.NET Draft Spotlight: DeMarcus Ware

Seahawks.NET's draft guru Ryan Rigmaiden continues his look at the defensive end prospects who are ready to make an impact on the NFL. Today he takes a look at small-college phenom DeMarcus Ware of Troy.

5. DeMarcus Ware, DE/OLB Troy
6'4" 251 4.6 (40 Time)

NFL Comparison- Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, Green Bay


Amazing agility, speed and quickness. Ware absolutely dominated his competition last year, albeit against weaker competition. However, after having a very successful Senior Bowl, there is every indication that Ware can handle the NFL. He has a terrific first step and closes well. Easily the fastest of the DE's, Ware would be an ideal 3-4 OLB in the mold of Pittsburgh's Joey Porter. However, he's played his college career in a 3-point stance and he could play DE in a traditional 4-3. Has the frame to add more weight. Ware isn't very stout against the run, but you pay DE's to rush the passer first and play the run second. Is still raw and needs more work on fundamentals, especially how to use leverage and hand placement. Needs to work on tackling if he plays OLB in the NFL.

Pass Rush-

Easily Ware's strength. His elite up-field quickness, snap anticipation and agility make him the perfect pass rusher. While many scouts are projecting him as the perfect 3-4 OLB, he'll get plenty of looks as a traditional 4-3 DE because of his elite speed. He uses counter-moves and can get to the QB after swinging out wide and then coming back underneath. Hits hard.

Playing the Run-

Because Ware is lighter than most DE's, he can be a liability here. Isn't very strong at the point-of-attack and can get smothered by big O-lineman. Tends to move around blockers in order to make tackles, which will hurt him in the NFL. Ware has the frame to add weight, but will it come at a pass rushing expense?

Roster Impact for Seattle-

An ideal nickel pass rusher, Ware would be a very nice addition to the defense. Outside of oft-injured nickel DE Chad Brown, Seattle doesn't have a DE that's primary weapon is speed. It would be very wise for the ‘Hawks to take a look at Ware, who would upgrade their pass rushing capability the moment he steps on the field.

Draft Projection-

Round 1. With so many teams experimenting with 3-4 defenses, Ware's a player that will be in high demand. Teams like Dallas, Green Bay, Denver and San Diego to take a look at him late in Round 1.

Final Analysis-

While Ware played lesser competition at Troy, his athletic ability, speed and pass rushing prowess make him a very attractive NFL prospect. His weakness vs. the run can be improved with good coaching, so that shouldn't be a worry. The same knocks on Ware were once said about Gbaja-Biamila and Leonard Little; players that consistently rack up double-digit sacks in the NFL. Ware has the ability to be a Pro Bowl DE or OLB and should definitely be gone by the end of Round 1.

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