Seahawks, Alexander Exchanging Offers?

For the Seahawks and Shaun Alexander, there may be a window of opportunity over the bye week.

As reported by Jay Glazer of, the team and its star running back held significant talks regarding a possible multi-year deal. Initial offers were apparently exchanged – according to Glazer, the Seahawks’ offer was low and the one from Alexander’s people too high – but the two sides are expected to talk over the next 24-28 hours. Based on Seattle’s next offer, Alexander and his negotiators will know the extent to which the Seahawks are serious about retaining the services of their leading rusher beyond this season.

Alexander signed a one-year deal on Tuesday, July 26, for the $6.32 million figure he would have received had he signed the franchise tender (Alexander was tagged back in February). But the deal struck with Alexander had an interesting wrinkle, in that it included a provision disallowing the Seahawks from franchising Alexander in 2006.

Should Alexander hit the free agent market after this season, he would be an extremely desirable player. 2005 may be his best season so far – not only has he rushed for 776 yards on 152 carries for 5.1 yards per-carry average and 12 touchdowns, he has improved his game under single-year contract conditions which render some marquee players (read: Jamal Lewis) more than a bit cautious. Alexander’s blocking and his physical inside running – two aspects sure to put him in harm’s way – have improved exponentially. In his six-year career, Alexander has rushed for 6,713 yards, and has scored at least 15 total touchdowns in every season since 2001.

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