Michael Strahan - 11/23 Press Conference

The Giants' star DE talks about the Seahawks and the specific challenges that Shaun Alexander presents.

DE Michael Strahan

Q: How much of a challenge does Shaun Alexander present? This is probably the best running game you have faced.

I don’t know if it’s the only good running game we faced, but definitely the best. They’re the number one offense in the league and he’s a big part of that. You look on tape and you’re like, ‘How in the world does he do it?’ But, Shaun’s strong and he runs hard, faster than you think, and they have a good line up front. It’s a challenge because they average over 150 yards a game. So, this is going to be very tough for us, but I think guys are up for the challenge. We’ll see where we stand.

Q: How much different is he from LaDainian Tomlinson?

LaDainian was gifted with a lot more quick twitch muscles as far as things like that. But, Shaun, to be the number one rusher in this league with over 1200 yards after nine games, is pretty amazing itself. He’s definitely talented. He may not be the biggest, strongest, fastest, but he’s the most productive and I think that’s what you look at.

Re: Run defense.

One thing everybody realizes is that we’re not letting teams run on us the way we were letting them run on us. I think everybody looks at that as a personal challenge. I’m glad it’s picked up because this week we will definitely be tested and I’m glad everyone’s in the right frame of mind to go out and challenge their running game as well. So, it won’t be easy, but I don’t think we’re going to go out there and lay down. That’s not our intention, we’re going to go out there and give it a shot and see if we can shut them down.

Q: Are these the types of games you relish and look forward to?

Yeah, it feels good to be in the position that we’re in even though it could have been better had we played a little better. But, it feels good at this point in the season because there were seasons we’re at this point and you’re thinking, “oh boy.” I knew we were going to be home early and that’s not the case here. We’re playing for something and we’re playing the best right now. That’s a great feeling and that’s a great challenge. It just feels good to know that when we get out there on Sunday, it can go either way and if it goes our way, then we have really put ourselves in a good position.


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