Show Me!

"Here's a little suggestion for all of our Seattle Seahawks 'wide receivers.' Why don't you just shut up and stay shut up until you guys prove something on the field where it counts?"

As the Seahawks returned from their disastrous visit to the "Show-Me State", perhaps it is appropriate to consider just what they showed us.

They showed us they still can’t wake up before 11:00 am. After 27 years in Seattle, you would think the team would realize that those guys back east play their games a little earlier in the day than we do. Why is it that a professional sports franchise with a $75 million payroll can’t afford an alarm clock? I hear that most hotels have wake up calling. Yes, the guy at the front desk will actually call you in the morning if you ask them to. They’ll do it before 10:00 am, too.

They showed us that the St. Louis Rams aren’t really rivals. When you play rivals you prepare, you show intensity, you come ready to play. No, the Rams are the better team and they will never consider us rivals until we play competitive football with them and beat them a time or two. We want to think we’re their rival, but they are looking down at us, they think of us as a nuisance, not a rival. To be a rival, you have to compete.

They showed us how stupid they are. Gee whiz, the Rams came out throwing the ball, with deep crossing routes and ins. The St Louis Rams, throwing the ball? Who could have imagined that? Apparently not our Seahawks.

They showed us they are not that good. They can’t get 1 yard when they need it. They can waste a 176-yard effort by one of the better backs in the league. They can’t stop the run when they really need to.

They showed us they are inept. How can a QB and a running back not execute a routine handoff on the first play of the game? Why did they practice all week? Or better yet, why did they bother?

They showed us they lack the killer instinct. Good teams take advantage of situations, they don’t let other teams do it. Good teams overcome mistakes and make other teams pay for theirs. Good teams capitalize on chances, they don’t fritter them away. Twice this year, they had a chance to put the Rams two games back and they failed both times. Yes, they failed. They didn’t “come up short.” They failed.

They showed us they can’t back up their cheap smack talk. Hey Mr. Jackson, what was that comment again about how good our offense is? Here’s a little suggestion for all of our Seattle Seahawks “wide receivers.” Why don’t you just shut up and stay shut up until you guys prove something on the field where it counts? So far, I see a lot of show and not much go. How about we go at least 3 or 4 games without dropping any TD passes before you start comparing yourselves to the Rams wide receivers. They at least catch the ball when it hits them in the hands.

They showed us they have no imagination. On top of the lackluster performance, there was a total lack of any imagination in play calling. Hey Mr. Holmgren, everybody in the league knows we pass on first down, then run on second down. It has become much more than a pattern, it has become a rut. I’m sorry, but an occasional end around does not qualify as a trick play in the modern NFL game. I know you want to prove that we can execute your perfect plays, but once in a while could you just try to fool someone? The New England Patriots have arguably the best field goal kicker in the league and they ran a fake field goal. Is there a lesson in there for us? I guess not. Sigh.

We’ve heard all the talk about how “we just didn’t get it done and we need to do that” ad nauseum. Guess what? Nothing in any of the post game interviews and press conferences lately have told us anything we haven’t seen on the field. We know you got out played. We were watching, although this fan is beginning to wonder why.

We can see that you didn’t get it done. We continue to listen to endless promises that you’ll fix this or that problem. The fact is, we’ve been hearing the same promises for years. Over and over our coaches and players have been saying the same thing at every interview. “We’ll fix this.”

Here’s another suggestion. Cut out all player interviews and minimize the press conferences. You could just pick one of your favorite ones and cut and paste it over and over. Just change the date at the top of the page. Heck, you say pretty much the same thing every time anyway. Just print up your favorite sports and football clichés and copy them to the website twice a week. Probably no one will notice.

We fans really want you to show us. Don’t tell us. Show us.

But of course, you can’t.

Now you face a stretch of 3 home games against the bottom feeders of the league, teams in disarray, teams that have to travel cross country, and just plain bad teams. We’ll probably win them all, and it won’t really matter. It won’t prove much. Everybody knows we can beat bad teams.

Right now, we’re not even the best 5-4 team in the league.

But just the same, go ahead and win as many of these next few games as you can.

Show me.

Steve Utz writes a column for Seahawks.NET every Sunday. Send your feedback to Steve at Top Stories