Breda Report: Upon Further Review

Led Zeppelin once sang about a new day dawning. For the Seattle Seahawks and their fans, a new day indeed seems to be dawning upon the horizon: A Championship Season To Remember.

A new Seahawks fan was brought into the world last Tuesday, November 8th. Kenna D'lea Breda is the daughter of proud parents Todd and Cindy Breda. This is great news for the parents and family, but not so good news to this and subsequent Breda Reports as diaper changes, an acute lack of sleep and feedings will force somewhat shorter content for the time being. So if you beg his pardon, short but sweet will be the order of the day for now…

Walking to the stadium under a darkened sky, playoff atmosphere was clearly in the air. Usually, fans are walking casually and somewhat subdued the moments before kickoff. This day was markedly different. Sounds of chants, hoots and hollers lined the streets as fans anxiously hustled to the stadium.

Adrenaline shot through my veins, a normal pre-game response but what was this new sensation enveloping me? Could it possibly be? A game as vital, as important as any in recent memory…Was it truly the sensation only fans of championship teams can truly understand and take ownership on each and every Sunday?

Was this confidence?

By George I think it was.

The Seahawks, winners of the first meeting between the rival St. Louis Rams, had an opportunity to go up 3 games on the one team that literally owned them just a season before. Handing them a sweep would effectively give the Hawks a 4 game lead with 7 regular season games remaining, all but ending the Rams hopes and dreams of any kind of a promising January.

The NFL's number one offense was as prolific as ever under a clam chowder sky. At one point, I imagined the stadium as a giant boat navigating the angry waters of the Baltic Sea. With every Shaun Alexander or Seattle score, I imagined rushes of water smashing against the stadium arches, pouring into the Rams sideline and washing more and more players and coaches out of the Pacific Northwest.

The city of Seattle is finally taking ownership of their professional football team back to their hearts. The Ken Behring Era has officially become a vague, distant memory, like a nightmare from a few years ago that once haunted you dearly yet can now hardly recall any of the details.

Suddenly, "Same Ol' Seahawks" takes on new meaning.

Shaun Alexander runs for over a buck-fifty with 3 touchdowns?

Same Ol' Seahawks.

Seattle's defense doesn't allow any touchdowns in the 4th quarter?

Same Ol' Seahawks.

Seahawks are in first place in their division?

Same Ol' Seahawks.

Seahawks won again this week?

Same Ol' Seahawks.

Yesterday was a celebration. A dawning of a new age. The excitement and pride of the fans was truly palpable. With each rain drop, failures of season's past washed away. I've never been so happy in the rain in my life. I suspect 67,000 of my fellow fans felt exactly that same way.

The template for a franchise-first appearance in the Super Bowl is set. The team is doing all the right things, employing the formula for success that the Seahawks have never seemed to quite take full ownership of.

This team has character. This team has heart. There's a mental and physical symbiosis that all teams must have in order to give power and purpose to late January.

Today, the darkened sky has given way to the sun. Rays of sunshine dance into my room and cast a soft ambient glow on my Seahawks helmet. I pause, gaze into light and feel for the first time in my life that the Seattle Seahawks finally have all the pieces of the puzzle to become world champions.

Go ahead. Dream of that late January day.

And don't make apologies along the way.

Todd Breda is the Owner and Creative Director of Seahawks.Net. If you would like to e-mail Todd, send any and all love letters, hate mail, whimsical musings or your personal dealings with little green men to: Top Stories