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On January 19, Seahawks.NET was honored to participate in a phone interview with Aaron Schatz, the Editor-in-Chief of Football Outsiders, the cutting-edge website that endeavors to bring new statistical and analytical factors to the diehard fan's enjoyment of the game.

Compared to Bill James by the New York Times, Aaron has done custom research for NFL.com and a number of NFL teams.

When I asked Aaron to talk about the upcoming NFC Championship game between the Seattle Seahawks and Carolina Panthers, I was hoping that he would give me a few minutes of matchup information. What actually occurred was the definition of a pleasant surprise – he went into Deep Analysis Mode in the following five-part, forty-five minute audio interview. The audio links have been posted for your enjoyment, with a full transcript to follow presently:

Aaron Schatz Interview, Part One

Aaron Schatz Interview, Part Two

Aaron Schatz Interview, Part Three

Aaron Schatz Interview, Part Four

Aaron Schatz Interview, Part Five

We can't thank Aaron enough for taking so much time out of his busy schedule for this exclusive game preview. What we CAN do is to make sure to direct our readers to the Football Outsiders site - you'll find unique, in-depth analysis and some of the most talented sportswriters anywhere.

Doug Farrar is the Editor-in-Chief of Seahawks.NET. Feel free to e-mail him at doug@seahawks.net.

Aaron Schatz is the Editor-in-Chief of FootballOutsiders.com, Lead Writer and Statistician for the “Football Prospectus” annual volume, and an NFL analyst for FoxSports.com. He has also written for the New York Times, the Boston Globe, The New Republic Online and Slate, and has done custom research for NFL.com ad a number of NFL teams Before creating Football Outsiders, he spent three years tracking search trends online for the internet column, “The Lycos 50”. He has a B.A. in economics from Brown University and lives in Framingham, Massachusetts, with his wife, Kathryn, and daughter, Mirinae.

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