.NET Draft Spotlight: Matt Roth

.NET Draft Guru Ryan Rigmaiden continues his look at this year's defensive end prospects. Today he takes a look at Iowa DE Matt Roth.

4. Matt Roth, DE Iowa
6'3" 275 4.77 (40 Time)

NFL Comparison- Justin Smith, Cincinnati


Extremely intense and plays non-stop, from snap to whistle. Very productive throughout his career, despite constant double-teams. Roth doesn't have top-end speed, but his quickness and agility allow him the opportunity to bring down QBs. Has great instincts and anticipation, making him even more of a threat. Fantastic fundamentals and was very well coached at Iowa. Knows how to use leverage and hands to create space from offensive lineman. Had a big Senior Bowl and absolutely used some of the better offensive lineman that week. Is capable of big hits and the highlight-reel sack. Has a temper (which I like very much) and can sometimes take it a bit too far. Is solid against the run and can be strong at the point-of-attack, but also chase down plays from behind. Although I think he's a much better fit as a DE, some teams may look at him as a 3-4 OLB, where he looked decent in drills.

Pass Rush-

This is Roth's strength. While he doesn't have the elite speed that most of the NFL's dominant pass rushers have, Roth makes up for it with solid fundamentals and high effort. He knows how to get under his opponent's pads to move them. His above average agility and quickness give him more 2nd chance opportunities than most DE's in the class. Can swim and rip effectively, but can also use the bull rush very well.

Playing the Run-

Has solid strength and is able to hold his own at the point-of-attack. Because he uses his hands so well, Roth doesn't get engulfed very often by O-lineman. Scrapes down the line-of-scrimmage well and hits hard. Is fundamentally sound and is a good tackler. Has a mean streak and sometimes gets flagged.

Roster Impact for Seattle-

Would be a huge addition because of his pass rushing skills alone. Has the ability to start immediately, but would probably start as Seattle's nickel LE, where he could have an impact right away. Roth could be Seattle's best pass rusher as a rookie.

Draft Projection-

Round 1. DE's usually go fairly high, but because there are so many solid DE's in this year's class, the ‘Hawks have a real shot at getting him. Teams like St. Louis, Jacksonville and Seattle will be very interested in his services.

Final Analysis-

Roth's pass rushing skills, attitude and effort make him a very attractive player. Because he shines as a pass rusher, his ability against the run are underrated and he's a better athlete than people give him credit for. His fiery personality (something the Seahawks need) and drive to win far outweigh the attitude concerns that some scouts frown on. Adding a formidable DE that brings all this to the table would help out the defense considerably. I'd be very happy to see Roth lined up opposite Grant Wistrom.

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