GameSim: Seahawks at Rams

"The Seattle Seahawks head into St. Louis this Sunday and put their one game lead in the division on the line. This game is as close to a "must win" for both teams as you can get without it being an elimination game."

The NFC West is up for grabs. The Seattle Seahawks head into St. Louis this Sunday and put their one game lead in the division on the line. This game is as close to a “must win” for both teams as you can get without it being an elimination game. For Seattle, a win means NFL legitimacy and a 2 game lead in the division heading into the easiest stretch of their season. For St. Louis, a win means an end to a 2-game losing streak, recapturing the lead in the division and a season sweep of the Seahawks assuring them any tiebreakers over Seattle at the season’s end.

If both teams bring their “A” Game, I would expect the Seahawks to come out on top, mainly because of the horrendous defense of St. Louis. The Rams 30th ranked defense has been woeful this season; surrendering on average 361.5 yards and 25.6 points per game. Their challenge will be to stop Shaun Alexander who has been outright dominating since Mike Holmgren remembered he had an All-Pro running back in the backfield and returned to the running game.

But enough of what I think, let’s go to the expert: Madden 2005. The Silicon Swami has accurately predicted 6 of 8 games this season, including the last two in row. The sim is based on the average of 5 CPU vs. CPU games with 6 minute quarters at All-Pro Level on Madden 2005 for the Playstation 2.

In the first game, Shaun Alexander ran roughshod over the St. Louis defense to the tune of 157 yards and Matt Hasselbeck threw for another 197, but the offense only managed to put the ball in the end zone once. Fortunately for the Seahawks, Josh Brown had a monster performance going 5-5 from the field. On the other side of the ball Marc Bulger lit up the Seahawks for 311 yards and one touchdown each to Bruce and Holt, although Marshall Faulk was a non-factor with just 47 yards and no scores (unless you count getting nailed in his own end zone by Booger Moore for a safety a score for him). Bulger also connected with Chad Brown and Anthony Simmons, both picks the results of the LB’s jumping crossing routes. At the end of the game, the Rams held the ball on a 3rd and short from the 32, down by a mere 2 points, when Bulger was sacked by a blitzing Marcus Trufant to put them out of field goal range. On 4th and long, Bulger suffered his second consecutive sack as Chike Okeafor and Bobby Taylor both shed blocks and met at the QB to end the game. Final Score: Seattle 24 St. Louis 22.

The second match-up was a good old fashioned shootout with both QB’s having huge games and both RBs relatively quiet. Hasselbeck finished the day with 339 yards, no picks and 5 touchdowns, 3 of them to Koren Robinson. Unfortunately for Seattle, Bulger had the better game, passing for 382 yards with 4 TDs, 2 each to Holt and Bruce. In the end, the Rams had the ball last and wound up with the win. Final Score: St. Louis 44 Seattle 38.

In the remaining three games, Seattle fell behind early to Rams only to storm back in the second half and put the game away. For some unknown reason, the CPU refused to abandon single man coverage on Koren Robinson who lit up the Rams for an average of 107 yards and 2 scores per game. Shaun Alexander also enjoyed huge success on the ground and with screens racking up close to 160 yards per outing. On the defensive side of the ball, Bulger kept the ball away from double overages finding the man singled up more often than not and racked up an average of 300+ yards and at least two TDs per game. He also faced heavy pressure from a variety of blitzes that led to multiple sacks and interceptions. He seemed particularly vulnerable to linebackers jumping routes in the middle of the field, with Chad Brown racking up one INT in four of the five contests. All in all, the Rams seemed overmatched in all but one of the games leading the Silicon Swami to predict a convincing Seattle win.

Final Prediction: Seattle 33, St. Louis 18.

Dylan Johnson writes for Seahawks.NET. He’s also well-known as “NJSeahawksFan” on our Fan Forums. Feel free to contact him at Top Stories