we’d had a bye later in the season. Hopefully, we’ll make up some rest and recovery time with a first-round playoff bye.

For the present, though… Well, I don’t personally care. It’s too early in the season to have a great deal of interest in any Playoff Picture forming, and my team isn’t playing. I suppose I could watch the Presidential Debate. I understand they’re trying to make it more exciting and flashy this term, including the addition of blinking lights and so forth in an effort to distract from the fact that the candidates are really just saying various forms of “You suck” at one another.

Okay, so football is infinitely more interesting. The ranks of the Undefeated Teams is somewhat surprising. Atlanta, for example. More so is Jacksonville’s ability to win three games (Two road games, much like ourselves) while putting a measly 35 points on the board. Another surprise is at the other end of success: Kansas City finding themselves winless after three games. Does anyone have footage of Dick Vermeil crying, yet?

On the NFC West front, our other three division rivals are not getting the luxury of a week off – And they seem to need it more than we do. Ideally, I’d love to see the 49ers pull off an upset, keeping our closest rivals (The 1-2 Rams. Har!) at bay. Throw in another Cardinal loss, and the Division will be looking superlative. A win over San Francisco could certainly motivate the Rams en route to Seattle the next week. Rams Fans, if not the Rams themselves, definitely seem to feel that the NFC West lead is their Rightful Place, and no doubt Saint Louis will be fired up to give us a slap in our own house.

I’m thinking we match up well against the Rams, though. As anyone who is not Mike Martz can see; Bulger has a tendency to throw interceptions. Our young defensive backfield is looking as hungry as ever, and our defensive line is actually rather scary for a change. Couple this with the loss of Kyle Turley to the Rams’ offensive line, and I can see Mr. Bulger making his share of erroneous passing decisions. Add THAT to the fact that the Rams defense has not really been able to stop much of anyone so far on the defensive side of the ball (30th in the league total yards allowed? Ouch. Compare and contrast with our 2nd in the league, if you will), and this game doesn’t look quite as scary as it would have before the preseason began.

Needless to say, a 3-game lead a quarter of the way through the regular season would be very, very nice. Not the sort of thing that Seahawks fans are traditionally accustomed to, really, but something I personally could get used to rather quickly.

Fire off your scintillating insights, inquiries, and ideas to make the debates more interesting (Instead of flashing lights, how about mild electric shocks?) to trav@spinn.net

Trav Flatt

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