Hawks Soar 42-27

On the wings of a balanced offensive attack, a defense doing the right things at the right times, and a team reclaiming momentum and restoring their mojo, the Hawks soar by the Bay beating the 49ers 42-27.

It's hard to determine what was more satisfying.

Was it Matt Hasselbeck's return to his usual Pro-Bowl self throwing for 285 yards, 3 TDs and no interceptions for a 130.8 QB rating?

Perhaps it was another dominating and pounding performance from Shaun Alexander carrying the ball for 160 yards and punching it in the end zone for two scores?

Maybe it was watching that elusive attribute that has been a key missing ingredient in recent weeks, return with an exclamation point: Mental Toughness.

Let's not forget the Rams losing at home to the Patriots which give the Seahawks sole-possession of first place in the NFC West.

Oh yes, the Eagles and Giants lost as well, giving the Seahawks a not too-distant shot for first place in the conference.

Sweeping a lowly yet dangerous 49ers team is hardly reason to book tickets to Jacksonville. It is however reason to believe a team that started out of the gates 3-0 only to self-implode to a 3-game losing streak, losing more and more confidence with each loss, has reclaimed their mojo.

There's this feeling one gets that for some strange reason, the Mike Holmgren Experiment doesn't really start churning the gears until Halloween is in the rear-view mirror.

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck touched on this enigma.

"(Offensive coordinator) Gil Haskell said to me this week the offense seems to hit its stride around November first," said Hasselbeck. "I don't know why, but the offense starts to feel pretty comfortable right now."

The key seems to be found in a balanced attack. Let the run set up the pass. Then the pass, symbiotically, sets up the run. In the past two weeks, it has worked to perfection, restoring claim that the Seahawks do indeed, possess a high-powered offense.

Even when the 49ers with QB Tim Rattay taking the snaps, showed the ability to move the ball, even leading throughout the first half, the Seahawks continued to show poise. Another sluggish start on the road didn't end in disaster. This time, the Seahawks began to burn the 49ers when they blitzed.

This time, a weaker team daring Matt Hasselbeck to burn them, did just that.

At one point in the game, Hasselbeck read an imminent blitz and audibled a tight end to come in closer to the line to max protect. He realized this would put WR Koren Robinson in one-on-one coverage. He quickly snapped the ball, and within 2.5 seconds, the odd-shaped pigskin was in Robinson's hands. A few beautiful moves later, the Seahawks scored 6 points.

In one play, the Seahawks just may have given future opponents reason to think twice before using the old "Blitz Everything Including The Kitchen Sink" game plan.

One primary element in many signs witnessed yesterday by the Bay that may restore the Seahawks' chances to go places never gone before.

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