Former U-M Staffer Mark Ouimet On Ernest Shazor

Former Michigan University staffer Mark Ouimet comments on Ernest Shazor, the Wolverine safety he helped recruit. Seattle needed help with safety depth, and they still do. The Seahawks were very aware of Shazor, and there are some definite reasons they didn't pull the trigger.

Is Mark Ouimet surprised that Ernest Shazor went undrafted, or not?

"Good question. There are positives and negatives about Shazor...but on balance I'll say I'm surprised. He's an All-American and so he has ability. But I was not surprised he wasn't drafted on the first day."

"The downsides to Shazor - First, he's a tweener, not a true safety, not a true linebacker.

"Secondly, he didn't do well on the Wonderlic Test, the comprehensive psychological test that the kids all have to take that so many of them have commented about - the test takes most of a day."

"Thirdly, the NFL teams check out everything -- the family, everything - and there were some off the field questions and issues that I won't get into."

"Bottom line: it would have helped him to return for his fifth year, but there were family financial circumstances that prevented that - sometimes that is the case for some kids. But, when a guy decides to leave early, he's gotta make sure he gets drafted. In the end, Braylon Edwards made a good decision to come back, Shazor didn't make a good decision to come out."

"You know, in the seventh round, Seattle had a couple of picks and Teryl Austin is on that staff...but they didn't pick him.
But on the other hand, when it gets to the seventh round you don't want to get picked. You want to pick your own team as a free agent."

"Now, as a free agent, he gets to pick his team. They will offer him money - he and his agent quickly have to go through teams' roster to see which teams would give him the best opportunity. Chances are he'll be signed by midnight tonight at the latest. It's Draft Day Part Three, free agent time. As many guys are signed as free agents as are drafted."

"For one thing, Detroit needs help at safety."

"By the way, free agent contracts pay maybe a $40,000 bonus plus the NFL minimum, which is $250-$300,000 in annual salary." Top Stories