D-Jack Speaks, May Not Play Sunday

Out since early October with a knee injury, Seahawks WR Darrell Jackson addressed the media on Friday - his first practice session in several weeks. The question on everyone's mind, of course...will he or won't he play this Sunday?

(Editor's note: Jackson suffered a torn lateral meniscus in early October. The damage was discovered by a Miami-based orthopedist when Jackson flew to Florida for a second opinion on what was previously concerned a bone bruise. Jackson has not played since October 2nd against the Washington Redskins.

In four games in 2005, Jackson has caught 29 passes for 376 yards and 2 TDs.)

“It felt pretty good to get back out there and start running around a little bit and trying to get a little bit of tightness out of my leg and stuff like that.”

”(I have to concern myself with) just keeping my leg strength and keeping that up. My weight room control.”

Will he play on Sunday? “Probably not. I’ll probably hold off another week. I still have a little tightness in my muscles down there that makes me limp a little bit. Until I get my limping right, I’m going to hold off for a little bit.”

Has it been difficult for Jackson to watch the Seahawks enjoy such a great season, winning eight games in a row, without him?
“It’s very hard to watch. But, the team is doing well and I’m part of the team and we’re 10-2 and we clinched the playoffs for the Seattle fan base and now we’re going for home field advantage. Whether I’m a fan or on the field, it’s still the Seahawks. It’s exciting.”

“I think they were going to succeed anyway. It’s a great bunch of guys. A lot of guys have been around for a long time and have worked with each other for a long time and we played very well. We pulled out some games that normally in past didn’t go our way. Everything has been pretty good for us.”

The need to be careful about getting back out on the field too soon - “You don’t want to come back too soon to get another injury. We have good things ahead of us, the playoffs that we’re already in and stuff like that. mainly we’re just trying to get the feeling back and get our health and conditioning back up and get ready for this playoff run that we’re about to go into.”

“My strength is in my leg enough that I don’t have any pain in my knee. All the pain I have comes down from my lower leg from muscle tightness and strengthening up my muscles with all the stressing and being able to break up some of that scar tissue.”

Jackson has been listed as a gametime decision – will he speak to Mike Holmgren on Sunday?
“I think it’s both our decision. We’ll sit down and talk and come up with the best possible solution for our team and myself and go at it like that.”

Will he warm up during pre-game this Sunday?
“We have to talk and see what schedule we put up and then we’ll decide from there.”

Is he close to 100%? “I feel like that. Hopefully I can and that is a goal of mine. Maybe with a 110 percent, not 100, but that is what I’m striving for.”

How was the team’s reaction to his return?
‘I talk to everybody every day. It doesn’t have to be today or yesterday. I talk to everybody every day.”

Is it exciting for him to see this team do so well?
“It’s very exciting. I’ve been around here 6 years and we’ve been trying to put this thing together for six years and stuff and it’s finally come. It’s a great attribute for the city and for us. There are a lot of players around here and great players in the league and now they’re starting to get some recognition more and more and more. Our coach is starting to get the recognition that he’s been deserving and had when he was in the Green Bay and 49ers years. The whole Seattle town is starting to get a little bit more recognition. I heard them throw Paul Allen’s name out there a few times on TV. So everybody is really, really benefiting off this 10-2 record and off this good season.”

Why is this season so different for the Seahawks? “Everything has come together. Sometimes things take a little time to process like getting all the key pieces and everybody playing together for a little while. I think we’ve had our offensive line together for at least six years without the right tackle, but he’s doing good too so you can see it in the running game. We went from 1,200 yards to now trying to lead the league in rushing.”

“This is my first injury ever, so I don’t really know how these things go. I just do it one day at a time. I’m pretty much ok. We’re winning and we’re 10-2.”

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