Targets by round and by position

.NET's Ryan Rigmaiden breaks down what targets will be looked at in each round and also gives you his top prospects for each position.

Round-by-Round Targets

Last year I tried, with some success, to predict who Seattle might be looking at in each Round ( This year I was hoping to do the same.

As of presstime, GM Tim Ruskell just signed CB Andre Dyson, a player most of us thought we wouldn't be able to get, especially with the addition of CB Kelly Herndon. Acquiring Dyson now gives the ‘Hawks incredible flexibility on Draft Day because they wont be operating under the system of "we have to get a CB on Day 1". Instead, the ‘Hawks can grab the best player instead of possibly reaching on a player. Thank God the ‘Hawks have Ruskell!

This year is also unlike most others because Seattle has an additional pick in Rounds 3 and 4, giving them ammunition to move up, if necessary. What is being considered one of the most unpredictable Draft's in recent memory has just gotten even more confusing, especially for ‘Hawk fans.

Here's a look at some prospects that Seattle might look at:

Round 1

1. David Pollack, DE Georgia

Like last year's pipe-dream of selecting Miami's Jonathan Vilma, Pollack is this year's version. While he isn't rated the top DE on most team's boards, Pollack's determination, relentlessness and ability make him my #1 target this year.

Also in the "slim-to-none" chances category I'll list the following:

Derrick Johnson, OLB Texas
Shawne Merriman, DE/OLB Maryland
DeMarcus Ware, DE/OLB Troy

2. Mark Clayton, WR Oklahoma

Clayton has some of the best hands in this year's class, can get deep, has good explosion into and out of his cuts and can also return kicks. His only knock is his 5'10" size, but it's not at all worrisome to me. He's produced huge numbers throughout his career and I expect him to do it in the NFL. Clayton would be a much welcomed addition to our offense.

3. Dan Cody, DE Oklahoma

As of right now, Cody is who I have projected Seattle to get at #23. I have other players with higher grades still on the board, but I think the ‘Hawks like Cody. He can rush the passer and makes a living in the opponent's backfield. Seattle's current pass rush (or lack thereof) could use him.

4. Matt Roth, DE Iowa

I absolutely love this guy. Like David Pollack, Roth is a high-motor guy that gets his results because of hustle and good fundamentals. He's extremely intense and will play every down to the whistle. I wish I had a whole team of guys like this.

5. Erasmus James, DE Wisconsin

James' health concerns have me worried. By no means do I want to get another player who's off the field more than he's on it. Having said that, James is a better pass rusher than anyone not listed on the "slim to none" above. His agility and closing burst make him a very special player . . . when healthy.

Round 2

1. Chris Spencer, C Ole Miss

The time to get Robbie Tobeck's eventual replacement is definitely upon the franchise. Spencer's an absolute beast who has the ability to start next year.

2. Luis Castillo, DT Northwestern

Despite Castillo's recent positive test for steroids, I believe he's a kid who's made a mistake and not one that has continuous bad habits. Castillo will drop because of this and the opportunity to get him may be very real. He's an extremely active DT that has a high motor and can both take on blocks, or penetrate. The only question is whether Seattle, and GM Tim Ruskell in particular are willing to take him.

3. Marion Barber III, RB Minnesota

Barber has all the tools of being a very solid RB in the NFL. He has good size, speed and can even return kicks.

4. Justin Tuck, DE Notre Dame

Seattle might have to trade up a few picks to get him in Round 2, but Tuck can rush the passer. He's Notre Dame's all-time leader in sacks and excels at turning the corner. He'd be an ideal nickel pass rusher until he can gain some weight and develop more.

5. Brandon Browner, CB/S Oregon State

Once was a top-20 prospect, but ran poorly at the combine and may drop to Round 2 or 3. With 6'4" size and decent cover skills, Browner could be a very nice player.

Round 3

1. Ben Wilkerson, C LSU

As mentioned before, a replacement for Tobeck would be nice to have. Wilkerson was the best center in the Draft until he hurt his knee. If he fully recovers, he could be an absolute steal.

2. Darren Sproles, RB Kansas State

Small, but extremely fast and quick RB can take any run to the house. Also returns kicks.

3. Ryan Moats, RB Louisiana Tech

Moats may not even last this long. Think of Brian Westbrook, but maybe a bit faster. This kid can play and would be a tremendous fit for our offense.

4. Brandon Browner, CB/S Oregon State

Once was a top-20 prospect, but ran poorly at the combine and may drop to Round 2 or 3. With 6'4" size and decent cover skills, Browner could be a very nice player.

5. Fred Gibson, WR Georgia

Big receiver that can get deep and out-jump almost any DB. He needs to get tougher, but he'd be a nice find in Round 3.

6. Antonio Perkins, CB Oklahoma

Raw prospect is also an awesome return man. He'd upgrade our special teams units immediately and have time to develop at CB.

7. Andrew Walter, QB Arizona State

Walter's the kind of drop-back passer that Holmgren drools over. If he's on the board in Round 3, I could see him being selected.

Top Players by Position(Seahawks Slanted)

This is a short list of my top players, by position, but emphasizing Seattle's traits. Every team runs their own unique offensive and defensive schemes, even though they may run the same style offense. Therefore, depending on each team's particular need, one player may earn Round 1 grades by one team and Round 3 grades by another. It's all about who fits your system (see New England Patriots).

The matter of "need" is also a consideration. For example, the ‘Hawks have some solid run-stopping DE's and have a lack of pass rushers. If two DE's with similar grades are on the board and Seattle's picking, they might choose the better pass rusher because they need one on their roster.

Each player below are my rankings, not just on their talent, but by how they'd fit in with Seattle's current systems.


1. Alex Smith, Utah
2. Aaron Rodgers, Cal
3. Andrew Walter, Arizona State
4. Jason Campbell, Auburn
5. Adrian McPherson, Florida State
6. Charlie Frye, Akron
7. Kyle Orton, Purdue
8. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Harvard

Running Back

1. Ronnie Brown, Auburn
2. Cadillac Williams, Auburn
3. J.J. Arrington, Cal
4. Cedric Benson, Texas
5. Marion Barber III, Minnesota
6. Ryan Moats, Louisiana Tech
7. Vernand Morency, Oklahoma State
8. Ciatrick Fason, Florida
9. Walter Reyes, Syracuse
10. Darren Sproles, Kansas State


1. Braylon Edwards, Michigan
2. Mike Williams, USC
3. Mark Clayton, Oklahoma
4. Troy Williamson, South Carolina
5. Roddy White, Alabama Birmingham
6. Reggie Brown, Georgia
7. Chris Henry, West Virginia
8. Terrance Murphy, Texas A&M
9. Roscoe Parrish, Miami
10. Courtney Roby, Indiana

Offensive Line

1. Alex Barron, OT Florida State
2. Khalif Barnes, OT Washington
3. Jammal Brown, OT Oklahoma
4. Marcus Johnson, G/T Ole Miss
5. Chris Spencer, C Ole Miss
6. David Baas, C/G Michigan
7. Adam Terry, Syracuse
8. Logan Mankins, G/T Fresno State
9. Ben Wilkerson, C LSU
10. Elton Brown, G Virginia

Defensive Ends

1. David Pollack, Georgia
2. Shawne Merriman, Maryland
3. DeMarcus Ware, Troy
4. Erasmus James, Wisconsin
5. Matt Roth, Iowa
6. Dan Cody, Oklahoma
7. Marcus Spears, LSU
8. Justin Tuck, Notre Dame
9. Shaun Cody, USC
10. Chris Canty, Virginia

Defensive Tackles

1. Travis Johnson, Florida State
2. Luis Castillo, Northwestern
3. Anttaj Hawthorne, Wisconsin
4. Mike Patterson, USC
5. Jonathan Babineaux, Iowa


1. Derrick Johnson, OLB Texas
2. Daryl Blackstock, OLB Virginia
3. Thomas Davis, OLB/S Georgia
4. Kevin Burnett, OLB Tennessee
5. Ernest Shazor, OLB/S Michigan
6. Barrett Ruud, ILB Nebraska
7. Odell Thurman, ILB Georgia
8. Channing Crowder, ILB Florida
9. Michael Boley, OLB Southern Miss
10. Marcus Lawrence, ILB South Carolina
11. Kirk Morrison, ILB San Diego State


1. Adam "Pac Man" Jones, West Virginia
2. Antrel Rolle, Miami
3. Carlos Rogers, Auburn
4. Justin Miller, Clemson
5. Marlin Jackson, Michigan
6. Fabian Washington, Nebraska
7. Corey Webster, LSU
8. Bryant McFadden, Florida State
9. Eric Green, Virginia Tech
10. Domonique Foxworth, Maryland


1. Brodney Pool, Oklahoma
2. Brandon Browner, Oregon State (CB)
3. Josh Bullocks, Nebraska
4. James Butler, Georgia Tech
5. Vincent Fuller, Virginia Tech


K- Mike Nugent, Ohio State
P- Dustin Colquitt, Tennessee

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