Minicamp Report - Day Two

Day Two of Seattle's minicamp featured a new (and booming!) voice, a better showing from the rookie QB, and an update from a Seahawk who has long been on the wrong path...

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice, shame on me.

Fool me anymore than that, and you might be talking about the unique and exasperating dynamic that exists between Mike Holmgren and Koren Robinson.

Through multiple benchings and suspensions, both internal and external, for a variety of transgressions, Holmgren has always expressed complete and total belief that one day, his troubled and talented receiver would turn it around. The missed practices and meetings, the substance abuse issues that led to his four-game NFL-mandated suspension last season, the traffic violations, the court dates, the seeming disregard for the effect his actions have on the team…Holmgren has seemingly had the singular ability to peer beyond all of it and see into Koren Robinson’s soul. And he has been Robinson’s master protector.

But with the Ruskell regime in full effect now, and production trumping potential in future Seahawk mintings, it would seem an appropriate time for Koren Robinson to figure things out.

As he told the assembled media after today’s minicamp at Kirkland HQ, Robinson appears to be at least trying to turn his life around. “"I'm focused on my job now, instead of everything else," Robinson said. "I wasn't really thankful for the opportunity I'm given. A lot of people would give an arm and a leg to be in my position. I guess certain things have to happen a certain way for you to really get stuff. That's how it went for me to really get it and realize I'm truly blessed."

It is common knowledge that after the 2004 season, Robinson completed a rehab program for undisclosed issues. The nature of his demons has been the subject of endless speculation among the Seahawk faithful, but the name on the bottle is irrelevant. What matters is whether Robinson can overcome the legitimate perception that among those who decide such things in the NFL, he is universally regarded as damaged goods. "My name in the league - I've got baggage with my name," he said. "I never wanted that. But me being who I am -'OK, he's going to put Koren first,' or'He's going to put having fun first' - that's what happens."

His participation in offseason workouts has been spotty, and he’s moving his mother and son to Seattle from North Carolina to try and solidify a life that has unraveled beyond control over the last few years. The Seahawks, for their part, signed free-agent receivers Joe Jurevicius and Jerome Pathon in the off-season to soften the blow if Robinson runs out of lives with the team down the road.

Sightlines and Audibles: New special teams coach Bob Casullo, formerly of the Jets and Raiders, made his presence known in today’s practice with a booming voice and a new attitude. Casullo became Seattle’s newest coach in February, after Mark Michaels was fired. Casullo had interviewed for the job before Michaels was hired - and considered again after Michaels quickly turned Seattle’s special teams into a doormat. Casullo is an experienced coach who will think outside the box – today, he had Pathon returning kicks, something the veteran wideout hadn’t done since he first arrived in the NFL eight years ago. Yesterday, quarterback Seneca Wallace was on the receiving end of several punts.

After an undistinguished first day, David Greene, the team’s third-round pick from Georgia, showed some accuracy on Saturday. As reported by Mike Sando of the Tacoma News Tribune on his excellent minicamp blog site, Greene hit a target little larger than a basketball with several deep throws. At other times, he let the ball get away from him – but coaches in attendance got their first up-close look at some of the skills that helped Greene win more games than any quarterback in NCAA Division 1-A history with 42, breaking Peyton Manning’s record of 39 with Tennessee.

Seattle’s rookies and undrafted free agents will practice through tomorrow, while the veterans will stay and participate in drills through Thursday.

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