From the Radish's Garden: 8/18 Pictures & Report!

The Seahawks took the practice field again after a well-deserved day off. Our own Les Norton was back in Cheney as well, snapping some great pictures and filing his Norton Report.


Just back from Cheney. Talked to Kris "Buckethead" Jones for awhile and generally watched what was going on. Neither Kris nor I thought to ask about Hunter (Editor's note: Wayne Hunter suffered a torn right medial collateral ligament in Tuesday's practice and could be out for over two weeks) but he was not on the field.

Almost the entire practice was taken up with offense vs defense. And it was pretty spirited. Mike Holmgren stood in the backfield for every play.

The play of the morning I imagine was Jerramy Stevens vs Marcus Trufant. Matt Hasselbeck threw a pass a little behind Stevens, but Trufant had slipped and almost fell on the wet field. Somehow he managed to get back to Stevens, knock the ball in the air and intercept it, landing on top of Stevens in the process. All the team members and all the fans cheered, it was a really great play. And guess who's camera wasn't even in his hands?

In kicking drills this morning, they had punter Leo Araguz doing some kickoffs. About all I can offer here is that he can kick the ball. Not very well aimed, not very long, and not very high. Other than that, he was great!

Kicker Josh Brown was the big story this morning. Just booming field goals that were very accurate. After a high intensity 20 minutes or so Mike told them if he could make a 50 yarder they could stop that particular drill. To the ringing cheers of his teammates, Josh kicked one right down the center that probably would have gone at least another 5-10 yards.

The team renewed the drill that Hunter got hurt in on Tuesday - only this time they lined up all 5 offensive starting linesman and let the defensive players have a crack at them 1 and 2 at a time. Lots of bodies thrown around in this drill and it looked like the defensive players were picking on Robbie Tobeck.

Marcus Tubbs just looks awesome. He's going to make Chuck Darby or someone else on the line famous this year as he is going to demand a double team. Jeb Huckeba continued to look very impressive and used his hard slap to both sides of the lineman's chest a couple of times.

The assembled media observes Thursday's practice. ESPN's John Clayton can be seen, fourth from the left, in the baseball cap.
Kicker Josh Brown signs a fan's pennant on the way to practice. DE Jeb Huckeba interacts with the fans.
"I don't FEEL tardy!" DE Grant Wistrom (96), DT Craig Terrill (93) and DE Bryce Fisher (94) make their way to the field.
CB Marcus Trufant had the play of the day. DE Joe Tafoya has followed Tim Ruskell to Tampa Bay, Atlanta and Seattle.
G Andy King signs for the fans. Safety Michael Boulware and LB D.D. Lewis hit the field.
WR Darrell Jackson brings one in during morning drills... ...and WR Jason Willis follows suit.
O-line and D-line go at it, two by two. Linebacker D.D. Lewis participated in special drills today as he recovers from a concussion he suffered on August 1.
Jesse Lumsden also returned to drills as he recovers from a hip injury. OLB Cornelius Wortham watches Lumsden run.
Rookie OT Ray Willis (74) has the potential to be a devastating blocker. FB Mack Strong goes through cone drills.
The Seahawks appeared invigorated after their Wednesday off. Top Stories