GameSim: Seahawks at 49ers

"With these hard-learned lessons firmly in mind, Seattle goes to San Francisco to play a VERY important divisional game. This game is vitally important to the Seahawks..."

Did you hear that? The collective sigh of the entire Seahawks Nation as Seattle ended a three game skid and got “back on the train” with a win. Hopefully each of the three losses taught a valuable lesson to the Seahawks:

1. “They Hold No Quarter, They Ask No Quarter”: Never let up on an opponent until the final gun sounds (St. Louis).
2. “Don’t Believe The Hype”: You ain’t an elite team in this league until you beat a quality opponent (New England).
3. “Every Dog Has His Day, ‘Cause It’s Dog Eat Dog”: Any team, no matter how lowly, can beat you if you don’t play a good game (Arizona).

With these hard-learned lessons firmly in mind, Seattle goes to San Francisco to play a VERY important divisional game. This game is vitally important to the Seahawks because, with St. Louis facing the reigning World Champs, there is a very real chance that the Seahawks are playing this week for the sole lead in the NFC West. It is vitally important because even if the Rams can pull off an upset, Seattle can still remain in a tie with the Rams for the divisional lead heading into the grudge match in St. Louis next week. It is vitally important because St. Louis already has a two game lead in the divisional tie-breaker with the Seahawks should that come into play at the end of the season.

“I’ve Seen The Future And It Works”

Last week the Silicon Swami notched another victory giving the video game a 5-2 record on the year. For the first time this season, the Silicon Swami is simulating a rematch, and, not surprisingly, the results are similar to last time. As usual, our sim was run on a PlayStation 2 version of Madden 2005 with 6 minute quarters at All-Pro level.

Seattle won each of the five games and led them all wire-to-wire. Matt Hasselbeck averaged 279 yards and 3 TDs and Shaun Alexander averaged 92 yards and 1 TD per game. The offense just rolled over a defensive unit that was decimated by injury (Ahmed Plummer, Andre Carter, Julian Peterson, Brandon Whiting, Andrew Williams, Isaac Sopoaga, Ray Wells, Richard Seigler, Aleem Rasheed and Ronnie Heard are all listed as out or doubtful for this Sunday’s game). Seattle’s offense sat Darrell Jackson and Bobby Engram since they both are on the doubtful list and with Alex Bannister on injured reserve, the bulk of the passing game fell to Koren Robinson and Jerry Rice, both of whom enjoyed monster games averaging 100+ yards per game and one touchdown each. In addition, Jerramy Stevens became a frequent target as Madden lined him up in the slot and turned over the TE duties to Itula Mili, who also caught an average of 2 balls per game.

On the other side of the ball, with starting center Jeremy Newberry out, the Niners had a lot of problems up the middle with Booger Moore and Cedric Woodard racking up an average of 2 sacks a game each. Tim Rattay started each of the five games and although missing big numbers he did something no other QB has managed to do this season vs. the Seattle secondary and that was walk off the field at the end of game without throwing an interception. The lone bright spot for the 49ers was WR Brandon Lloyd who enjoyed moderate success matched up against Ken Lucas accounting for a majority of their scores.

The Silicon Swami’s Prediction: Seattle 31, San Francisco 14.

Dylan Johnson writes for Seahawks.NET. He’s also well-known as “NJSeahawksFan” on our Fan Forums. Feel free to contact him at Top Stories