Sean Locklear Arrested

(1/16/06, 5:22 p.m. - Updated with new information from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer). As first reported by Seahawks.NET this morning, Seattle Seahawks right tackle Sean Locklear was arrested on the morning of Sunday, January 15th on a domestic-violence assault charge.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has reported the following in a Monday afternoon story by Tracy Johnson. This story has been reported by KIRO-TV as well, and seems at this time to confirm that some manner of physical act led to Locklear's arrest:

Locklear's girlfriend, 23, told police she was with him and some friends at Belltown Billiards early Sunday when he saw her dancing with another man and became angry, according to a police report.

She told officers Locklear confronted her as they went outside, but he grew angrier and grabbed her around the neck when she tried to tell him she'd done nothing wrong.

She then started crying and stopped cooperating with officers, repeatedly telling them Locklear "didn't do anything." When asked if there'd been violence between them before, she told them, "he's not usually like this."

Police say the woman's neck was red and a handprint was visible on her chest, though she declined to let officers photograph the apparent injuries for evidence.

Three witnesses told police they heard the couple arguing and saw Locklear use both hands to grab the woman around the neck and shove her back into a doorway.

Locklear acknowledged he and the woman had been arguing but said he grabbed her by the shirt, not the neck, according to the report.

Jose Miguel Romero of the Seattle Times reported on Monday afternoon that according to a Seahawks spokesman, Locklear and a woman were apparently shouting at each other in a restaurant when police were called.

In accordance with domestic abuse laws, Locklear had to be taken into custody even though the woman asked police not to arrest Locklear, the spokesman said.

Court records show that Locklear was booked at 3:03 a.m. Locklear is currently in King County's Seattle Correctional Facility.

Locklear must appear before a judge before bail will be set. Due to the Martin Luther King, a bail hearing is expected on Tuesday, and the Seahawks expect Locklear back for practice on Wednesday, according to Romero's report.

Locklear started all 16 regular-season games for the Seahawks, as well as Saturday’s 20-10 divisional playoff win over the Washington Redskins. Seattle will play the Carolina Panthers this Sunday in the NFL Championship game. Top Stories