Brought To You By The Letter "P"

One curse about writing a column scheduled for Thursday – I get to stew in my own bile for days when the Seahawks lose a game. Normal people get to vent and gnash their teeth and get on with their lives. Not I. You've been warned.

For some writers, it’s easy to come up with material for their columns. I don’t know if it’s unique to just my little slice of the world, but it takes me quite a bit of time to finally decide on a subject. Usually, it’s because I’m struggling with a theme to embrace, and not just rehashing other people’s comments – or even my own previous work.

Not this week. Somehow, this week’s theme seemed to burst into my head, and the ideas just gushed out of my sewer for a brain. I’ll start things off with a word that sent me off on a carnal verbal rant when I read it.

Polished? Did I read that correctly? Not once, but several times? Did the remarks spewed out by several Seahawks players have ANY basis of reality? Do they REALLY think the Rams are not better, just more “polished”? You’ve got to be kidding me. Maybe the new definition of “polished” over in Kirkland is “Ability to catch passes thrown our way”.

Here’s a clue – our team managed to generated the same number of points in last week’s game as the horrible Washington Huskies the day before. Yup, our much vaunted offense managed to equal the output to the most horrid NCAA division 1A football program in the country.

In order for a team to be “more polished” than you, your team must have some glimmer of sparkle to begin with. After last week, you’d be hard pressed to distinguish the Seahawks from excrement. A better word for it would be….

Pathetic. On both sides of the ball. It appears the defense has grossly over-reacted in the continued spate of blown coverages for the deep pass – and decided to give up everything twenty yards and closer. The rest of it was the same old story. Lack of a pass rush. Dropped passes. Interceptions. Our defense is no longer just vanilla – it’s marshmallow. Our offense doesn’t scare anyone but itself. And the players themselves appear to play like they have no…

Pride. It looked to me that our team, for the most part, just didn’t seem to care. They lacked intensity. It looked like they knew they were going to lose the game even before it started. They didn’t run their routes very well. When your leading tackler is your safety, you KNOW you have problems. What is worse is that the team appears to be in a constant state of denial. It’s almost comedic. The players (again, for the most part) talk and talk about how great they are – yet have proved NOTHING so far this year – except that they can beat up on some really cruddy teams. Leading the mouth parade is our receiving corps, which, has the….

Potential to be outstanding. They have displayed flashes of it – again against some pretty bad teams – but have lacked consistency and focus almost the entire year. But, the game last week against St Louis displayed everything bad in a nutshell. Potential means nothing when you quit on routes, when you drop passes, and when you can’t score a touchdown once you get into the red zone. And that was against a very average defensive secondary. Just wait until you meet your next opponent. If you thought you’d have to lean on Shaun Alexander to generate offense, you have seen nothing yet. The Dolphins have the #1 ranked defense against the pass, and the #31st against the run. This should be fun. Well, I take that back. For fans, it’ll probably be…

Painful. What looked at the start of the season as a no-brainer check mark in the “W” column sure doesn’t seem that way to me anymore. Our defense has managed to make huge leaps backward in production, and only the return of Grant Wistrom might turn things around. We hope. We pray. Our offense seems to be regressing as well. What is even more maddening is that the only thing consistent about their play is their lack of consistency. The last game against San Francisco displayed some of the best Seahawks football – at least offensively - we’ve seen all year. The first drive was a textbook example of an outstanding football team. Then they follow it up with one of the worst games this year against a defense that wasn’t any better or worse than the week before. That isn’t a lack of polish. That’s a lack of discipline.

The populace of the Pacific Northwest is pissed. After all of the preseason predictions by pontificating pundits about our potential post-season play, it’s shockingly all too familiar to fans that our pro football team is pretty putrid.

I think I’ve P’ed on the team enough. They have seven more weeks to get their act together. I highly suggest they start now.

Glenn Geiss writes the Fan Noise column for Seahawks.NET every week. Feel free to send him feedback at Top Stories