.NET Draft Spotlight: DE...The Best of the Rest

.NET's Ryan Rigmaiden wraps up his look at defensive end prospects available for this month's draft. These are some players that should be available to the Hawks on day one, either in the first round or a little later...

7. Marcus Spears, DE LSU
6'4" 300 5.0 (40 Time)

NFL Comparison- Trevor Pryce, Denver


Massive, but surprisingly athletic. Incredibly strong and has decent quickness off the snap. Tough against the run because he's so big. Won't be a double-digit sack guy in the NFL because he lacks speed and burst. Would be an ideal 3-4 DE. Has the quickness to shake blockers, but might be a better pass rushing threat as a nickel DT. Bats down a lot of balls at the line of scrimmage.

Roster Impact for Seattle-

Spears has the talent to start, but he's definitely not the pass rushing DE the ‘Hawks are looking for. He might be in the Antonio Cochran mold, but much more athletic. While Spears would definitely upgrade Seattle's defensive line, his lack of pass rushing prowess limits him.

Draft Projection-

Round 1. Spears will get looks from any team running a 3-4 defense, but some 4-3 teams would love him. Teams like Dallas, San Diego, Denver, Atlanta and Pittsburgh would be very interested.

Final Analysis-

Spears has the talent and production to warrant a 1st Round pick, but because he Probably wont be a big pass rushing threat, the Seahawks might want to go another route.

8. Justin Tuck, DE Notre Dame
6'5" 265 4.7 (40 Time)

NFL Comparison- Simeon Rice, Tampa Bay


Explodes off the snap and has a great first step. Has the overall speed and quickness to consistently beat OT's around the corner and hits hard. Tuck can sometimes take himself out of the play by rushing too far upfield. Needs work at being stronger at the point-of-attack vs. the run. Has some injury concerns, but nowhere near what some of the other DE's have.

Roster Impact for Seattle- His lack of bulk and strength will hurt him against the run, but he'd be an ideal nickel DE because he's a very solid pass rusher. Tuck needs work to become a full-time starter, but because Seattle already has DE's Antonio Cochran and Bryce Fischer on the roster, he can concentrate of rushing the passer in obvious passing situations.

Draft Projection-

Round 2. There's a chance that he could go late in Round 1, but Tuck will probably come off the board in 2.

Final Analysis- Tuck has the potential to be a very good pass rusher, but he'll have to work on his overall game to become elite. However, because Seattle's pass rush is almost non-existent, Tuck would be a nice Round 2 pick. The ‘Hawks would probably have to move up to get him, but he could be worth it.

9. Chris Canty, DE Virginia

Mammoth DE (6'7" 395), but is probably a better fit in a 3-4 defense.

10. Trent Cole, DE Cincinnati

Speedy, but smaller DE can get to the QB. Could be tried at OLB, especially in a 3-4.

11. Javon Haye, DE Vanderbilt

Good all-around DE, but is unspectacular.

12. George Gause, DE South Carolina

Could be a solid DE/DT wave player in the NFL.

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