Breda Report: Upon Further Review

Special teams and the defensive secondary expose the Seahawks weakness but ultimately the powerhouse offense proves just too much for most teams in the NFL. How long can it last? Only time will tell.

I've always said the toughest games to play in the NFL are the games where your opponent has nothing to lose.

When your opponent has nothing left to play for other than the role of spoiler, what you get is a team that plays loose and takes plenty of chances. We saw that this past Sunday when the Tennessee Titans went for it on a majority of their 4th downs and managed a successful fake punt that gained a surprising amount of yards.

Add to the mixture a seasoned veteran and former league MVP quarterback and a depleted Seahawks secondary that looks something a bit more like practice squad fodder in the backfield and you have a near certain recipe for disaster.

While we are at it, you may as well factor in the East Coast, 10am "thing" and finally a group of players who began thinking after a 14-0 start in the first quarter that the Titans were going to mail it in the rest of the way and therefore it was a safe bet that dialing it in a few notches and coast all the way to the showers and meal were the way to go.


You see, the game of football is a precarious slope wrought with emotion and momentum…Things that can switch from team-to-team a multitude of times in one game alone let alone the season.

In some cases, the momentum can switch from the hands of the dominators to the dominated off of just one play.

Like a blocked field goal attempt.

Suddenly the previously defeated begin believing they are the ones capable of handing out defeats or in this case, upsets.

Based off of that one play, the Titans began believing in themselves again and when you have that mix of coaching and quarterback experience, that's one big sign that reads: Bumpy Road Ahead. Indeed, it turned out to be bumpy to the tune of 24 unanswered points.


If you found yourself in unfamiliar territory Sunday, yelling at the TV (or more specifically at certain players in the defensive secondary *ahem*) and finally resigning yourself to the likelihood of falling victim to a "trap game", don't worry, you weren't alone.

It certainly appeared when the score was 24-14 Titans that the Seahawks magic carpet ride had taken a temporary detour down the hauntingly familiar.

However, allow me to boast that I proudly proclaimed to my friends I was watching the game with when we trailed by 10 in the 3rd Quarter that the Seahawks would still win the game.

I guaranteed it.

It's strange actually. Down by 10 late in a 10am East Coast affair to still have this inner calm that when the clock reaches 0:00, the Seahawks would be the ones with more points. I guess this is what it feels like to be the diehard fan of a championship team.

The game is full of ebb and flow. Momentum is attached to the hip of confidence. One big play and the momentum pendulum swings.

The past several days we have been enduring a wicked wind storm in my city and my neighborhood. We're talking 60mph gusts, enough to rip several roof tiles off our house causing a lovely new expense just in time for Christmas.

I watch our giant evergreens in the distance from my window bend impossibly forward with each gust…Just when I think they've reached their breaking point, they snap back into place. A big middle finger to the elements that harass them.

I'm inevitably reminded of our defense.

Although it goes without saying that our secondary is our primary weakness that if not fixed or tightened up, will be our ultimate demise in the post season, I still can appreciate their resolve and toughness.

It always seems that no matter how many big plays and chunks of yardage they give up, they always seem to snap back and tighten up when it matters the most. Nothing personifies this attribute more than the 4th and 1 in the 4th quarter just a few yards from the goal line. The Titan play resulted in a 1-yard loss as a sea of white, green and blue defenders swarmed the ball carrier.

So the good news is that this team has enough mental and physical toughness and talent to overcome their special team and defensive weaknesses – for now. How long they can continue to do so is anyone's guess. To say we need Dyson and Herndon back in a jiffy is an understatement.

Yet I've said a thousand times before and I will say it a thousand times again:

Championship-caliber teams win in spite of injuries, not lose because of them.

This team has shown that kind of character and resolve in the face of the injuries and injustices they have had to endure.

This is why when I am asked which opponent I fear most in the playoffs my answer is always the same;


I suspect the player's response would be one and the same.

Todd Breda is the Owner and Creative Director of Seahawks.Net. If you would like to e-mail Todd, send them to: Top Stories