NFC West Inside Slant - 5/8/05

Minicamps come to a close, Mike Nolan tries and fails to become a "suit", Anquan Boldin paraphrases Rod Tidwell, the Rams look for more safety help, and Matt Hasselbeck draws a line in the FieldTurf in this week's NFC West Inside Slant.


QB Matt Hasselbeck called out teammates who failed to show for the Seahawks' recent voluntary minicamp. His comments echoed the message new president Tim Ruskell sent in a letter to players. In singling out TE Itula Mili, WR Darrell Jackson and RB Shaun Alexander, Hasselbeck showed signs of becoming the leader he'll have to become after signing a $48 million contract.

"It's really disappointing," Hasselbeck told the Tacoma News Tribune. "When you sit in the meetings and coaches are talking to you, the thing they're saying over and over again is to let the guy next to you know that he can count on you, and commit to one another. I don't know how much more clear the coach can get when he says that. To have less than 100 percent attendance is really disappointing and it hurts a little more for me because it's guys on the offensive side of the ball."

Mili weighed in at a whopping 290 pounds for the mandatory portion of minicamp. His decision to skip the four voluntary days meant additional reps for TE Jerramy Stevens and TE Ryan Hannam. Stevens flourished, but the extra work was hard on Hannam's surgically repaired knee; he wound up needing arthroscopic surgery.

"It's totally bogus what Itula did to those guys and if he was here to see it, I think he would handle things differently," Hasselbeck said. "Because he loves those guys."

Jackson and Alexander are in different categories. Unlike Mili, both were highly productive last season. And both tend to keep themselves in better condition throughout the year. Jackson has skipped voluntary camps in the past, while Alexander remains unsigned.

"We've got to all have that mindset that we're going to get it done, whoever is on board," Hasselbeck said. "If you're not on board, we're sorry, but we don't care. We're doing it without you.
"And if you are on board, we love you, we're glad to have you back and it's going to be a lot easier because you guys are great players."

--DE Grant Wistrom, slowed by various leg injuries last season, appeared uninhibited at the Seahawks' post-draft minicamp. He even beat Pro Bowl LT Walter Jones in a pass-rush drill, something in which Jones almost never loses. Wistrom credited an unusual approach to rehab that included surfing, playing volleyball and running in the sand -- all in Maui. "I've been in the sand a lot -- working out in sand, running in sand," Wistrom said. "I think that can help your body as much as anything, just being in the sun and out training in the sand because it works all the little joints and muscles in the lower half of your body. I think it's really helped me out a lot."

--After a recent practice, the Seahawks surprised players by taking them to an advance showing of 'The Longest Yard' at a nearby movie house. Former Seahawks LB Brian Bosworth is among the actors featured in the film. "It was a great team event to break up the monotony of minicamp," QB Matt Hasselbeck said. "The movie was good. The football action was very realistic. It's fun to see all of the former NFL players."



--RB Shaun Alexander (tendered at $6.323M).



--QB Brock Huard is looking like the fourth-best option on a team that keeps three passers.
--LB Curtis Randall (not tendered as ERFA).
--P Ken Walter performed poorly last season and won't be back unless Seattle suffers through more problems at the position.

--DT Rocky Bernard (tendered at $656,000) shows pass-rush potential but hasn't been very consistent.


--WR Alex Bannister: UFA; $4M/4 yrs, $1M SB.
--SS Terreal Bierria: RFA; $656,000/1 yr.
--RB Kerry Carter: Potential ERFA; $380,000/1 yr.
--OG Chris Gray: UFA; $1.785M/2 yrs, $250,000 SB.
--TE Ryan Hannam: RFA; $656,000/1 yr.
--QB Matt Hasselbeck: Potential UFA; 6 yrs, terms unknown.
--LT Walter Jones: UFA; $52.5M/7 yrs, $16M SB; 2005 cap: $4.9M.
--S Marquand Manuel; RFA; $656,000/1 yr.
--TE Itula Mili: UFA; $6M/4 yrs, $1.5M SB; 2005 cap: $1.175M.
--CB Kris Richard: RFA; $656,000/1 yr.
--DE Ron Smith: Potential ERFA; $305,000/1 yr.
--C Robbie Tobeck: UFA; $1.785M/2 yrs, $250,000 SB; 2005 cap: $890,000.
--WR Jerheme Urban: Potential ERFA; $305,000/1 yr.
--WR Jason Willis: Potential ERFA; $305,000/1 yr.
--OL Floyd Womack: UFA; $5M/2 yrs, $2M SB; 2005 cap: $2M.

--P Leo Araguz (FA; terms unknown).
--LB Kevin Bentley: UFA (not tendered as RFA by Browns); $650,000/1 yr, $150,000 SB.
--DT Chartric Darby: UFA Buccaneers; $3M/3 yrs, $800,000 SB.
--CB Andre Dyson: UFA Titans; $17.5M/5 yrs, $3M SB.
--DE Bryce Fisher: UFA Rams; $10M/4 yrs, SB unknown.
--CB Kelly Herndon: RFA Broncos; $15M/5 yrs, $3.6M SB.
--WR Joe Jurevicius: FA Buccaneers; 1 yr, terms unknown.
--WR Jerome Pathon: FA Saints; 3 yrs, terms unknown.
--LB Jamie Sharper: FA Texans; $17.5M/5 yrs, $1.5M SB.

--LB Chad Brown: Released, Patriots, $4M/2yrs. w/incentives.
--FB Heath Evans: UFA Dolphins; $540,000/1 yr.
--MLB Orlando Huff: UFA Cardinals; $2M/2 yrs, $400,000 SB.
--CB Ken Lucas: UFA Panthers; $36M/6 yrs, $13M bonuses.
--DE Brandon Mitchell: UFA Falcons; terms unknown.
--DE Chike Okeafor: UFA Cardinals; $25M/5 yrs, SB unknown.
--WR Jerry Rice (released).
--S Damien Robinson (released; failed physical/shoulder).
--P Tom Rouen: UFA Panthers; terms unknown.
--LB Anthony Simmons (released; failed physical/wrist).
--OT Chris Terry (released/failed physical).


Even when the Cardinals try to do the right thing it often comes back to bite them.

There is no question that receiver Anquan Boldin was worth far more than they were paying him. In 2003, Boldin set an NFL rookie record with 101 catches and was the only first-year player selected to the Pro Bowl. That's the sort of thing that a top-five, first-round player is expected to do, not a second-round pick, which is what Boldin was.

So they talked. And nothing happened.

Boldin suffered a preseason knee injury in 2004 and missed the first half of the season. But they talked again. And nothing happened.

Both years, the Cardinals had salary-cap space with which to give him more.

Now, Boldin, initially appreciative that the team recognized and wanted to reward his big rookie season, is beginning to believe he is worth it. And because two years later nothing has yet been done, it has become a point of contention with him. He sat out a mandatory three-day mini-camp. The team could fine him $1,000 a day but won't say publicly whether it will. Opening talks was a bold step into new ground for the Cardinals. Their relationship with players in contractual dealings too often has best been symbolized as a straight-arm in the face. But now this gesture seems to be blowing up.

Boldin could be headed for a training-camp holdout. Could be, but nobody is talking. Not Boldin, not agent Drew Rosenhaus, not Cardinals vice president and GM Rod Graves.

Nobody, except coach Dennis Green, after he was hammered repeatedly about it by reporters. "How much difference did one player make on that 10-22 (Cardinals' record the past two seasons)? Everybody wants their best players, absolutely," Green said. "But I don't think we've got a guy on the team that says, 'Oh, my, I don't think we're going to be any good because we don't have one player.' That's not football, man."
Boldin is to make $380,000 this season and $460,000 in 2006 in the final two years of his four-year deal.

-- They're getting it figured out in the Big Red War Room. The Cardinals appear to have drafted effectively for the second year. CB Antrel Rolle, RB J.J. Arrington, and G Elton Brown are strong candidates to start.
In their 2004 draft class, WR Larry Fitzgerald, LB Karlos Dansby, DT Darnell Dockett and C Alex Stepanovich started all season. All seven drafted players in 2004 made the roster, a feat that will be difficult for the class of 2005 to duplicate.

If coach Dennis Green is to be believed, that eye for talent doesn't end with the team's drafted players. Green waxed on about several undrafted rookies signed by the club. "(SS) Ernest Shazor is everybody's all-American. He came out as a junior and a lot of times at certain positions, it is more difficult for juniors to get drafted," Green said. "I think it was a big surprise he wasn't drafted. He's got good size, he can run, he hits extremely well, and is a very aggressive player."

--And regarding undrafted QB Tommy Chang of Hawaii, the NCAA passing-yardage record-setter who operated primarily from the shotgun, Green said, "Many times because of the style they play with a team, guys get kind of downgraded a little bit. I think people though it was an offense that wouldn't suit the NFL so it was hard to project him, but I think he'll come in and have an excellent chance to compete."

-- FB James Hodgins, on IR (shoulder) all last year, is anxious to show he is still the lead blocker he once was for Marshall Faulk in St. Louis. He was back at work in minicamp.

-- G Fred Wakefield, on IR (foot) all last year, has been moved from DE, where he once started. At guard, he will compete with Jeremy Bridges and rookie Elton Brown for the starting job. Wakefield was at work in his new spot in minicamp. He now has about 300 pounds on his 6-foot-7 frame.

-- QB John Navarre, who suffered a season-ending finger fracture during his one and only start as a rookie, is back at work. He likely would have started the final five games had he not been injured. Now, he's facing Kurt Warner and Josh McCown. Navarre threw well in minicamp and could be a factor in the competition.

-- CB Eric Green, a third-round pick, missed most of his first minicamp (hip).

MEDICAL WATCH: LT Leonard Davis, the team's best offensive lineman who finished the season on Injured Reserve, was not cleared medically for minicamp. He had arthroscopic surgery on his knee in Phoenix on Jan. 7. That's always an issue with players like Davis who have hulking bodies. ... QB John Navarre, who suffered a fractured finger on his throwing hand in his first and only NFL start, was back on the job in minicamp. He did not have off-season surgery but had the finger in a brace for six weeks. ... RB Marcel Shipp, the team rushing leader in 2002 and 2003 who missed all of 2004 (fracture above foot), was not cleared medically for minicamp. He is roughly 90 percent into his rehab. He should be ready for training camp. ... RT L.J. Shelton, coming off knee surgery, was asked to not attend minicamp. The team is attempting to trade him and does not want to risk injury. ... DT Kenny King, ticketed to be the starting "under tackle," returned to minicamp after missing all of 2004 to wrist surgery. ... G Fred Wakefield's battle with a stress fracture in his foot that forced him onto IR is over. The former DE was cleared for minicamp and has moved to G. ... FB James Hodgins had shoulder surgery and will need to come back and prove himself to a staff that didn't seem all that fond of him prior to the injury. An excellent blocker with a massive body, he was back on the job for minicamp.




--MLB Ron McKinnon is the epitome of the dedicated warrior, but his time might have run out; undersized and aging; likely won't command starter's pay.
--WR Nate Poole (not tendered as RFA) is good enough to be a fourth receiver, but on this roster he's in danger of being nudged out because he is not a punt returner.
--OG Cameron Spikes has played extensively the past two seasons, mainly by default; would be a fine depth player to retain at the right price.



--RB Damien Anderson: Not tendered as RFA; terms unknown.
--OT Jerry Bridges: ERFA; $380,000/1 yr.
--RB Troy Hambrick: UFA; 2 yrs, terms unknown.
--S Quentin Harris: RFA; $656,000/1 yr.
--DT Ross Kolodziej: RFA; $656,000/1 yr.
--QB Josh McCown: RFA; $1.43M/1 yr.
--CB Robert Tate: UFA; terms unknown.
--DE Peppi Zellner: UFA; 2 yrs, terms unknown.

--OT Ian Allen: Not tendered as RFA by Eagles; terms unknown.
--S Robert Griffith: FA Browns; $4M/2 yrs, SB unknown.
--OL Adam Haayer: Not tendered as RFA by Vikings; terms unknown.
--LB Orlando Huff: UFA Seahawks, $2M/2 yrs, $400,000 SB.
--DE Chike Okeafor: UFA Seahawks; $25M/5 yrs, SB unknown.
--OT Oliver Ross: UFA Steelers; $17.5M/5 yrs, SB unknown.
--CB Ray Walls: UFA Ravens; terms unknown.
--QB Kurt Warner: UFA Giants: $4M/1 yr, $2M SB.

--OT Anthony Clement (released).
--CB Renaldo Hill: UFA Raiders; terms unknown.
--TE Freddie Jones: UFA Panthers; terms unknown.
--QB Shaun King (released).
--RB Emmitt Smith: UFA; retired.
--CB Duane Starks (traded Patriots).
--S Michael Stone: UFA Rams; $530,000/1 yr, $75,000 SB.
--LB Ray Thompson (released).
--DE Kyle Vanden Bosch: UFA Titans; terms unknown.
--WR Karl Williams (released).
--LB LeVar Woods (released).


The competition will be strong at safety when the Rams begin training camp at the end of July. There will be free-agent additions Michael Stone and Michael Hawthorne, along with draft picks Oshiomogho Atogwe and Jerome Carter. Adam Archuleta is the only player with Rams experience at safety, and he is returning from a back injury that affected his play in 2004. Second-round pick Ronald Bartell was a safety in college before being switched to cornerback last season.

Joining the fray is former wide receiver Mike Furrey, who made the team after leaving Arena Football in 2003, and is now being switched to safety. Furrey tied for second on the team last season with 13 special teams tackles, despite being inactive for eight games. The move was made because of the lack of depth at safety, knowing that if Furrey can prove to be the fifth safety, he would probably be active for games.

Said coach Mike Martz, "A guy that is this aggressive, this tenacious on special teams you have got to think it would carry over some to defense. If he's our sixth receiver, which could happen again, it's hard to get him on the roster every week. If he's your fifth safety so to speak then there is potential to be on there."

Furrey welcomed the move, and reflected on the frustration of not playing each week.

"It was something that sounded interesting," he said. "It was frustrating because you want to be out there playing and contributing in those games. It was a tough situation where you have six guys, especially with Isaac (Bruce) and Torry (Holt) and four guys fighting for the third and fourth receiver spot. Kevin (Curtis) and Shaun (McDonald) were doing a great job, so it was tough. Especially bouncing back from '03 when Dane (Looker) and I were the third and fourth guys playing. So, it was definitely tough being up and down and up and down. It was a roller coaster."

Coach Mike Martz is confident the switch will work. "He's very excited about it," Martz said. "He's a guy that obviously is going to play the ball very well. He judges the ball very well."

Furrey played defensive back while in the Arena Football League, and said, "There's not any comparison, but the biggest thing is what I have learned on offense I think is going to be able to translate over to my knowledge on defense. I should know what people are doing, how they line up and formations and personnel. Things like that will come pretty easy. Now, I just have to go out and get my technique down and be able to hit people and be in a position to start locking people down."

The other issue was his weight, which was about 180-185 while playing receiver. He's now up to 200. How did he do it? "I have been eating like a horse," Furrey admitted. "Every day I try to get a big three meals a day and snacking in between, just throwing it down. Then I try to come in and work out and try to translate that weight into muscle."

The Rams hope the hard work translates into another factor for the secondary

--Defensive end Leonard Little was placed on two years probation Friday (May 6) as the result of being convicted for speeding on April 1. That same day, Little was acquitted of charges of driving while intoxicated.
Prosecutors asked the court to sentence Little to 30 days in jail for the speeding charge, but Judge Emmett M. O'Brien instead placed Little on probation and ordered him to refrain from drinking during that time. Should Little violate his probation, he would be subject to a six-month jail term.

--When the rookies left Rams Park, they did so without a playbook. Coach Mike Martz was asked why. "Their notes should suffice," Martz said. "We'll give them some information. Playbook is kind of a misnomer. It's our standard where we begin."

According to defensive back Ronald Bartell, the team's second-round draft choice, the rookies were presented with about 60 percent of the team's base defense in the nearly 30 hours they were in meetings.
"I've been here just three days, and I don't know what day it is," Bartell said. When it was noted that some of the on-field sessions ended before the scheduled time, Bartell said, "I really didn't notice it. When you're out there working hard, every minute seems like an hour. They've been pretty lenient. I'm sure when we get started, it won't happen."


FRANCHISE PLAYER: OT Orlando Pace (signed a long-term contract March 16).


--S Zack Bronson spent the entire 2004 season on injured reserve after suffering a foot injury in just his second practice with the team. It is unlikely that he would be re-signed.
--TE Cam Cleeland improved as a blocker during the 2004 season, and the team had been trying to re-sign him until Roland Williams was added. There is no longer any interest in Cleeland.
--OG Chris Dishman tore the ACL in his knee during a late-season practice as he tried to come back from an earlier injury. The earliest he could return would be late spring or early summer, so his return is unlikely.
--S Antuan Edwards upgraded the position after being claimed on waivers from Miami during the 2004 season, but he didn't make many plays. The Rams pulled a three-year offer before free agency started.
--DE Erik Flowers wasn't able to make an impact during the season and was inactive for seven games. It's 50-50 that he would return for the minimum.
--OG Tom Nutten was a warrior throughout the season, playing with several injuries. He underwent offseason toe surgery and hasn't decided if he wants to continue playing. The Rams signed him out of retirement last August.
--S Aeneas Williams is considering retirement after a season curtailed by an arthritic nerve in his neck that prevented him being the big-play maker he has usually been.



--S Jerome Carter (4/117): $1.244M/3 yrs, $319,000 SB; 2005 cap: $336,333.


--OG Darnell Alford: UFA; $540,000/1 yr; 2005 cap: $455,000.
--CB Dwight Anderson: Potential ERFA; $305,000/1 yr.
--LB Trev Faulk: Potential ERFA; $305,000/1 yr.
--WR Mike Furrey: Potential ERFA; $380,000/1 yr.
--FB Joey Goodspeed: RFA; $656,000/1 yr.
--RB Arlen Harris: Potential ERFA; $380,000/1 yr.
--WR Dane Looker: RFA; $656,000/1 yr.
--LB Jeremy Loyd: Potential ERFA; $305,000/1 yr.
--QB Jamie Martin: UFA; $790,000/1 yr, $15,000SB/$10,000 RB; 2005 cap: $480,000.
--LS Chris Massey: RFA; $656,000/1 yr.
--OT Orlando Pace: Franchise FA: $52.9M/7 yrs, $15M SB; 2005 cap: $6M.
--OT Blaine Saipaia: ERFA; $305,000/1 yr.
--P Kevin Stemke: Potential ERFA; $305,000/1 yr.
--OL Scott Tercero: Potential ERFA; $380,000/1 yr.
--LB Drew Wahlroos: Potential ERFA; $305,000/1 yr.

--LB Chris Claiborne: UFA Vikings; $10.5M/3 yrs, $3.6M SB; 2005 cap: $2M.
--LB Dexter Coakley: FA Cowboys; $14.15M/5 yrs, $3M SB; 2005 cap: $1.6M.
--CB Terry Fair: FA; 1 yr, terms unknown.
--S Michael Hawthorne: FA Packers; $630,000/1 yr, $90,000 SB.
--CB Corey Ivy: Not tendered as RFA by Buccaneers; terms unknown.
--S Michael Stone: UFA Cardinals; $530,000/1 yr, $75,000 SB.
--OG Rex Tucker: FA Bears; $590,000/1 yr, $50,000 SB.
--DE Jay Williams: FA Dolphins; $2.665M/3 yrs, $300,000 SB; 2005 cap: $865,000.
--TE Roland Williams: FA Raiders; $690,000/1 yr, $25,000 SB; 2005 cap: $480,000.


--QB Chris Chandler (released).
--S Rich Coady: UFA Falcons; $540,000/1 yr.
--DE Bryce Fisher: UFA Seahawks; $10M/4 yrs, SB unknown.
--G/C Matt Lehr: UFA Falcon; $2.13M/3 yrs, $500,000 SB.
--LB Tommy Polley: UFA Ravens; 1 yr, terms unknown.


Quarterback Alex Smith, the No. 1 overall draft pick, started competing for a starting job during his first mini-camp with the 49ers. And coach Mike Nolan said the competition is wide open. "It's a long process and how fast we go with it will be determined by him," Nolan said.

During the first full-squad mini-camp Smith and incumbent Tim Rattay shared two-thirds of the practice snaps. Ken Dorsey and Cody Pickett shared the other 33 percent of the time. Dorsey and Pickett participated in the first mini-camp in early April and have been regular participants in the team's quarterback school. Rattay has been out of action this offseason due to an injured right foot.

When asked if he thinks Smith will start for the 49ers this season if he digests the new offense, Nolan said, "If he digests it better than Tim Rattay, I do." Nolan said his preference is to get Smith ready to play early in his rookie season.

"I'd like to bring him along quickly," Nolan said. "I'd like to see how much he can handle. I don't want to determine myself what he can and can't handle. I want him to determine what he can and can't handle. By giving him a lot, we'll learn what that is." Nolan also threw Dorsey into the mix for the starting job.

"Sure, he's competing, too," Nolan said. "Cody is behind the others, just from an experience standpoint."

Smith said he feels like it is an advantage to be competing for a job against other quarterbacks who are also experiencing a new offense. New offensive coordinator Mike McCarthy is installing a version of the West Coast offense that has few similarities from what the 49ers have run in the past.

"Absolutely," Smith said. "Being in it a month or two is much different than coming to a team where everyone has been in the same system for a couple years now."

--The NFL declined permission to 49ers coach Mike Nolan to wear a suit and tie on the sideline during games, he said. "They're not going to let me do it," Nolan said. "I wish they had, but it's a no go." Nolan wanted to eschew the league-sponsored apparel in favor of the more traditional look styled by some of the coaches of the past, such as Tom Landry and his father, Dick Nolan. During Mike Nolan's first full-squad mini-camp, Dick Nolan watched from a balcony overlooking the practice field.

"It's neat, especially when your dad has ties here before," Nolan said.

Dick Nolan coached the 49ers from 1968 to '74, compiling a 54-53-5 record while leading the 49ers to their first three NFC West titles.

--Offensive coordinator Mike McCarthy began installing the 49ers' offense during their mini-camp, and the entire offense will be in place prior to the start of training camp, he said. There is a lot of work for even the returning quarterbacks. The 49ers got away from the West Coast roots during Dennis Erickson's two years. "Tim said there's very little carryover, and Dennis (Erickson) went in a different direction," McCarthy said. "So we're starting from scratch - A to Z."


Mike Rumph, who is not participating in this mini-camp after undergoing surgery on his right forearm in April, said he is fully committed to winning a starting job at cornerback. But, just in case, he is also spending time studying the safety positions as he spends a lot of time in the film room this offseason learning the team's new 3-4 defense. Coach Mike Nolan asked Rumph more than a month ago if he would consider moving to safety this season.

"I told him that I thought I could be a great safety, but I also feel like I'm a great corner," Rumph said. "I want to compete for a starting corner job."

Rumph will compete for a starting job with second-year player Shawntae Spencer. Veteran Ahmed Plummer is also on the team, and returning after missing 10 games last season due to a bulging disc in his neck. The 49ers also spent two late-round picks on cornerbacks, Derrick Johnson of Washington and Daven Holly of Cincinnati.

MEDICAL WATCH: Cornerback Mike Rumph missed the team's minicamp because of bone-graft surgery April 1 on his broken right forearm. Rumph missed the final 12 games of the season with the injury, which did not heal properly. He said X-rays showed Monday that the break is improving, and he should be ready for the team's June mini-camp. ... Defensive end John Engelberger (right wrist), tackle Kwame Harris (right shoulder), tight end Eric Johnson (left knee) and linebacker Julian Peterson (left Achilles) did not participate in the minicamp.

FRANCHISE PLAYER: LB Julian Peterson (signed tender of $7.288M.



--TE Steve Bush helped the team's running game over the last five weeks of the season because he is a much better blocker than starter Eric Johnson or backup Aaron Walker.
--WR Curtis Conway, a 12-year veteran, would like to play another season but it probably won't be with the 49ers, who need to develop some younger players.
--OT Jerome Davis (not tendered as ERFA).
--QB Brandon Doman (not tendered as ERFA).
--C Brock Gutierrez started 15 games after Jeremy Newberry was injured. The 49ers need to find more stout depth at this position in case Newberry's injury problems continue.

--LB Saleem Rasheed (tendered at $656,000) has been a major disappointment while with the 49ers after entering the league as third-round draft pick. The fact the club is going to a 3-4 might save him.


--DT Tony Brown: ERFA; $380,000/1 yr.
--S Dwaine Carpenter: ERFA; $380,000/1 yr.
--DT Chris Cooper: UFA; terms unknown.
--OG Eric Heitmann: RFA; $656,000/1 yr.
--RB Terry Jackson: UFA; 2 yrs, terms unknown.
--LB Brandon Moore: RFA: $656,000/1 yr.
--OG Rob Murphy: ERFA; $455,000/1 yr.
--LB Julian Peterson: Franchise FA; $7.288M/1 yr.
--CB Rayshun Reed: ERFA; $305,000/1 yr.
--LB Ray Wells: ERFA; $380,000/1 yr.


--DE Marques Douglas: UFA Ravens; $4.5M/3 yrs, SB unknown.
--OT Jonas Jennings: UFA Bills; $36M/7 yrs, $12M SB; 2005 cap: $1.9M.
--PK Joe Nedney: FA Titans; $665,000/1 yr; 2005 cap: $455,000.

--FS Ronnie Heard: UFA Falcons; terms unknown.
--FB Jasen Isom: Not tendered as ERFA/Saints; terms unknown.
--OT Kyle Kosier: RFA Lions; terms unknown (did not match offer).
--PK Todd Peterson: UFA Falcons; $790,000/1 yr, $25,000 SB.
--DT Daleroy Stewart: Not tendered as RFA/Texans; terms unknown.
--DE Brandon Whiting (released/failed physical).
--CB Jimmy Williams: UFA Saints; terms unknown.
--WR Cedrick Wilson: UFA Steelers; $8M/4 yrs, $2M SB. Top Stories