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In an impassioned (and quite funny) plea for perspective, .NET's Trav Flatt beseeches the Seahawk Nation to put down the Zoloft and breathe the sweet air of reality - the Seahawks are still the NFC West leaders, and they have a better chance than most to put an end to the Patriots' dynastic run.

Obviously, it’s a simple matter to get caught up in a moment. In that moment, a person can quite simply lose sight of the big picture and do or say something that is, all things considered, inappropriate.

Not that I, personally, would know anything about this.

Well, okay. I would know something about it, but I’d really prefer not to go into how a coworker and I have discovered to our great amusement that when you use the “Generic Announcer Voice” and loudly proclaim various ailments from our Medical Terminology courses, it sounds amusingly like many of those bad 80s rock bands which keep trying to make a comeback. I really don’t want to talk about the failure to realize that our lack of “Big Picture” thinking creates a situation in which various restaurant patrons can hear us bellowing at one another from the kitchen area:

Voice 1: “LIVE, it’s… Melanoma!”
Voice 2: “Ha ha ha!!”
Voice 1: “IntroDUcing… Salmonella!!”
Voice 2: “Woo! BACK, by popular demand, Gonorrhea!”
Hungry Patron: “We’ve changed our minds, we’ll be going to McDonald’s.”

I’d rather not go into that. The primary point, however, is that we all can get caught up in a moment of important activity such as amusing one another and/or adoring a football team, and lose track of the larger context.

Truth be told, I haven’t seen this much utter disgust for our team since back when we really did suck. The backlash loathing that has washed across the public forums is rather surprising. I think it’s just the case of having a long-unrequited love affair with an underachieving sports organization. After a long run of success and positive press, we’re vigilantly waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Though, it’s still the first time I’ve seen people seriously arguing that ‘The season is over’ when the team in question is on pace to go 12-4. The 1-4 Packers’ fans have more faith than that, and they ARE pretty well sucking. It does boggle the mind.

Some favored battle cries:

“Fire Holmgren!”

This is why I don’t like being The Boss. At least a Quarterback gets too much blame AND too much credit for his overall team’s performance. A coach gets all of the blame and jack squat for credit. If the entire team screws up, it’s all the coach's fault. If the team comes out and mauls their opposition, the coach has adequately done his job and the players get all of the accolades. From over here, I don’t see any need to fire up the torches and get out the pitchforks just yet. There was a meltdown, much of which didn’t seem to be Holmgren’s fault (Though, I’d hate to catch the trickle-down buttchewing that Ray Rhodes is likely to give the Defense this week). And, let’s face it – The Rams didn’t roll over and die.

“We Can’t Put Away (Good) Teams!”

Occasionally ‘good’ is left out of there, and it’s easy enough to cite the week before. 49er’s: 34-0. Keep in mind nobody has shut out San Fran like that in a long, long time. Anticipated counter-argument to that, of course, is that the 49ers are pathetic loser wienerheads and we can’t keep down GOOD teams. One thing to note is… That’s kind of why they’re good teams.

“The Season is Over, We Suck, and Oh, By the Way: ‘Waaah’!”

I can see how one week of high-octane letdown can bring back a sort of Same Old Seahawks flashback, but… Do try to stop being a moron. Again, maybe it’s just me, but I would’ve held off on giving up for the season until we hit around 0-4 or 0-5 or so, not 3-1 after losing in overtime to a division rival with some fight left in them.

“Bench Koren!!”

Alright… Here’s one nay-saying bandwagon I’m somewhat inclined to hop on. Just how many years does a receiver get to slide on “Great Athletic Potential”? You’d think, with a receiver, that one of the earlier skills it would be a good idea to develop would be… well, you know, receiving. He’s turning into the Human Drive Killer, and I’m not entirely understanding how removing the guy who keeps dropping passes will impair the chemistry of the corps. I’d think the corps would be in favor of caught passes.

“Oh Crap, Here Come the Pats.”

Again, I am in complete agreement. Though, I couldn’t have picked a better time in the ebb and flow of our team momentum to have the Patriots on the schedule. We come off three wins, getting cocky, only to lose a heartbreaker in overtime. Then, we get thrown to the best team in the NFL in their own house. It’s a Trial By Fire, and if we want this team to show any kind of grit in the post-season… We want to see what sort of fire they bring in to a situation where the world thinks they’re doomed to fall. Let’s try to work at not joining in on THAT sentiment. This is our team, baby. We already broke down one Great Record this year, shutting out the Niners. Let’s knock the Pats off their high and mighty win streak in THEIR house.

It’s more fun that way.

Fire off your scintillating insights, inquiries, and Reasons Koren Can’t Catch a Pass to trav@spinn.net

Trav Flatt

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