.NET Draft Spotlight: Dan Cody

.NET's NFL Draft guru Ryan Rigmaiden continues his look at DE prospects that will be conisdered by the Hawks on April 23rd. Today he previews Oklahoma DE Dan Cody.

6. Dan Cody, DE Oklahoma 6'4" 260 4.71 (40 Time)

NFL Comparison- Jason Babin, Houston


Very versatile. Cody can line up with his hand down as a DE, or in a two-point stance as a rush OLB and be equally effective. Very intense player; so intense that he passed out when giving a pre-game pep-talk last year. Was diagnosed with clinical depression in '01, but hasn't had a problem with it since being prescribed medication. Is agile, and can change direction quickly. Makes a lot of plays behind the LOS, but isn't very strong taking on offensive lineman at the point-of-attack. Works extremely hard and makes big plays.

Pass Rush-

Getting upfield is Cody's strength, whether it's against the run or pass. He has good anticipation and a quick first step. Has good counter-moves and always seems to work back inside. Isn't fast, but is quick enough to get around O-lineman, especially on stunts and twists. Because he's also effective in a two-point stance, any team employing a 3-4 defense will love him. Cody's versatility is a very nice asset.

Playing the Run-

Makes stops behind the line consistently, but needs to add lower body strength to take on O-lineman at the point-of-attack. Chases plays down from behind and is relentless in pursuit. Is strong up top, but his lack of lower-body strength hurts him. Can make the big hit.

Roster Impact for Seattle-

Cody would bring valuable versatility to a defense that could use help disguising their intentions. His initial role should be as a nickel pass rusher at LE or as a stand-up blitzing OLB. Using his strengths, Cody could be a very effective player for the ‘Hawks as a rookie.

Draft Projection-

Round 1. Was once considered a top-10 pick, but now Cody's stock seems to have slipped a bit. But because he's a high-energy player playing a premium position, it's doubtful he'll drop out of Round 1. Expect teams like St. Louis, Seattle, Green Bay and New England to take long looks at him.

Final Analysis-

Cody's had a terrific career at Norman, making big plays and being a consistent standout on a terrific defense. His versatility is attractive to most NFL teams, but some may view him as a 'tweener, and unsure where he'd be most effective. His medical-redshirt for depression may also scare some teams away, but because he's been a solid citizen since being prescribed medication, most teams see wont drop him down their boards. In the right defensive system, Cody's strong work ethic and versatility should be very valuable for any team in the NFL.

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