Extra Points - "'Tis The Season"

"I was always taught, like most of you were, that it's better to give than to receive. Our Seahawks, however, have taken the meaning to a whole new level. We give up yards and points like it's Christmas time 17 weeks a year..."

I was always taught, like most of you were, that it’s better to give than to receive. Our Seahawks, however, have taken the meaning to a whole new level. We give up yards and points like it’s Christmas time 17 weeks a year. We give up big play after big play like we’re trying to instill even more confidence into our opponents than they already have. We give our opponents even more golden opportunities to score by turning the ball over time and time again. We’re real sweet that way. Santa’s gonna bring our Seahawks lots of toys and goodies for all of our giving throughout the season.

Why don’t we play the Grinch these last 2 weeks of the season? Why don’t we just say ‘bah humbug’ to all of the giving away of yards and points and turnovers and do something for ourselves like provide the success starved fans a playoff berth and a division title?

If our Seahawks want to do something nice this Christmas, then how about playing like we’re capable of playing these last 2 weeks and play with some heart and determination like it matters as much to them as it does to us. Give us that division title and give the great fans of Seattle a home playoff game. Give us the best effort that they can possibly muster each and every play. Give us something to believe in.

It’s hard to describe my emotions as I numbly watched our Seahawks this past Sunday. My God, our defense was awful. What, did we feel like the Jets punter had been previously overworked or something? Did he need his rest? He never saw the field as the Jets scored on 6 of 8 possessions, missed a field goal on one of the others and ran out the first half clock on another one. We never came close to stopping the mighty Jets offense. Never.

The Jets ran all over us. They bullied us and pushed us around. And the worst part was that we didn’t seem to really care that we were being embarrassed in front of a major television audience. I never saw the desire. Just once I would have loved to have seen one of our guys stand up either at the huddle or on the sidelines and say ‘enough is enough’. But it didn’t happen. We sleepwalked our way to another defeat.

A glaring example of a lack of effort occurred when Shaun Alexander barely touched a blitzing end, who drilled Hasselbeck for a sack while we were still within shouting distance of the Jets. Shaun didn’t even try to stop the guy. Just barely leaned a shoulder towards him, barely grazing him while the guy damned near killed our quarterback. That’s not a lack of talent guys, it’s a lack of effort. Either that or Alexander’s a big wuss and didn’t want the contact. I’m choosing to believe it’s the former and not the latter.

You would think that at some point a little pride might overtake our guys and they would step up and stop the madness but on several occasions, this season it simply hasn’t happened.

So now what? We’ve got 2 games left at home. All we need to make the playoffs is one stinking win. All we need for the division title and a home playoff game is either 2 wins or a win and a Rams loss. Can we do it? Oh yeah, we have the talent, despite the injuries to win these last 2 games. We should have revenge on our minds as the Cardinals come to town and the Falcons will no longer have anything left to play for on the last Sunday of the season as they are locked into the number 2 seed, so winning both of our remaining games is doable. But will we do it? That’s the big question.

I’m going on record as saying that our Seahawks will be the NFC West champs. While our record indicates that it’s not that big a deal, in my opinion, a division title is a division title and I’d love to have that. I’m also going to predict that we’ll win a home playoff game this year as well. Call me crazy or a homer or even tipsy from the holiday festivities but I still believe that this Seahawks team has a positive surprise up its sleeve for us. These Seahawks are going to leave all of us starving fans a nice little present under our trees. It’s going to be a division title and a playoff win. Something we’ve all waited far too long to unwrap.

It’s a great time to be a Seahawks fan, always has been, always will be.


Micky James writes weekly for Seahawks.NET. You can reach him at teamjames4@yahoo.com.

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