Ken Hamlin Suffers Head Trauma

Ken Hamlin was struck in the head near a bar late Sunday night after a scuffle with two other men. He remains in serious but stable condition with a head fracture.

It wasn't supposed to be like this.

Starting safety Ken Hamlin was out late last night celebrating his team's 42-10 victory over the Houston Texans with his girlfriend. Although many details are still under investigation at this time, it appears that an altercation between Hamlin and two men occured sometime after 2am as they left a night club in Pioneer Square.

Hamlin tapped a man on the shoulder and said "Excuse me." From there, Hamlin's girlfriend reported there was some shoving back and forth with Ken punching the guy in the face.

Moments later, another man apparently hit Hamlin with a forearm causing Ken to fall to the ground. At some point, allegedly one of the two men hit Ken in the head with some type of street sign. The force of the blow was so severe, Ken had to be transported to Harborview Hospital where he is currently in serious but stable condition.

According to the Seahawks team doctor, Stan Herring, Ken has a fractured skull, a small blood clot and bruising of the brain tissue.

"Right now, he is awake intermittently and talking to us," Herring said. "We're going to need more time to see if there is residual problems from bruising of the brain."

The main concern at the moment is keeping the blod clot from growing.

Coach Mike Holmgren told reporters at his Monday Press Conference that Ken had phoned him earlier this morning, apologizing for his role in the altercation.

Holmgren told Ken to focus on getting well.

"I didn't feel I should even be talking to him that long. He needs to rest."

Holmgren addressed the team at their usual 1pm meeting the day after a game.

"Ken's a popular player on this team. It hit them pretty hard," Holmgren said. "As tough an incident it is, we have to keep goin'."

There's little choice but to keep going as the Seahawks face the 4-2 Dallas Cowboys at Quest Field this Sunday. Stay tuned to Seahawks.NET as we will be staying on top of this story and we will be bringing you the latest updates on Ken's progress and any updates as they happen. Top Stories