Seahawks.NET Playoff Rankings - Week Three

From eight to four...and the survivors are playing for their conferences and the chance to fight for it all. Who has what it takes in the conference championships?

Welcome to Week Three of the Playoff Power Rankings. Rankings are based upon a team’s likelihood of winning the Super Bowl, NOT necessarily on who the better team is.

1. New England Patriots – Is there a better NFL Head Coach than Bill Belichick? His secondary was running on fumes and still made MVP Peyton Manning look like Dan McGwire. And to top it all off, during the postgame show, we got see a reaction shot of Dan Marino when Boomer Esiason asked if Manning was “this generation’s Marino”. (Last Week: 3)

2. Philadelphia Eagles – This weekend, Philly has an opportunity to avoid becoming the greatest also-ran since the Buffalo Bills of the early 90’s. Westbrook is healthy this year and Freddie Mitchell actually caught a few passes. Now, if they can just break that NFC South curse… (Last Week: 1)

3. Pittsburgh Steelers – Good thing last week’s game was against the NY Jets, who couldn’t find the end zone with a Geiger counter. Make those kinds of mistakes against the Patriots and you’ll be cleaning out your locker on Monday. On the positive side, the Big Ben didn’t panic with his back against the wall and the Bus appears to firing on all cylinders. (Last Week: 2)

4. Atlanta Falcons – Atlanta will attempt to become the third straight NFC South team to beat the Eagles in Philadelphia in the Championship Game. As usual, the Eagles are heavily favored. Déjà vu all over again? (Last Week: 5)

Eliminated: Indianapolis Colts (Last Week: 4), Minnesota Vikings (Last Week: 6), New York Jets (Last Week: 7) and St. Louis Rams (Last Week: 8). Top Stories