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At least fourteen college players have visited Seahawks HQ in preparation for the 2005 NFL Draft. With said Draft just around the corner, Seahawks.NET (in conjunction with TFY Draft Preview's exclusive player ratings) takes a closer look at these players, what their skills may bring, and what they might mean to the Seahawks.

Prospect Profile: Khalif Barnes
Date: Mar 31, 2005

Khalif Barnes School: Washington
Ht: 6-5.5 Wt: 305 40: 5.00 Year: 5Sr

Bio: Four year starter at both left and weakside tackle. Previous All-Conference selection who missed half the season last year with a broken wrist. Considered the best player on the Washington football team.

Positives: Big, athletic lineman soaring up draft boards. Sets with a wide base, works to bend his knees and keeps his feet moving throughout the action. Quick off the snap and a solid position blocker who seals running lanes. Patient, makes good use of blocking angles and powerful at the point. Jolts defenders with hand punch and controls them once engaged in a block. Nasty, engulfs opponents or buries them into the ground. Had a sensational week of Senior Bowl practice when he devastated the opposition.

Negatives: Not a nimble lineman, has difficulty adjusting and beaten by inside moves. Cannot redirect to linebackers on the second level. Does not play with great balance or show top blocking range.

Analysis: An offensive tackle prospect with excellent measurables and a lineman who tests well, Barnes has been on a straight shot North since January. Needs to polish his game and improve his footwork in space yet possesses the underlying natural skills to become a productive starting tackle in the NFL.

Prospect Profile: Robert Douglas
Date: Apr 3, 2005

Robert Douglas School: Memphis
Ht: 6-2 Wt: 235 40: 4.81 Year: 5Sr

Bio: Used as a fullback and linebacker prior to his senior season. Posted 14/62/2 on the ground last year also adding 7/113/2 as a pass catcher.

Positives: Athletic lead fullback with the potential to develop into a triple threat player. Quick off the snap, plays with forward lean and works blocking assignments. Gets out front and aggressively lays his shoulders into defenders. Patient in pass protection, can shuffle his feet and anchors at the point. Chips defenders and removes them from the play. Adequate skills catching the ball.

Negatives: Has difficulty finishing blocks. Minimal playing action in college and marginally productive handling the ball.

Analysis: A project in the works, Douglas is well built for the fullback position and has the skills to be used in a variety of roles. Unlikely to be selected in the draft but definitely practice squad material.

Prospect Profile: Gabe Franklin
Date: Mar 27, 2005

Gabe FranklinSchool: Boise State
Ht: 5-10 Wt: 185 40: 4.55 Year: 5Sr

Bio: Four year starter that’s played 51 games with the first team. All-Conference selection as a senior after posting 61/4/17. Junior totals included 73/3/16.

Positives: Productive collegiate cornerback who has flown under the radar screen in scouting circles. Instinctive, reads the action and quickly locates the ball in the air. Displays the ability to run downfield with opponents, has a burst of closing speed and makes a lot of plays on the ball. Reads receivers eyes and quickly gets his head back around to defend the throw. Displays good concentration and stays with assignments. Comes up the field to help out in run support and will mix it up.

Negatives: Stiff moving in reverse and very quick coming out of his back pedal. Not a sudden or explosive defender.

Analysis: A productive collegiate defender, Franklin offers good skills for the next level. May never develop into a starting cornerback yet should be productive in nickel and dime packages as well as help out on special teams.

Prospect Profile: Arnold Harrison
Date: Mar 27, 2005

Arnold HarrisonSchool: Georgia
Ht: 6-2.5 Wt: 240 40: 4.71 Year: 5Sr

Bio: Part-time starter the past two seasons, posting 32 tackles as a senior after 48 as a junior.

Positives: Hard-working outside linebacker best on the strong side. Bends his knees playing with leverage, works to get involved in the action and wraps up ball carriers. Takes good angles to the play, can run with backs in coverage and gets depth on drops. Effective special teams player throughout his career.

Negatives: Hesitant, slow to react and not very decisive. Overall game lacks suddenness. Must do a better job using his hands to keep opponents away.

Analysis: A solid size/speed prospect, Harrison looks the part, yet does not always play to it. Does not show the instincts to go along with his athletic ability, and presently stands as a late round pick and developmental prospect.

Prospect Profile: Jeb Huckeba
Date: Mar 27, 2005

Jeb HuckebaSchool: Arkansas
Ht: 6-4.5 Wt: 247 40: 4.72 Year: 4Sr

Bio: Three-year starter awarded All-Conference honors as a senior after 56/12.5/6.5. Posted 70 tackles and 14 tackles for loss as a junior.

Positives: Tall, slender defensive lineman who could be tried at several positions in the NFL. Plays with excellent leverage, balance and moves well laterally. Fluid changing direction, chases to get involved in the play and covers a good amount of area on the field.

Negatives: Not explosive for an undersized defensive end. Controlled at the point or engulfed by large blockers.

Analysis: An athletic prospect with growth potential, Huckeba has the physical skills and mental intangibles to develop into a player at the next level. Must spend a year or two adding bulk to his frame, but could be used early in his career as a nickel pass rusher.

Prospect Profile: Damien Nash
Date: Apr 3, 2005

Damien NashSchool: Missouri
Ht: 5-9.5 Wt: 218 40: 4.58 Year: 3Jr

Bio: Led the team in rushing after starting eight games last season, posting 164/792/7 on the ground, while adding 25/176/1 as a pass catcher.

Positives: Quick-footed ball carrier with adequate size for the inside. Sees the field, waits for blocks to develop and possesses a burst through the hole. Explosive, displays speed running in the open field with the ability to take it outside of tackle. Solid pass catcher out of the backfield. Employs effective blocking technique.

Negatives: Not a decisive runner nor an instinctive football player. Misses blocking assignments and does not pick up blitzes. Left the team after disagreements with the coaching staff in late November. Characterized as irresponsible.

Analysis: Displaying flashes of big-time ability, Nash possesses solid physical skills and a good upside for the next level. That being the case, he needs more repetition and must mature as an individual.

Prospect Profile: James Sanders
Date: Mar 27, 2005

James SandersSchool: Fresno State
Ht: 5-11 Wt: 214 40: 4.68 Year: 4Jr

Bio: Three year starter awarded All-Conference honors after his junior and sophomore campaigns. Posted 63/3/5 last season after 93/2/4 as a sophomore.

Positives: Explosive safety who plays with a good degree of suddenness. Tough defending the run, quick up the field and wraps up ball carriers at the point. Displays good coverage skills facing the quarterback when he can see the action. Fast to the sidelines and also possesses a burst of closing speed in coverage. Solid ball skills and hands for the interception.

Negatives: Not big, strong and has tackles broken. Slow reading the action and does not display top instincts.

Analysis: A hard-hitting safety who must keep the action in front of him, Sanders has potential in a two-deep system. Possesses the playing style for strong safety and a special teams mentality which will help him at the next level.

Prospect Profile: Chris Spencer
Date: Mar 28, 2005

Chris Spencer School: Mississippi
Ht: 6-3 Wt: 309 40: 5.26 Year: 4Jr

Bio: Moved into the starting lineup on a fulltime basis last year and named all-conference. Saw extensive playing time at both center and guard.

Positives: Athletic blocker explosive at the point of attack. Quickly gets into blocks and easily rides defenders from their angle of attack. Jolts opponents and displays explosion at the point. Tough, and stays with the action until the whistle blows. Effective on the second level, adjusts or redirects to linebackers and gets results blocking on the move. Fundamentally sound and works well with linemates.

Negatives: Stiff in his upper body and must improve his hand placement. Needs work on shotgun snaps.

Analysis: A terrific prospect who offers a good degree of upside, Spencer has continually progressed on the college level. Effectively snapped to three different quarterbacks in 2004, and while he needs to iron out the details of his game, a prospect who could eventually start in the NFL.

Scouting Report: Odell Thurman
Date: Nov 28, 2004

Odell Thurman School : Georgia
Ht:  6-0  Wt:  230  40:  4.75

The Good: Explosive linebacker that projects to either the middle or on the outside.  Immediately diagnoses the action, flashes on the scene and displays quickness in all aspects of the game.  Gets depth on drops, displays good range and the ability to make plays sideline-to-sideline.  Exceptional playing speed and possesses a good degree of suddenness.  Runs well to the ball, displays good hand technique getting off blocks and has a closing burst of speed.  Packs a wallop at the point of attack

The Bad: Not overly efficient and wastes a lot of motion.  Undersized and slowed by blocks.

The Skinny: An athletic prospect with an excellent combination of speed and quickness, Thurman can play any number of linebacker spots in different schemes.  Needs to refine his game and play with better control but a top 45 prospect whenever he enters the draft.

Prospect Profile: Zach Tuiasosopo
Date: Apr 3, 2005

Zach Tuiasosopo
School: Washington
Ht: 6-1.5 Wt: 249 40: 5.07 Year: 5Sr

Bio: Three year starter at fullback who saw extensive action at linebacker as a freshman. Broke his leg during the third game of his senior campaign and finished the year with 5/62 on the ground. All-Conference selection as a junior after 29/87/2 carrying the ball with 11/132 as a pass catcher. Pleaded guilty to malicious mischief in April of 2003 after breaking several car windows while under the influence.

Positives: Nice-sized fullback with possibilities as a triple threat player. Quick off the snap, blocks with leverage and strong at the point of attack. Displays good blocking vision, has a nasty attitude and always looking for someone to hit. Jolts opponents at the point and finishes blocks. Solid receiver out of the backfield and does a good job carrying the ball.

Negatives: Must concentrate and play under control for sixty minutes. Marginally productive handling the ball in college.

Analysis: One of the better lead blockers in this draft, Tuiasosopo offers a good degree of upside potential for the next level. Must remain healthy and keep himself focused on the task at hand yet could be a very productive player at the next level for a long time to come.

Chris Barry, LB, Nevada
Kurt Campbell, S, Albany
Reynaldo Hill, CB, Florida
Brian Yarno, TE/C/FB, Idaho

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