Alexander Discusses Two Trips

How will Shaun Alexander spend this week? It's a busy one, with alternating tragedy and triumph...before a trip to Green Bay for the Seahawks' regular-season finale, Alexander will travel home to attend his aunt's funeral. Coach Mike Holmgren, QB Seneca Wallace and Alexander himself took time today to discuss varied aspects of Shaun's past, present and future.


(On hearing the MVP chants in the stadium…) “I don’t think too much about it. It is one of those things right now our team is good and usually guys on your team that are playing well get that kind of award.”

(On how important the touchdown record is to him…) “The touchdown record to me, I already got it. That’s how it feels like. When they say who has the most touchdowns all year, they are going to say Priest Holmes and Shaun Alexander. It could be mine by itself but I don’t think too much about it.”

(On having to buy more presents to the offensive line with all the awards he could win…) “Their gifts actually come in today. I am going to be really excited when it gets to my house. They probably will actually get it before I leave for the funeral. It will be cool.”

(On what the gifts are…) “You guys have to ask them. I am probably going to bring them in tomorrow.”

(On running behind a good offensive line…) “I told everybody this year. Everybody has been talking about all those things that I have done. A lot of times I almost get too much credit. We have been healthy. This is the only year I remember where our five guys play every game. That is big for a running back. There are times where you see the body angle of a lineman that you know what is behind them. Everyone staying healthy has been big.”

(On running to the left…) “It doesn’t matter whether it is left or right. When you got everybody, you just know what they are going to do. Of course with Walt (Jones) and Hutch (Hutchinson) it is great to have those guys but knowledge is power. That is big for a running back.”

(On if this is the best he has played in his career…) “I think I just get better every year. There are some games where I thought I didn’t play that well where I have had great stats. Then there has been some games where my stats weren’t as good but to me it was good. Overall I think this year has been strong.”

(On if he wants to remain a Seahawk…) “I have said it tons of times that I would love to be here. It is a business. The Seahawks have to make their own decisions. I am going to be happy for whatever they do. I have said it three years, I guess no one was listening when I said this team could be in the Super Bowl three, four years in a row. I was telling you all that from the beginning, there was only a couple pieces missing. We put it together this last off-season. I will say it again, this team could be good for three or four years.”

(On if he is any more or less optimistic now on whether he will stay in Seattle…) “No, not really. I stopped conversations with everybody and everybody has been up front saying that they are going to talk about it after the season. When you are not talking, there is no room for anything. No conversation is no conversation.”

(On if his price has gone up…) “My price is my price. It is not going to change whether we do great or whether we are doing bad. Hopefully the Seahawks want to take it and run into the Super Bowl a bunch of times with it.”

(On if the price is high…) “It was market value.”

(On why it is important to play in the game this Sunday …) “I think everything we do now sends a message to each other and every group. We know that we are good enough to win four games in a row and what that means is we will be Super Bowl champs. With that, we want to make sure everyone understands let’s do this. The time is now. Also the way my family is, they know that football is just a job. But, at the same time, it is a special moment in our lives.”

(On what it has meant to have his family during this time…) “It has been great. From me married to a girl out here that wasn’t really a Seahawk fan and to have it around the whole family and she has a huge family and watching them and seeing when I had my TV show being able to watch the streets and no one really knew who I was or who this team was or even cared about who we were. To now we can’t go anywhere without somebody talking about us. This city, this state, my family, it has been really exciting to see the growth over the years with this team.”


(On the timetable for Alexander because of his aunt’s funeral...) “The funeral is Friday and he is traveling tomorrow (Thursday). He will be at the funeral on Friday and he will fly into Green Bay on Saturday.”

(On if he hasn’t scored after a few series and they have the ball at the goal line…) “I don’t know. Let me think about that one a little. I want him to get the record; we all want him to get the record. Green Bay of course is going to everything in their power to win the football game and not give them the record. The most important thing is we have our guys healthy for the playoffs. If the situation comes up, I am going to have to make the decision at the time, just like whether to go for it on forth down or not.”

(On why he will play Alexander…) “We are going to win the game. The game is important to us and all season long I have preached that we play the game a certain way, we practice a certain way and we try and set a standard of play. I don’t look at this game even though I have the luxury of substituting some of our young guys in there. I want out starters to play and I want them to play well and I want them to move the football. That’s what they have been doing all year so we are not going to do anything different now. Just that now I have the luxury of at some point putting the younger guys in there.”

(On Alexander possibly getting the record and if that reinforces in his mind that he is the MVP…) “Whether he gets the record or not, he is certainly a serious candidate for that, for the MVP. Matt Hasselbeck has had that type of year as well, as important as the quarterback is for our offense. They don't usually give them to linemen, but we have a couple of linemen that in my opinion are MVP candidates. So whether he scores the touchdown or not, he's the MVP. If he breaks the record, I never thought by breaking a record it entitles you to that other thing (the MVP) with anybody. Because there are a lot of records. It's a phenomenal record though and if he can break it, great. But I would separate that from the MVP voting. But he certainly, certainly, if he is not the MVP than it's going to be real close.”

(On how much it would mean to the offensive line…) “The MVP? Whether or not he wins that, the o-line feels very good about it. They're in that together, and Mack Strong is in there, our tight end, anybody that blocks for him. They feel good about it, and Shaun's handled it great this year. It's been clearly his best year, in my opinion. Not only running, not only for the obvious reasons, but the fact is he has pass protected. He has caught the ball pretty well. He's just had a great year. And the line, they feel good about that, sure they do. They should.”

(On what he thinks the offense would be like this season without Alexander…) “I don't have to think...why would I do that? I don't have to think about that.”

(On the balance of the offense and Alexander’s rushing not coming at the expense of something else…) “It's not, you're right. And when I made that other statement before, often times, you can make the same statement about passing leader, too. If you have the passing leader and no running game, the odds are your team's not going to be there at the end and the other way, too. Our balance this year has been very good and that's why we're in the position that we're in. I'm under no illusions that way. I like the fact, however, that we have the ability to do either and any particular game in any particular series, depending on what the defense decides to do; you have to be able to dial up what you need to dial up to move the football, so it helps.”


(On if Matt Hasselbeck will ask to come back in if they’re on the 1-yard line to hand the ball to Alexander…) “He could and I’ll let him. He got us this far. I think he would deserve to be able to give the handoff and give Shaun the ball.”

(On how much it would mean to the team for Alexander to break the single season TD record…) “I think it would mean a lot. Just setting a record on any team and anybody setting a record is a big deal. I know the offense takes a lot of pride in that. For him to do that, everybody would be happy about it.” Top Stories