Seahawks.NET Playoff Power Rankings - Week Two

Coming into the second round, who has momentum and incentive? .NET's Dylan Johnson analyzes the eight remaining entrants.

Welcome to Week Two of the Playoff Power Rankings. Rankings are based upon a team’s likelihood of winning the Super Bowl, NOT necessarily on who the better team is.

1. Philadelphia Eagles – No team was happier than the Eagles to see the NFC’s two best rushing teams bow out in the first round. (Last Week: 3)

2. Pittsburgh Steelers – Big Ben’s first test comes this weekend against a team with a King-size chip on their shoulder. If Pittsburgh sticks to their game plan, they’ll be hosting the AFC Championship Game. (Last Week: 2)

3. New England Patriots – If last year’s Champs can survive Peyton Manning with their injury-depleted secondary, they’ll climb back in the driver’s seat. (Last Week: 1)

4. Indianapolis Colts – Now begins the hard part, winning outside in January on the road. The Patriots are extremely thin in the secondary, but New England just seems to have the Colts’ number. (Last Week: 5)

5. Atlanta Falcons – Michael Vick and the Falcons are licking their chops at the thought of the Rams’ D trying to stop the run. (Last Week: 7)

6. Minnesota Vikings – A convincing win at Lambeau vaults the Vikes up from the basement. Can they do it two weeks in a row? (Last Week: 12)

7. New York Jets – We find out this week if the upset against San Diego was a return to form or an aberration. (Last Week: 9)

8. St. Louis Rams – Fate smiled upon Mike Martz and company by matching them against the ill-fated Seahawks for the third time this season (and accounting for one third of the Rams’ wins this year) and by sending them to Atlanta and not Philadelphia. However, fate has a funny way of turning around and biting you on the butt. (Last Week: 10).

Eliminated: Denver Broncos (Last Week: 12), Green Bay Packers (Last Week: 4), San Diego Chargers (Last Week: 6) and Seattle Seahawks (Last Week: 8)

Dylan Johnson writes for Seahawks.NET. He’s also well-known as “NJSeahawksFan” on our Fan Forums. Feel free to contact him at Top Stories