Extra Points - "Heartless in Seattle?"

"The thing that bothers me more than anything else including all the damned dropped passes and turnovers and Ray Rhodess' zone blitzes and soft zone coverages and Holmgren's predictability and conservatism is the fact that our Seahawks begin most games like we just don't give a damn."

Have you ever seen something or someone that causes your temperature to rise with excitement and anticipation? You know, the cute, sexy girl in your class that you’ve been a little shy about talking too but she looks so good from afar? Or maybe the new sports car that you’ve seen from a distance and marvel at how sharp it is. If only you could get your hands on it, right?

Well, these Seahawks are kind of like that girl you’ve always wanted to talk to or that sports car you’ve always thought you’ve wanted until you get up close to it. Because these Seahawks are the cute girl that when you finally do get the nerve up to talk to her, you find out she’s got only 2 teeth, is a devil worshiper and in love with her cousin!! Or maybe our Seahawks are the sharp car that once you get up close you see all the dents and scratches - and when you try to start the engine, it won’t run without choking and wheezing.

What I’m trying to say is that we’ve all been duped into thinking that this Seahawks team was different than all of the other Seahawks teams. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that would start off red-hot only to fade as the season went along and finish either 8-8 or 9-7 while losing to teams we should beat up on handily and just miss the playoffs but have a good enough record to prevent a real high draft pick. Or maybe the ones that would come into a season with lofty expectations only to disappoint all of us terribly with their shoddy play and lazy attitudes towards winning and playing hard.

The thing that bothers me more than anything else including all the damned dropped passes and turnovers and Ray Rhodess’ zone blitzes and soft zone coverages and Holmgren’s predictability and conservatism is the fact that our Seahawks begin most games like we just don’t give a damn. And that, my friends, really, really ticks me off. I mean, it was RAM week for God’s sakes!! What, our guys couldn’t get up for that? I know for a fact that the Seahawks fans were all geeked up. I was!! Why can’t the players show up?

This was a game against what is now our nastiest division rival. It was a game against a team that embarrassed us in our house by scoring a remarkable 17 points in about 5 minutes while we were sleeping. It was a game that, if won, could give us a nice stranglehold on the division and severely hurt the Rams’ chances of even making the playoffs. It was a game against a team whose own head coach was questioning their heart, desire and execution. And it was a game against a team that had the 30th ranked defense in the NFL. And guess what? They knocked us on our asses again and again at the start of the game. What? We weren’t ready to play? Do we have to be down by double digits to get interested now?

We couldn’t even stick it in the end zone against this defense. How are we going to fare against the mighty Dolphin defense this week? How many times do opposing receivers have to be wide open 15 yards down the middle of the field before we start mixing things up to find out something that will work? Questions, questions, questions. But the biggest question appears to be: Do we have the heart to fight back and make something good happen for us this season? A season filled with high expectations appears to be slip sliding away as per usual. Do we feel like turning it around? The way we came out of the tunnel to play on Sunday sure doesn’t look like we’re too interested in doing it. We were down real bad, real early before we finally woke up and tried to make a half a game out of it.

I don’t only blame the players - I also blame Holmgren and Rhodes for not making whatever adjustments needed to be made to get us ready to make plays. Whether the players make the plays or not is beyond our coaches’ responsibility, but it’s their responsibility to set the tone and make whatever changes need to be made to right the sinking ship.

One of the few players appearing to play like he cares is Shaun Alexander and he’s playing for a fat free agent contract. He’s running like he wants to get paid. We need all of our guys to play like their playing for a new contract and we need our coaches to coach like they want one too. It’s not too late to get this thing straightened out and make it a season to remember for positive reasons instead of the normal negative ones but we’ve got to start playing with some urgency and play like we care. A team that has heart and determination doesn’t come out flat in any game, much less a big one. When was the last time you saw the Patriots come out flat?

Until we can start showing up on time for all of these big games we’re still going to carry the heavy burden of being the “Same old Seahawks”. And I don’t know about the rest of you guys but I’m sick to death of hearing that and watching that. Are the players?

It’s a great time to be a Seahawks fan (yes, even after this embarrassing performance), always has been, always will be.

Micky James writes weekly for Seahawks.NET. You can reach him at teamjames4@yahoo.com.

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