Rhodes Returns with New Mission

The mild stroke Ray Rhodes suffered on Sept. 4 served as a wakeup call for the Seahawks' defensive coordinator.

Rhodes, 54, said he plans to alter his lifestyle as he returns to a more active role in leading the defense.

"You look at everything, your diet, your exercise," Rhodes said Monday. "You are going to look at everything you do. You have to make sure you do things right.

"We do work a lot of hours. All those things add up. This has been a time in my life where I feel like I can survive off three or four hours of sleep. You can't do that on a consistent basis. I think I burned at both ends a little bit too much."

Rhodes is working fewer hours this week. He hopes to become more efficient and less of a grinder. In the past, he was the type to keep reviewing additional video until he was too tired to continue. If that meant working from before 6 a.m. until after midnight, that's what Rhodes would do.

The lifestyle caught up with Rhodes following the team's final exhibition game, which was played the night of Sept. 2. Rhodes worked long hours the next day and felt extremely tired that night. When he awoke the morning of Sept. 4, he was suffering from numbness in his hand and a loss of vision in his left eye. His equilibrium was off.

"I do keep a lot of things in," Rhodes said, "but after a while things were getting very obvious to me that something was wrong. I talked to my wife and let her know that something was going on and to take me to the hospital.

"This was a lot more serious than anything that has happened in my life."

The Seahawks expect Rhodes to return to practice Wednesday. It was unclear whether he would call the defense Sunday.

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