Minicamp Report - Day Five

The second week of the Seahawks' two-week minicamp kicked off today and featured some new wrinkles in the playbook. Offensive coordinator Gil Haskell said that the red zone offenses and defenses showcased themselves today and he was pleased with the way things went.

“We’ve had some thing in the red zone against (defensive coordinator Ray Rhodes) because Ray has been showing us a lot of different looks in the red zone,” Haskell told the team's official website. “We like to go after you in the red zone so…we’ve got some new ideas on how to beat him.

“We’ll go like we did today, 16 plays in the red zone and five of them stunk. Now we can either throw them out or redo them so they don’t stink.”

Haskell seemed to like the performance of his offensive unit today, noting that this environment is great for experimenting and getting a feel for what works without the urgency of the regular season.

“There’s no pressure,” Haskell said. “You don’t say ‘oh boy, we’ve got to be ready by Saturday’. You can do it and then make it work and if you don’t like it against that coverage then you can scrap it and move on to something else.”

One player who has been seeing a lot of time during the five days of drills is second-year wideout D.J. Hackett. Hackett missed most of last season with a hip injury, but he looks smooth in his routes, cutting sharply and separating himself from a defensive back in a post-corner route. He sees a chance to remind the coaches why they drafted him last year in the fifth round.

“Most of these guys out here are preparing for the regular season,” Hackett said. “The team already knows who their starters are, so this is my chance to come out and showcase (my) talents.”

Hackett said he enjoys the competition, “because with all these guys out here, it just makes you drive even harder. That’s the reason they brought in so many guys…to make us better and pick our tempo up.”

Veteran free agent DE Bryce Fisher, a Renton native, seems to be enjoying his time back in his home state and promises to be whatever the team needs him to be when he takes the field.

“Well, I’m just going to bring what I am,” the big man from the Air Force Academy said. “I’m a guy who plays hard, can play a lot of different positions, a guy who can cover on special teams, who can rush the passer and do all the things I’ve been successful at over my career so far.

“Getting a chance to come home is every player’s dream. I was lucky and fortunate enough to get a chance to come up here with the Seahawks.”

Good news for Hawk fans was the return of T/G Floyd “Pork Chop” Womack who returned to practice this week after missing last week’s workouts due to a family matter. He looked in good shape while running through drills, with nimble feet and a quick set-up.

Four players were missing from workouts today. QB Matt Hasselbeck missed today because of a death in the family. It wasn’t known whether he would return for the rest of the week or not. RB Shaun Alexander is still un-signed and WR Darrell Jackson is still MIA along with G Chris Gray.

The training camp schedule was released last week. Seattle's rookies report to Eastern Washington University in Cheney on July 26th and the veterans will report two days later on July 28th.

Scott Eklund writes and reports for Seahawks.NET and Feel free to contact him at Top Stories