Defending The Pass

With the departure of defensive end Michael Sinclair, the Seahawks have a pressing need to fill the vacancy as they prepare to battle three pass-happy teams in the NFC West this season.

the New England Patriots proved in their win over the Rams in the Super Bowl that a combination of pressuring the passer and providing solid coverage in the secondary is the only way to slow a high-powered offense like St. Louis.
But what about stopping Jeff Garcia and the 49ers and Jake Plummer and the budding Cardinals?
This might not be so easy for the Seahawks, who hope to go 10-6 under Trent Dilfer, unless they can address needs at defensive end and cornerback as well.
At close to $5 million under the salary cap, Seattle's needs loom at tight end, defensive end and cornerback.
Shawn Springs has reportedly been seen at Seahawks headquarters almost daily during the offseason, which at this point could spell trouble. Some wonder how healthy Springs is from repeated hamstring pulls and if he can play an entire season injury free, something he hasn't done since 1998 when he was selected to the pro bowl.
Willie Williams has also missed significant playing time due to an assortment of injuries and head coach Mike Holmgren may look to add additional depth at a position that has been riddled with injuries since his arrival in Seattle.
With a deep cast of available free agents at the tight end position and Holmgren's affinity for having a solid player at that position to build his offense around, needs at both defensive end and cornerback could go unaddressed.
It's a long offseason and an even longer season if a team gets caught short-handed going down the stretch. Top Stories