Extra Points: "Feeley-ing A Bit Lucky"

"Far be it for me to gripe after a win, but did we escape against the mighty Dolphins or what? We were darn lucky to get off the field with a victory Sunday. So how do we react after such a close game against a depleted foe?"

Far be it for me to gripe after a win, but did we escape against the mighty Dolphins or what? We were darn lucky to get off the field with a victory Sunday. So how do we react after such a close game against a depleted foe? Well, me being the proverbial “glass-half-full” kind of guy, I think we can hopefully learn from the mistakes that were made on Sunday, realize that we are still talented enough to win an ugly game, and start building some much-needed momentum heading into December.

Or we can look at it differently and realize that we almost let a one -legged quarterback who isn’t that good with both legs working, beat us. We can realize that we have a good backup quarterback but absolutely do not have a quarterback controversy. We can realize that our head coach has almost no imagination left in his play calling. And we can realize that without our rookie strong safety/linebacker, Michael Boulware, we might be 4-6 instead of 6-4.

Watching the game against Miami was hard to do because I just knew what was coming. I knew that after we built the 10-point lead, coach Holmgren would put the playbook away and we would be fighting for our very lives later. I knew that our corners give up way too much room and respect to even the most average of receivers and let the mighty one-legged Dolphin juggernaut of an offense methodically march down the field on us. I knew this game was going to be a lot closer than it should have been. They always are.

So what can our Seahawks learn from this narrow victory?

*How about how to keep running the offense and try to keep scoring points no matter what the score is?

*How about making the necessary adjustments when opposing defenses are dictating what we’re doing? We should be dictating to them what we’re going to do, not the other way around.

*How about not calling a running play on first down every stinking time?

*How about not playing such soft zone coverage?

*How about finding a punter that can actually boot the ball longer than 35 yards?

*How about incorporating some youth and speed into the offense with Jeherme Urban getting a few more looks down the field? Hell, at least he hasn’t dropped the 2 passes thrown his way this season.

*How about not calling a fullback sweep on 3rd and 12? Why not just punt on 3rd down and get it over with if that’s all we’ve got?

*How about finding someone who can return punts and kicks with a little more speed and elusiveness?

*How about teaching the super-talented Marcus Trufant how not to get beat deep every single game against very average receivers?

*How about teaching the art of getting to the quarterback when we send the house on a blitz? We at least attacked the Dolphin offense but rarely got enough pressure on a hobbled Feely when we blitzed to be effective. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen 3 or 4 guys blitzing and not get within 3 yards of the quarterback even if he holds onto the ball too long.

*How about teaching our receivers how to hold onto the ball? God knows this has gone on far too long.

*How about letting one of the most consistent players we currently have in Josh Brown try a 51 yard field goal instead of punting into the end zone, getting an interference to make a fair catch penalty and netting about 5 yards? I guess I should be thankful that our punter actually got the ball into the end zone from such a distance but that strategy hurts us in my opinion.

*How about trying to teach and instill the kind of intensity into every player that both Isaiah Kacyvenski and Grant Wistrom play with?

*How about getting Bobby Engram more involved in the offense?

*How about not being so obvious in what play we’re running on a critical 3rd and 1 play by sending in 16 tight ends and bunching up the line only to run…SURPRISE!!!!!...a hand off up the middle? Wow!! I sure didn’t see that one coming. I’m sure the Dolphins didn’t either which is why they only stopped us for no gain instead of a 3 yard loss. My God, where’s the creativity that Mike Holmgren is known for?

*How about Holmgren loosening up the reins on the offense and finally letting the guys make some plays and be aggressive no matter if we’re ahead or behind. Don’t be stupid with the ball of course, but don’t be so darn vanilla with it either.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I’m thankful that our Seahawks are all alone in first place. I just wish we didn’t make it so hard on everyone involved, including us fans, each and every week.

It’s a great time to be a Seahawks fan, always has been, always will be.

Micky James writes weekly for Seahawks.NET. You can reach him at teamjames4@yahoo.com.

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