Minicamp Report - Day Four

Because the NFL only allows four days of practice in a row during the offseason, the Seahawks ended the first week of their two week minicamp today at Kirkland HQ. The key story on Thursday was some bad news regarding WR Alex Bannister's right shoulder.

“He re-cracked the injured clavicle that had healed,” head coach Mike Holmgren told the team’s official website. “Now he’s just got to rehab again. We’re hoping we’ll have him around for the first game (September 11th, at Jacksonville).”

Bannister broke his right clavicle in game seven last season against the Carolina Panthers and missed the rest of the season. He went to the Pro Bowl as a special teams player in 2003.

Holmgren seemed to be pleased with the effort today and said that he continues to feel better after suffering from “chest discomfort” and missing practice on Tuesday.

QB Matt Hasselbeck consistently threw the ball well, completing a couple nice passes to TE Jerramy Stevens and WR Bobby Engram. Hasselbeck said he is having fun, but he knows what is just around the corner.

“I think with the entire offseason you get a feeling for where you are,” Hasselbeck said. “We didn’t have our first minicamp, which is usually a pre-draft thing. But as this camp winds down our bodies know the next thing is training camp and this is your last chance to compete and get it going for the next month and a half.”

TE Itula Mili took a shot to his jaw during the 7-on-7 drills from new safety John Howell, but said it’s all part of the game. “I kinda took a shot,” Mili said. “I got my jaw a little bit, but I’m all right. It’s just one of those unexpected hits, but I was able to get back up and keep playing.

“I still caught the ball and that’s the main thing. It’s always worth it when you still have the ball in your hand.”

Even after he got dinged up, the eight-year veteran’s thoughts turned to the future and what he expects out of his team this season. “I think it’s one of those things where, we’ve kept most of the core. We’ve just added more onto it,” Mili said. “That’s always a good thing. There’s that one saying, ‘if you stay the same, you’re only getting worse.’”

“We were able to keep some key points there, some key players and also we were able to add on some new players that we think are really going to help out. I think with that everyone gets a little excited and more determined to get things done this year.”

In one final note for fans, two Seahawks players who are playing in NFL Europe this year, DE Christian Mohr (Berlin Thunder) and CB B.J. Tucker (Amsterdam Admirals) were named to the All-NFL Europe Team.

Tucker started all 10 games for the Admirals and recorded 19 tackles, 11 passes defensed, five interceptions and two touchdowns.

Mohr played in all ten games, starting four, and recorded 19 tackles of his own while recording four sacks and two forced fumbles.

Both will be participating in World Bowl XIII as the Admirals face the league leading Thunder on Saturday in Düsseldorf. Fox will broadcast the game in its entirety starting at 9 a.m. PST this Saturday.

Scott Eklund writes and reports for Seahawks.NET and Feel free to contact him at Top Stories