Training Camp: Day 10 (Morning)

After a hectic weekend, the .NET caravan containing our Editor-in-Chief Doug Farrar and Supreme Overlord/.NET Guru Todd Breda, has finally begun the long trip west toward home. They did attend the early practice this morning before leaving Cheney and they filed this report.

At 8:45 the horn sounded to start practice and it would prove to be an eventful day. As reported earlier, S Ken Hamlin did work out with the team, although he did not participate in all of the drills. This is significant because Hamlin wasn't expected to work out until after the second preseason game so it appears he is ahead of schedule.

After stretching, which the team really focused on in light of the scrimmage yesterday, the players broke into extra point drills.

Once again special teams coach Bob Casullo was center stage imploring his players to focus on the scenarios and the details of their blocking. He is almost obsessed when it comes to the details and the variables – a huge change from last season.

During the extra-point drills they practiced a fake where holder Leo Araguz hit TE Calen Powell in the endzone.

One thing Doug noted was the fans in attendance finally got to see one of the true images of training camp: Sled drills. The OL was working on getting off the snap and staying low and all three units were working well and in unison.

While the offensive line worked on their drive blocking, the quarterbacks, tight ends, wideouts and backs worked on an over the should passing drill. The QB would drop back and arc a rainbow in, so that only their receiver could catch the ball and not the defensive back in coverage. Other than an overthrow to WR Jerome Pathon, there were no drops and the quarterbacks looked to be in fine form.

Soon thereafter, the wideouts worked on taking a jam at 5 yards (not unlike they would take from a linebacker in zone coverage) and then they would have to make a cut and catch the pass. Very interesting that there were only two drops, by Taco Wallace and Jerheme Urban, but no others.

After that drill was complete, the wideouts were asked to run to a cone placed at 5 yards, then worked on their stutter step, turned and came back to the passer. This works on them breaking down and getting their footwork correct so they aren't off balance and can't get re-routed by the DB or linebacker. Once again – no drops.

In the unit drills the offense was worked constantly by offensive coordinator Gil Haskell. As expected, the scrimmage yielded some things as Haskell referred to the scrimmage several times. After running a play – they were working on sweeps with RB Kerry Carter – Haskell would stop the entire drill and coach each player at each position on what he did wrong during the scrimmage. They would then run the play again paying strict attention to detail.

"Get your face up, look into your block and get your head down or you'll get hurt," Haskell was overheard saying to one of his young linemen.

At one point in the drills, Wallace, WR D.J. Hackett, Pathon and TE Ryan Hannam were lined up incorrectly, before Haskell even noticed the incorrect alignment, QB Matt Hasselbeck stopped the drill and got his wideouts in the correct positions.

**Fan Note: Hasselbeck really looks to be taking a leadership role on this team, even more than he has in previous seasons. He seems to know the playbook backwards and forwards and his knowledge of the system really showed itself today.

In 7-on-7's Hasselbeck ran with the first unit, Seneca Wallace with the twos and Greene ran with the third unit.

Of note during those drills was a nice completion along the sideline to WR Brian Shaw from Hasselbeck and a great play by second-year CB B.J. Tucker who is really making a name for himself. Tucker came over the top on a 15-yard slant to WR Bobby Engram, tipped the ball in the air and it was eventually picked off by S Terreal Bierria. With the trade of CB Kris Richard last week, the fourth spot at the corner position is wide open and Tucker appears to be making the most of that opportunity.

The team ended practice with more focus on the punt and kick teams and Casullo was seen again really teaching and extolling his players during the drills.

**Fan Note: GM Tim Ruskell was in attendance on the sidelines talking it up with coaches, players and fans during the practice. He appears to be taking a very hands-on approach to this team and it appears to be paying off.

Practice ended and Doug and Mark Olsen (rockhawkx) gave their final impressions of the practices they viewed.

Mark: This year camp looks much more intense and the coaches are teaching much more than in past years. It is much livelier than I have ever seen it.

Doug: They were very intense out there. The players are paying much more attention to detail and it shows in the way the coaches are teaching them.

Hope you .Netter's enjoyed our live reports and expect more of the same from your Seahawks.NET Staff. Top Stories