GameSim: Dolphins at Seahawks

"Yeah, yeah, we all know the worst-case scenario. We all know how our beloved Seahawks have, once again, proven on the national stage that they aren't an "elite" team. Blah, blah, blah."

Yeah, yeah, we all know the worst-case scenario. We all know how our beloved Seahawks have, once again, proven on the national stage that they aren't an "elite" team. Blah, blah, blah. I thought I'd interrupt the gloom-and-doom fest on the message boards with the view though the proverbial Rose-Colored Glasses.

If the Playoffs happened today, not only would the Seahawks be in the Playoffs, they'd be the highest seeded Wildcard Team. Now I'll concede that's like going to the prom with your second choice date, but you're still at the dance, while the REAL losers are at home.

The Seahawks lost on Sunday because of mental lapses: a dropped touchdown here, a blown coverage there and crucial fumble there. They DID, however, do some things right. The defense clamped down after getting smoked in the 1st Quarter. That IS something quality teams do -- make adjustments. Shaun Alexander is playing the best football of his career. The offensive line has tightened up and is giving the offense chances. Josh Brown has been automatic this year. Holmgren WENT FOR IT on 4th Down. I know they didn't make it, but I love the call.

The remaining two road games are against teams that traditionally collapse in December (NY Jets and Minnesota). The Seahawks are .500 on the road this year, already an improvement over last year.

Seattle has only lost one home game in two years. Not one of the remaining home games scares me. Seattle should run the table at home. Period. And don't give me any of the hype about the Falcons. Vick has struggled mightily against Seattle in the past, and, frankly, their schedule has been easier than the Seahawks’ this season.

Despite all of the weeping and wailing, the Seahawks are still ranked #9 in scoring offense and #12 in points allowed in the NFL. Look for these rankings to keep improving as the woeful Dolphins, Bills and Cowboys make visits to Seattle.

Now, I wanted to beat the Rams as badly as the next fan, and getting swept by a divisional rival that I feel is inferior, stings like a b!tch. But how much sweeter would it be if the sweep is rendered meaningless by Seattle winning the NFC West outright?

I didn't quit on this team when they only won 2 games in a season, and I sure as hell ain't about to quit on 'em when they're still tied for the divisional lead and at the head of the Wildcard pack. Especially with almost half a season remaining.

I ask the team to step up bring heart and intensity to Qwest Field on Sunday.
I'm asking you fans to do the same.

Onto the Game Sim: Last week the Silicon Swami suffered his third loss of the year (and second of the season to the Rams) to drop the overall record to 6-3. The Sim is based on the results of the average of 5 CPU vs CPU matchups at All-Pro Level with 6 minute quarters on Madden 2005 for the Playstation 2.

This week’s simulation wasn’t very fun to watch, as Seattle dominated both sides of the ball in each of the five games. Even in the second game, where Hasselbeck threw 2 INT and Alexander fumbled in the red zone during a snowstorm, the Dolphins couldn’t capitalize. The only interesting part of the game was when Minor went down with an injury and Ricky Williams (!) came in on off the bench and racked up 50 yards in one quarter before Minor came back in the game.

The Swami’s Final Prediction: Seattle 26, Miami 8.

Dylan Johnson writes for Seahawks.NET. He’s also well-known as “NJSeahawksFan” on our Fan Forums. Feel free to contact him at Top Stories