.NET Chat Transcript: Draft Expert Rob Rang!

Recently, draft expert Rob Rang of NFLDraftScout.com spent two hours in the Seahawks.NET chat room. A longtime friend of Seahawks.NET, Rob provided great analysis and several interesting team tidbits to our community. Here is the transcript of the chat for all to read and enjoy!

ArosNET: Welcome Rob!
ArosNET: Welcome to the Rob Rang Draft Chat on Seahawks.NET!

Hawkstorian: OK Rob -- the big debate: Koren Robinson. Keep or Dump.
dfarrar777: Welcome, Rob and thanks for taking the time!
RobRang: Thanks for having me guys...
adion03: i bet he says keep
Hawkstorian: I'll take that action
RobRang: tough question...
RobRang: Most in the front office (some are now gone obviously) wanted to get rid of him. Everything you've heard through the media about his unreliability, etc. multiply by two - and that's about how fed up the team is with Robinson.
RobRang: That said...
RobRang: Everyone realizes how insanely talented he is. and every club in the league knows Seattle is near wits-end with him, so the offers are likely to be late 2nd day picks. Thus, the front office guys are like "what’s the point". We might as well keep him for his UFA year and see if he can get himself together to try and get the big payday.
RobRang: Paul Allen, to his credit, wants him gone.

MysterMatt: Thanks for joining, Rob! So how 'bout an easy one: What do you think the priorities are?

dfarrar777: Rob, were you at the Senior Bowl? Who impressed you there and perhaps went up your depth chart? Who disappointed you and went down?
RobRang: Went to the Senior Bowl, Shrine Game, and Hula Bowl this year. Will be at the combine too...
RobRang: 5 most impressive players at the Sr Bowl were:
RobRang: Mark Clayton - WR - Oklahoma
RobRang: Reggie Brown - WR - Georgia
RobRang: Mike Patterson - DT - USC
RobRang: Alex Smith - TE - Stanford
RobRang: and then I was really impressed by a middle linebacker, Albert Fincher from UCONN. Thought he was a low pick before the week, think he is a solid 3/4 now.
RobRang: had tough weeks:
RobRang: Dan Orlovsky - QB - UCONN
RobRang: barrett ruud was only mediocre. robert mccune too.
ArosNET: (Rob is currently in the process of answering a question)
RobRang: not many were really disappointing. about what I expected...

jammerhawk: So getting right to the point, who are the guys you like for the Hawks?
RobRang: Obviously with Seattle , so much depends on UFA .
RobRang: I expect them to re-sign Hasselbeck. Wouldn't be surprised if they either throw the bank or again franchise Jones. They want Lucas and Okeafor, but seem willing to let them price themselves in UFA .
RobRang: Like I told you last year, Alexander is gone.
Hawkstorian: His choice or the team’s?
RobRang: Both.
RobRang: Don't get me wrong, Seattle will make an offer.
ArosNET: Do you see any chance or reason to tag Shaun?
RobRang: A chance they tag him. If they can get Jones signed, they might let Lucas and Okeafor dangle a bit. Alexander would fetch at least a solid 1st round pick in trade, so it just makes sense. But there is no way he plays another down for this team.
dfarrar777: Isn't it unwise to let Lucas price himself if he's the best free-agent CB available? If it's his choice to do so, that's something else, but...
RobRang: I agree. I think it is very risky to let him price himself.
RobRang: Lucas is good and young. Not great, but certainly a solid, solid cornerback.
dfarrar777: Scares me to death, even if the Skins don't franchise Smoot.
RobRang: And they very easily could.
RobRang: Before the two front office departures (two of my best contact s with the club just left) they were prioritizing their UFAs as 1. Hass 2. Jones 3. Lucas. 4. Okeafor 5. Alexander.

ArosNET: Okay Rob, who do you see at this point, the Seahawks most likely pick in the first round this year?
RobRang: Mock turned in Monday had them taking Daryll Blackstock OLB from Virginia . Best pass rushing OLB in the draft. Reminds me of Chad Brown

Hawkstorian: Any unheralded young players the 'hawks who could take a big step forward? Maybe someone you liked out of college? Guys like Locklear or Hackett?
RobRang: Definitely like Locklear. Huge fan of his.
RobRang: Was in college and was impressed with his play at LG and LT this year too.
RobRang: Not a big fan of Hackett. Typical Scot McCloughan guy - phenomenal athlete that is raw. Sometimes this works out and you get a super sleeper like DD Lewis or Tracy White. Other times you get FB Chris Davis.
RobRang: WR makes a lot of sense. The team is, indeed, interested in Terrence Murphy and I like Reggie Brown a helluva lot for them too.

jammerhawk: Isn't 23rd early for blackstock?
RobRang: 23 for Blackstock might be a little early, but I see him moving up as the draft approaches. He should work out well and OLB is always hard to find.

adion03: Rob, where do you think Shawne Merriman will end up being taken in the draft and which postion (DE or OLB) do you like him best at the next level?
RobRang: I think Merriman has a real shot of skyrocketing up the board as the draft approaches.
RobRang: I had him as a borderline 1st a while back. Every time I release a mock, I send it to a couple of NFL guys first and they keep telling me to move Merriman up. I have him at #10 right now - as a DE.

MysterMatt: Rob, how high a priority do you think MLB is this year?
RobRang: MLB not much of a priority. Like it or not, they really like Koutouvides. Huff is gone via UFA and so they might sign or draft somebody as a backup, but as it stands now, he is the guy they expect to be their starter.

jammerhawk: Given we'll likely or at least could lose Gray who do like at G?
RobRang: I'd be real surprised to see Gray leave just because despite Pasquarelli articles, etc. middle age (or older) guards just don't get big paydays. That said, retaining Pork Chop would be a great idea regardless of Gray's decision.

Jazzhawk: So, do you believe they are prioritizing OLB? If so, thru the draft or Free Agency?
RobRang: They recognize that the can't rely on their current OLBs to stay on the field. It has to be a priority. I think they'll look through the draft to address this position. UFA at tough positions like OLB gets so expensive so quickly.

dfarrar777: (for scttdawg): Run stuffing MLBs need to be bigger and better between the tackles, but with the athleticism of recent MLBs (Urlacher, Donnie Edwards, Ray Lewis, etc) is that between the tackles MLB on the way out?
RobRang: Scttdawg Q - not necessarily - 250 pound linebackers able to shed the blocks of 300-330 pound offensive linemen are just tough to come by. Defensive schemes are just being forced to adjust. Watch how many teams start to incorporate the 3-4 because LBs strong enough to hold up at the point, aren't usually fast enough to run sideline to sideline - thus the 4 LBs.

adion03: what are the hawks thinking about doing in regards to simmons and brown--if anything?
RobRang: I don't think they'll do anything surprising re: Brown or Simmons. Simmons is locked up. Brown is like the Hawks' Jay Buhner. Sure he gets hurt a lot, but he's so damn productive when healthy and the absolute heart and soul of the defense.

Frozenropers1: Rob, have you seen the Hawks show much interest in Justin Tuck.......if not him, any of the other pass rushing DE types (Roth, Swancutt, etc)?
RobRang: I don't know that they have interest in Tuck specifically, because he is a junior and wasn't able to play in any of the games I watched with the Seattle scouts. I know they felt that Roth had a nice week in Mobile (SR Bowl). Swancutt had a ok week of practice and a monster game (but he was going against the worst OTs in Mobile ). If they resign Okeafor, I'd be very surprised if DE is a 1st round pick. Not saying I don't think it should though...

Jazzhawk: Do you think the 'Hawks will incorporate any variances of the 3-4 in 2005? Is our LB'er corp strong enough to even consider this?
RobRang: don't think they'll do anything too drastic. Rhodes hasn't incorporated it much in recent years (other teams too) and it would seem a waste of the DL talent this team has.
RobRang: as well as the obvious Qs about their LBs
RobRang: They really believe that Tubbs will justify his selection.

dfarrar777: (for scttdawg): What do you think SF will do with the #1 selection? I think they drop down and get selections. If so, who might they be trading with?
RobRang: They're certainly going to try and trade down.
RobRang: The problem is, with no obvious #1 pick, there are a lot of teams just as interested in trading for the #2 or #3 pick as the #1.
dfarrar777: Who would they pick if they keep it?
RobRang: Expect LOTS and LOTS of hype out of SF glorifying just about every imaginable player for the #1 pick to try and drive up the value of the pick. I have them taking Alex Smith - QB - Utah #1 right now, but I know they also will strongly consider Aaron Rodgers and WR Braylon Edwards.

Rotak: What are the chances of the Hawks drafting a stud return man this year? Someone like Antonio Perkins.
RobRang: They were paying close attention to return specialists... They really liked Chad Owens, the return specialist from Hawaii . He is a potential pick in the mid rounds

Hawkstorian: Since you seem to have good contact s with the team ... how did the coaching staff survive this year without any major changes? LIke, for example head coach, d-coord. WR coach... etc. Losing to the &^*#$% Rams THREE FLIPPIN TIMES is unacceptable and then try to tell people they won the division. YEAH RIGHT. Sorry for the rant.
dfarrar777: lol
adion03: Rhodes should be gone
RobRang: Hawkstorian, I completely agree.
RobRang: I try to stay neutral in this business, but dammit I was born and raised in this town too, and was there for both Rams games in Seattle . I feel your pain.
RobRang: I understand why many wanted Holmgren's head, or Rhodes , but who do you replace him with? And Holmgren was willing to fight for his assistants that he felt did a solid job. That's why Rhodes , Cromwell, etc. are still around...

dfarrar777: (for scttdawg) Is Alex Smith really a better pro prospect (as some draft guys are saying) than Cal 's Aaron Rogers?
RobRang: That is the million dollar question (Smith/Rodgers). Both are very good prospects. Legit top 10 picks in any draft and possible #1 overalls in this one (this is a poor crop). Rodgers has the stronger arm and better deep accuracy. Smith has better accuracy short and medium. Both are athletic. Rodgers is short - we'll find out how short at the Combine. They really are a "pick your poison" combo right now...

jammerhawk: How early in the drat do you see the hawks adding another G?
RobRang: If they lose Womack and Gray, guard might become a little more of a need. Maybe in the mid rounds. WAAAAY too many needs to be focusing on guards early.

MysterMatt: Who are your favorite small school/2nd day sleepers?
RobRang: Favorite sleepers - I'm going to do one per position, okay?
RobRang: QB - Like Charlie Frye, but he's too highly ranked, so going with Harvard's Ryan Fitzpatrick in about the 4th/5th round
RobRang: RB - Brandon Jacobs - Southern Illinois
RobRang: WR - Certainly not a small school, but Kiper, etc are really, really missing the boat on Craig Bragg from UCLA. Definite 2nd rounder and some still are saying he'll go in the 4th or so. BS.Bank on it. 2nd round.
RobRang: TE - Adam Bergen - Lehigh probably 5/6th
RobRang: OL - Gotta love Big Juice - Junious Coston - C - North Carolina A&T ( Seattle likes him too).
RobRang: probably 4/5th round.
BucketheadJones: Big Juice! Love it!
RobRang: DT - Alfred Malone for the late rounds (4th/5th) Mike Patterson for the 1st or early 2nd.
RobRang: Patterson from USC
RobRang: DE - Eric Moore from FLorida State isn't getting enough attention. Out most of SR year, but dominated in allstar games.
RobRang: LBs - Kenneth Petway - Grambling, definitely alfred Fincher from UCONN
RobRang: There are a big number of corners I like in the 2nd/3rd rounds from all over the place. Foxworth from Maryland , Darrent Williams from Oklahoma State , Ellis Hobbs from Iowa State . Here is a late round small school guy I knew nothing about, but dominated the Hula Bowl - Trey Bell - Wisconsin Whitewater...

Jazzhawk: What's the word on Chris Canty? Is he in sleeper status due to the injury?
RobRang: To some people, I suppose. Not real explosive off the edge. More of a left DE in the 4-3 or a classic DE for the 3-4. Probably a 3rd.

dfarrar777: Rob, what are your thoughts on Outland Trophy winner Jammal Brown? Not for us, but just overall. And do you see the Seahawks drafting for depth at Center?
RobRang: I do see Seattle drafting a center this year.
RobRang: I think they resign Tobeck, just look to develop someone too.
RobRang: I'm not a huge Jammal Brown fan. Phenomenal athlete, just like Washington 's Khalif Barnes (who might sneak ahead of Brown as the #2 OL selected), but not as consistent as you like. Not an LT. Not as polished as you'd expect a guy with 4 years experience. Late 1st round talent someone might reach for based on potential.
dfarrar777: Yeah...we heard that Khalif Barnes had a SICK Senior Bowl and shot up the charts. True?
RobRang: Barnes had a strong senior bowl because people realized just how freakishly athletic he is. But he still gave up some plays and gave up a sack (he was embarrassed on the play) during the Senior Bowl, itself. Again, freakish - Pro Bowlish athleticism. But the kid has started at UW - in a pass heavy conference for four years, he shouldn't be this inconsistent still.

jammerhawk: Given you mentioned Junious Coston how likely is it that we don't re-sign Tobeck
RobRang: Coston would be my choice in the 4th/5th.

BBlades89: When Alexander leaves, what do you see the Hawks doing at RB?
ArosNET: Do you see any team having enough interest in Shaun right now that would warrant us tagging him as the best possible scenario for their obligatory picks?
RobRang: When Alexander leaves... I think they'll find themselves a back in the middle rounds for depth. They really like their combo of Morris and Carter.
jammerhawk: Given the Alexander thinking and consistent with numerous mocks which have one of the three Benson Williams or Brown dropping how likely is it that one of them falls to 23?
Jazzhawk: Are you serious? Morris and Carter? Damn, please don't tell me they are looking at RB by committee? Or the Morris is the #1?
RobRang: Aros - no, simply because Hasselbeck has to be priority #1. If they resign him before UFA , then possibly, but I still doubt it. Walter Jones would just be too much of a loss.
RobRang: No way Ronnie Brown drops. He is your #1 RB in this draft, not Benson. Benson could be there. I'd be surprised if Cadillac Williams drops this far. Benson would be a nice choice for Seattle because the kid can catch and is a downhill runner (something that Alexander isn't and Seattle coaches wished he was).
RobRang: I'd be very surprised to see them invest a 1st or 2nd round pick in a back. That said, give me some leeway here because the guy hired to make their draft board hasn't been hired yet.
jammerhawk: So what teams take Rbs ahead of Seattle ?
RobRang: Tampa will consider a RB. Definitely Oakland . Arizona quite possibly, just to name teams in the top ten.
Rotak: Benson dropping to 23? Do you agree with the comparisons being thrown around to Ricky Williams, minus the whole leave football for weed?
RobRang: Not quite the physical back that Williams was, but has every bit the off-field concerns Williams had. Every bit.
jammerhawk: Thats a lot of Rbs early then the DEs fall, No?
RobRang: No, you take the highly ranked DEs over highly ranked RBs every time. There will not be a spectacular DE prospect slip to Seattle .
ArosNET: drat

Frozenropers1: What are the chances the Hawks try and trade Koren Robinson during the draft? Do you think he'll still be on the team next year or are the Hawks close to a point of no return with him yet?
Jazzhawk: Great question ropes.
RobRang: They'll certainly try to trade him. That is a guarantee. But there will be a lot of bickering inside that front office if they trade a player with his potential for a 6th round pick, which is about what they're likely to be offered.

dfarrar777: What do you think the focus of our division opponents (SF, ARI, STL) will be, as far as first picks? Where are their needs most glaring? I think the Rams almost have to draft heavily O-Line.
RobRang: SF most likely will go either QB or WR if they stay at #1 (Smith, Rodgers, or Edwards) . Arizona needs a RB, needs a CB (Ronnie Brown, Carnell Williams, Pac Man Jones), St. Louis needs OL and LBs bad (Barnes, Brown, Blackstock, Kevin Burnett, etc.).

adion03: In relation to the draft, what are your thoughts on a couple of former high 1st rounders: Courtney Brown and Gerard Warren from Cleveland . I heard they could be salary cap casualties and was wondering if they would be worth picking up. Just curious.
RobRang: That said, some DEs being hyped as spectacular players - Dan Cody, for one - aren't and thus, might be available later than some of my bigger haired, fellow draft analysts are currently projecting. RobRang: Courtney Brown would be interesting because he obviously plays a tough position to fill. Still, his lack of consistency and durability would have to be a huge concern for a Seattle team struggling with too many of their own players with these problems. I see Warren being considerably more sought after if cut. He's lazy, but has great size, still is a good enough athlete to be a solid starter, and is just so young still. Jazzhawk: However, how many other teams are looking DE as their top priority?

dfarrar777: Rob, what do you see as the "bunch position" in the first round, i.e., which position gets the most first-round picks this year. Where is the talent deepest?
RobRang: Teams will be taking DEs and WRs all throughout the 1st. None of the highest ranked will slip down to Seattle as Oakland, Arizona, Dallas, Detroit, San Diego, Washington, etc. could all use help here. Plus teams looking at the 3-4( Houston , etc,) might take some edge rusher and make him an OLB.

Frozenropers1: Who are the backs that you see being good fits for Seattle and the WCO in the middle rounds? (Barber? Kay-Jay Harris?)
RobRang: Some of the mid-round backs I like for Seattle would certainly include Kay Jay Harris (fan of his, like his game). Marion Barber III is another gut that fits the mold.

jammerhawk: Ok as far as the DE's if Merriman is ranked #10 by you where are the others?
Jazzhawk: Like Demarcus Ware and Merriman?
RobRang: I actually have Merriman ranked as the #7 prospect in my most recent rankings. Then Erasmus James as #8, Pollack as #9, Marcus Spears as #15, Cody as #30, DeMarcus Ware as #31, Tuck as #35, etc.
RobRang: Exactly Jazz.
Jazzhawk: Nuts. 2 of my favorites.

dfarrar777: Who might be the Corey Dillon of 2005...the draft pick trade that comes up trumps?
RobRang: Whoever pries Moss away will obviously be the huge newsmaker...
RobRang: Heard an interesting rumor from Minnesota - had Seattle considering trading their #1 and Anthony Simmons for Moss. Have no idea about the financial aspect, but in some ways it makes some sense. That said, have a hard time with the idea of this team dealing with both Moss and Koren Robinson. Could add Robinson to the mix and drop the value of the draft pick, but you are still looking a potential headache player and this team seems to be wanting to clean that stuff up.
dfarrar777: They'd HAVE to get rid of Robinson if that happened.
Jazzhawk: They HAVE to get rid of Robinson regardless.

ArosNET: So no "sexy" picks for Seattle this year, eh?
RobRang: I think there can be a sexy pick if Seattle can keep most of their UFAs. This team isn't that far away if they can keep their offensive momentum and at least Lucas of their defensive UFAs. A big trade up for one of the elite DEs and this is suddenly a highly touted team again. I just hesitate if there isn't the OLB depth again.

HAWKFAN1975: What are the chances of the Hawks trading up in the draft...rather than waiting for the best available at no 23?
Jazzhawk: Who could they possibly trade away? Or would it strictly be for picks?
adion03: Any other thoughts on possible salary cap casualties
RobRang: There is always the chance. Again, it just depends so much on free agency. If these lose a lot of these guys, they'll need to retain picks to fill holes.
RobRang: No real surprise salary cap casualties off the top of my head.

dfarrar777: Rob, don't know if we covered this already, so forgive me...but who do YOU have projected at #23 right now?
RobRang: Have Daryl Blackstock - OLB - Virginia (a junior) projected there now. Had WR Reggie Brown there 2 weeks ago...
dfarrar777: What's the story on Blackstock?
RobRang: 3/4 rush linebacker with the quickness and agility to play in space, but the footwork, strength, and hand usage at the line to get off blocks when rushing the passer. Has a chance to shoot up boards if he works out well. Would be a nice fit here. Not necessarily a great value pick at #23 (at least not yet, I expect him to continue to move up), but would make an immediate impact when given PT.

jammerhawk: Rob, After Johnson @ OLB who do you rank better Burnett or Blackstock, then who's next?
RobRang: Burnett is the better all-around player, but Blackstock is by far the best pass rushing true OLB of this draft. I rank OLB's top as: Derrick Johnson, Blackstock, Burnett (knee has to checkout), Rian Wallace.

dfarrar777: Where do you project Channing Crowder?
Jazzhawk: A lot of people suggested that Channing Crowder would be a great pick for th Seahawks. I'm concerned over his 'character' issues. What's the teams take on him?
RobRang: Crowder is a helluva football player, but he isn't the biggest guy in the world and is best suited to the middle. Not a great fit. Not huge character concerns, the other best MLB prospect in this draft, Georgia 's Odell Thurman, is every bit the headache and more. They're both 2nd rounders.

Jazzhawk: What about Lance Mitchell? Is he back to elite status? He seemed pretty good in the Senior Bowl.
RobRang: Mitchell is a good athlete and a good football that had a good week at the Senior Bowl. Lots of "good" no "great." He has been overly touted, in my opinion. Solid late 2nd or 3rd round pick, but no guarantee superstar.
RobRang: BTW - he didn't play in the senior bowl. was sick.

Frozenropers1: What's the story on Marques Harris, OLB ( Southern Utah )? Hawks showing any interest in him? Seems like he might be a decent middle round (sleeper) pick and potential strong side LBer, though a bit raw.....
RobRang: Absolutely agree. Forgot to mention him as one of my sleepers for the LBs (along with Pettway and Fincher). Nice player. Originally at Colorado and left amid the scandal. Solid middle round prospect with nice upside.

Jazzhawk: Hmm. I musta been thinking of Kirk Morrison. What about him?
RobRang: morrison had a disappointing week of practice. I mean, at times, he was the worst looking player on the defense, but he was EVERYWHERE on gameday. I think he's a 3rd round pick at best. But some people love him. We'll see. people are all over the board on him...

adion03: what about eric shelton rb from louisville
RobRang: big back who might be a little overrated just because the Louisville scheme draws so many defenders out of the box (coverage) and gives him big holes. Good athlete for his size and in a one man running game, can be a player. Not the 2nd Bettis, though.

BBlades89: What do you think about RB Ryan Moats from LA Tech?
RobRang: Big fan of Moats.
RobRang: Wasn't so sure about him earlier, but he was spectacular at the Shrine Game and now I think he's moved in the late 2nd early 3rd if he works out well. Certainly passes the eyeball test and is a mature guy too. fan of his, just a little small for this scheme.

BucketheadJones: Can “Big Juice” deep snap? Where is he projected?
RobRang: trying to remember if Coston deep snaps. I don't believe so.

jammerhawk: Would Rian Wallace be there @ pick 54? He 's kinda SS like skinny.
RobRang: Wallace could be. There are some who think he might be the potential star of the Combine. Obviously if he does, he'll fly up the board. I could see him there though and think he'd be a solid pick - though he's not an accomplished pass rusher.

Jazzhawk: What a bout a 'surprise' pick for the Seahawks that might come out of right field somewhere?
Rotak: I've heard a lot of hype on JJ Arrington. What do you think of him
RobRang: I like Arrington. He wasn't as good at the Senior Bowl as I thought he'd be. Some feel he is a product of Cal 's offensive scheme (spreading out the defenders, ala Lousville). I like him and see him as a 2nd to early 3rd round pick. Like him a lot actually.

dfarrar777: Rob, what do you know about Ted Sundquist's level of involvement in Denver 's recent drafts, given the scuttlebutt that he might be our new Team President?
RobRang: I’ve been expecting some Sundquist, Softli, etc, questions...
dfarrar777: Feel free to opinionate!
BucketheadJones: I'd love some inside scoop on the front office candidates.
RobRang: Sundquist is the most highly respected of the group from what I can gather. He has been intimately involved in the draft, but not sure he was the final voice. Think that was still Shanahan. Would be a nice fit here.
jammerhawk: Who's best?
RobRang: I'm a big fan of Tony Softi, but some feel he isn't really eligible for this much of a jump just yet - but then again people said the same about McCloughan and his jump to SF (where he'll be great, watch).
RobRang: One more thing on Softli, his dad worked for years with UW in some capacity. Forget what, but it is how I first introduced myself to him...
Jazzhawk: Wasn't Softli also a graduate assistant or something like that at UW as well?
RobRang: Something like that, I believe.

dfarrar777: Who ran Seattle 's drafts the last two years? Are any of those people still around?
RobRang: No, dfarrar. That was Ted Thompson and Scot McCloughan.

Frozenropers1: If Sundquist is hired as President, what are the chances Reinfeldt is retained as the VP of Football Operations or would Sundquist bring in his own guy?
RobRang: No Reinfeldt will be retained in some capacity.
Frozenropers1: Good...:)
BucketheadJones: Is that a 'done' deal?
RobRang: Mueller would also be a good choice. All of the talk about Holmgren and Mueller fueding is BS.
RobRang: I expect it to be Sundquist, but nothing but a gut feeling. Sorry.
dfarrar777: Your gut and my gut agree. ;-)
BucketheadJones: Any chance of a Prez plus Mueller AND Reinfeldt?

Jazzhawk: Lot 's of people on this forum feel that Mueller would 'keep us in mediocrity', to quote them. What's your take on him?
RobRang: I think that's a little unfair, seeing as that there is only team standing at the end and you have to have all of the parts working to be it. You can have the best damn GM in the business and still not win squat. Everything else has to work too. I think Mueller, Sundquist, Softli, etc, would all do good jobs.
BucketheadJones: Is Reinfeldt guaranteed a spot in the front office?
RobRang: That's the impression I've been given, Buckethead...

RobRang: Missed a question on Erasmus James earlier...
BBlades89: thank you
RobRang: Heckuva player. Impressed as a frosh and soph that had a terrible dislocated hip injury that ruined his junior season and almost ended his career.
RobRang: Came back this season and was the country's most dominant player first half of the season before getting lots of double teams and just wearing down. I'm not as high on him as some and stil rank him as the #8 player int he draft, so you can imagine how high some people are on him...

RobRang: Time for a shameless plug?
BucketheadJones: YES!
dfarrar777: You bet!!!
ArosNET: Of course!
Jazzhawk: Hey, if this was KJR you would've had several shameless plugs by now.
Frozenropers1: Congrats on your new gig over at The Sports Xchange.........:)
RobRang: In all seriousness, if you guys want the best NFL Draft coverage, you really have to check out NFLDraftScout.com.
Rotak: That's a good plug :) I have been looking for draft stuff :-)
RobRang: I met some of their guys last year at the Combine and when I saw what they had brewing for next year (this year), I thought to myself, "I can't compete with this." So I talked them into hiring me on. Seriously, I charged 24.95 for my stuff and because I've been a subscriber to just about every NFL Draft service growing up, I knew I was providing a good return to customers. But, for the same 24.95, they're offering 2, 3, 4 times as much as anyone I've ever seen. Check it out. Email me personally if you don't agree.

Jazzhawk: Rob, who might the Seahawks be looking at to be a 'surprise' pick coming somewhere out of right field?
RobRang: last little thing - if there is a out of right field pick, i suppose it could be the RB pick, maybe Benson, but only if the new front office guy takes this team the opposite of what everyone else there has been planning for months...

BucketheadJones: Rob was spot on with the Boulware pick last year...
ArosNET: End of questions folks...
dfarrar777: Rob, we can't thank you enough. This was fabulous!
Jazzhawk: Yes it was.

ArosNET: We want to thank Rob for taking the time to answer your draft-related questions tonight. It's always our pleasure to host someone so gracious with his time and knowledge for us and our readers.
RobRang: no problem guys...

Rob Rang, one of the foremost Draft Experts in the country, recently joined the staff of NFLDraftScout.com, one of the premier draft sites in the country. Prior to that, Rob was the Owner and Editor of www.westcoastdraft.com for many years. First recognized by SportsTALK.com (now a component of ESPN Insiders), Rob's work has been featured in quality print, radio, internet, and television networks across the country. USA Today, ESPN, The Sporting News, and CBS Sportsline have all featured elements of Rob's work in the past. NFL front office executives, scouts, and collegiate scouting directors agree that Rob's work is some of the best available, as well. Gil Brandt, recognized for his 29 years as the vice president of player personnel for the Dallas Cowboys and now the head draft analyst for NFL.com, frequently uses Rob's information as a supplement to his own for the NFL's base website. His work features not only the detailed player profiles for which he has become so well known, but also historically accurate mock drafts, position breakdown lists considered even more reliable than the scouting services NFL teams typically use, and breaking information such as underclassmen declarations and the Combine results before anyone else. Based in Gig Harbor, Washington, Rob has quickly become a fixture at the elite scouting events held all over the country each year - including the East-West Shrine Game, Senior Bowl, NFL Combine, and numerous Pro Day workouts. You can contact Rob at rrang@nfldraftscout.com.

It would be difficult, if not impossible, to convey our gratitude to Rob for taking time out of what is very busy schedule to answer the questions of the Seahawks.NET community.

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