Training Camp: Day 8 (morning)

Seahawks.NET's intrepid Editor-in-Chief Doug Farrar was in Cheney today and filed a report regarding the goings on at Seahawks Training Camp.

It was warm this morning over in Cheney, but the team got off to an early start. Players and coaches took the field at 8:45 this morning and after stretches and calisthenics, the team broke up into special teams drills working on the kicking game.

Third-year K Josh Brown looked very consistent hitting all of his attempts straight and true. They started off practicing kicks from the 5-yard line (a 15 yard FG attempt) then the 10-yard line, and moved back in five yard increments until Brown was attempting 40-yarders.

Special Teams coach Bob Casullo is a real drill sergeant and he is working the return and coverage units into shape.

The team was dressed in shorts and shells so there was very little in the way of hitting. Most of the players were going half-speed so as not to injure themselves or their teammates.

Soon after the kicking drills, the defense worked on coverages. First they ran a drill with the DB's working on their backpedal for ten yards, then turning and running with the wideout and spotting the ball.

Later they worked on rolling a coverage on a receiver into a double-coverage situation, with one underneath and the other over the top.

Offensively, the team worked on stretch plays, where the QB has to stretch to hand the ball to the running back who is already almost outside the tackle before he gets the ball in his hands. They worked on running to the right side the most with RB's Shaun Alexander, Kerry Carter and Maurice Morris all looking strong and fit.

Third-year QB Seneca Wallace was the star of the day, as well as being the hit of camp so far, as he looks to have really mastered head coach Mike Holmgren's complex playbook. He also looked strong in the accuracy drills.

Each QB was asked to throw a ball at several baskets at different intervals on the field. Wallace outshone all of the competition, including starter Matt Hasselbeck.

During 7-on-7 drills, the Hawks looked sharp offensively, especially Wallace and WR Joe Jurevicius. It appears that Jurevicius will be working a majority of his time in the slot. He seemed to always be right where he needed to be – around 8-10 yards working his way into the hole in the zone – and the QB's always seemed to find him. He's a big target, pretty hard to miss.

Third-year WR Taco Wallace had a couple of nice grabs, but the catch of the day was made by second-year wideout D.J. Hackett. Wallace dropped back and threw a rope about 40 yards down the right sideline. Hackett laid out for the pass, which was just beyond the reach of CB Michael Harden. Fans cheered the excellent hands of the young playmaker from Colorado.

The team then worked on redzone corner routes, where the QB dropped back and the receivers, backs and tight ends had to work their way out to the back corner of the endzone where the QB could drop it in over their shoulder. TE Jerramy Stevens and WR Darrell Jackson had some very nice catches during this drill.

All-in-all it was a very productive morning session for the "men in blue". Check back later today for Doug's afternoon report.

News and Notes: The most noticeable absence during today's drills was rookie LB Lofa Tatupu who is still nursing a hamstring pull. This afternoon's practice will focus on special teams. Fans can attend tomorrow's live scrimmage which starts at 2 p.m., but even if you can't just check out Seahawks.NET as we will update you as things transpire. Top Stories