2005 Free Agent Quarterbacks

The number one name on the list below will soon be a moot point, as Seattle's returning cap guru Mike Reinfeldt is already talking to Matt Hasselbeck's people about a new deal. Waiting this long to do the deal probably cost the Seahawks a good $10 million they can ill afford with so many players to re-sign (thanks a LOT, Bob Whitsitt!), but Hasselbeck in Seattle is a virtual certainty...it's just a matter of when.

And given that Drew Brees will likely get the tag in San Diego, what we're left with is a very unexciting list regarding marquee talent at the marquee position. However, there's good veteran depth and some talent bargains here - one simply has to know where to look.

2005 Free-Agent Quarterbacks
A listing of the quarterbacks scheduled for NFL free agency in 2005. UFA=Unrestricted Free Agent; RFA=Restricted Free Agent; ERFA=Exclusive Rights Free Agent. For definitions of free-agent terms, click here. The "Best of the Bunch" is sorted by rankings from Scout.com's Lane Adkins. The "Rest of the Bunch" is sorted by free-agent type, then by most recent team. Comments provided for unrestricted free agents.
Player Free-Agent Type 2004 Team
Matt Hasselbeck UFA Seahawks
Comment: Coming up: a tough franchise tag call for the Seahawks. Most likely, he'll be re-signed in the next few weeks, as Mike Holmgren has no intention of letting his progeny go elsewhere.
Drew Brees UFA Chargers
Comment: Comeback kid expected to get the franchise tag.
Vinny Testaverde UFA Cowboys
Comment: Retirement could be in the future.
Gus Frerotte UFA Vikings
Comment: Could join ex-OC Scott Linehan in Miami. Threw one pass in 2004.
Mike McMahon UFA Lions
Comment: Garnered some interest last offseason. Wants a shot at starting.
Kelly Holcomb UFA Browns
Comment: Possible starter for Browns if they can keep him.
Charlie Batch UFA Steelers
Comment: Missed the season with a knee injury. May return as backup.
Jeff Blake UFA Eagles
Comment: Veteran QB could find himself a backup role.
Quincy Carter UFA Jets
Comment: Not likely to return to New York. Wants a shot at starting.
Josh McCown RFA Cardinals
Todd Collins UFA Chiefs
Comment: Vet backup, with seven seasons of keeping clipboard off the ground in KC.
Jeff George UFA Bears
Comment: Mercurial QB still getting mothball scent off of him in Chicago.
Doug Johnson UFA Titans
Comment: Titans third-stringer saw limited action. May be headed to the Jets.
Kordell Stewart UFA Ravens
Comment: Worked with new Ravens QB coach Rick Neuheisel in college. Shot at #3 job.
Tim Hasselbeck ERFA Redskins
Brock Huard UFA Seahawks
Comment: 29-year-old QB spent last season on IR with a back injury. He's very low on a long "to-do" list for the Seahawks right now, and Seneca Wallace will probably get the #3 slot behind Hasselbeck and Trent Dilfer.
J.T. O'Sullivan RFA Packers
Tony Banks UFA Texans
Comment: Tired of backing up Carr, wants to shop around for a starting job.
Ty Detmer UFA Falcons
Comment: Return trip to Cleveland about as likely as Superlotto win.
Sage Rosenfels UFA Dolphins
Comment: Part of a trio that threw 26 interceptions in 2004.
Player Free-Agent Type 2004 Team
Shane Matthews UFA Bills
Comment: Bills would like to see him return as a veteran backup.
Damon Huard UFA Chiefs
Comment: Former Patriot was KC's #3 QB this season. No regular-season snaps.
Jason Garrett UFA Dolphins
Comment: 38-year-old likely to retire. No regular-season appearances in three years.
Jesse Palmer UFA Giants
Comment: Didn't appear in 2004. Wants to stay in NY, but Giants will look at options.
Rick Mirer UFA Lions
Comment: Not expected to return to the Lions. Was #3 QB in 2004.
Doug Pederson UFA Packers
Comment: Coming back from injury, may stick with Pack if Favre stays.
Jim Miller UFA Patriots
Comment: Valuable pretending to be Donovan McNabb on the Super Bowl scout team. Other than that....
Jamie Martin UFA Rams
Comment: Would have to battle Jeff Smoker for the Rams #2 QB job.
Craig Nall RFA Packers
Brad Van Pelt ERFA Broncos
Matt Mauck ERFA Broncos
Josh Harris ERFA Browns
Rod Rutherford ERFA Panthers
David Rivers ERFA Raiders
Shaun Hill ERFA Vikings

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