Seahawks Go Back To School

Current and former NFL stars including Michael Boulware, Jamie Sharper, Bobby Engram and Craig Terrill of the NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks are among the 120 players who have enrolled in the NFL Business Management and Entrepreneurial Program at Harvard Business School, the Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University), the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. 

The program is part of an ongoing NFL-NFLPA initiative to assist players in preparing for their post-playing careers.  Last year, in the program’s first season, 66 NFL players participated at Harvard Business School and the Wharton School. CB Bobby Taylor was Seattle's sole representative.

The four schools will offer executive education activities in their respective areas of expertise (see complete descriptions below).  Harvard Business School and the Wharton School will hold three-day programs for players starting February 27 and conduct an additional three-day session in early April.  The Kellogg School of Management and Stanford Graduate School of Business will run three-day sessions beginning March 6. 

Player enrollment criteria include level of education, professional business experience, interest in starting, owning, or managing a business, leadership and community involvement.  Under the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement, players may be reimbursed up to $15,000 this year for education expenses at an accredited institution of higher learning.

The Stanford Graduate School of Business (March 6-8)

The Stanford program seeks to broaden a player’s understanding of how to evaluate business opportunities in general and in the sports industry specifically.  The program consists of lectures, case studies, and discussion groups to illustrate the broad opportunities in the sporting industry and other industries (including real estate, entertainment, and investment).

Following are the NFL players enrolled in the workshop at the Stanford Graduate School of Business (most recent team listed in parenthesis if player is a free agent):
G Chris Bober, Kansas City            
TE Ryan Neufeld, Buffalo
T Kirk Chambers, Cleveland             
WR Eric Parker, San Diego      
S Ryan Clark, Washington             
T Marcus Price, Dallas 
LB Donnie Edwards, San Diego              
RB Tony Richardson, Kansas City    
DT La’Roi Glover, Dallas         
S Marcus Robertson, Retired (Hou/Tenn; Sea)
C Drew Hodgdon, Houston        
CB Jeff Shoate, Denver 
K Michael Husted, Retired (TB, Oak, Wash, KC)            
LB Donnie Spragan, Miami  
LS Brian Jennings, San Francisco          
LS Brad St. Louis, Cincinnati     
WR Eddie Kennison, Kansas City            
DT Craig Terrill, Seattle
WR Chase Lyman, New Orleans            
G Jeb Terry, Tampa Bay      
C Ben Lynch, Retired (Minn, SF)             
WR Troy Walters, Indianapolis   
CB Sam Madison,  Miami          
T Maurice Williams, Jacksonville   
LB Ryan Nece, Tampa Bay              
S Coy Wire, Buffalo

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (Feb. 27-March 1; April 3-5)

The Wharton program focuses on a broad range of business topics, including financial analysis, entrepreneurship, real estate development, stock market investing, negotiation skills, risk management, and community reinvestment.  Attendees work on directed as well as individual real estate, entrepreneurial and personal finance projects during the month between the program’s two sessions.

Following are the NFL players enrolled in the workshop at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (most recent team listed in parenthesis if player is a free agent):
P Jason Baker, Carolina               
TE Bennie Joppru, Houston
P Tommy Barnhardt, Retired (NO, Wash, Car, TB)            
T David Kadela, Carolina       
LS David Binn, San Diego              
G Pete Kendall, New York Jets  
S Michael Boulware, Seattle        
T Matt Light, New England    
LB Gary Brackett, Indianapolis           
G Chris Liwienski, Minnesota      
S Jack Brewer, Philadelphia           
C Kevin Mawae, New York Jets  
WR Isaac Bruce, St. Louis              
S Marlon McCree, Carolina       
G Cody Campbell, Indianapolis           
S Jon McGraw, Detroit
WR Dameane Douglas, Retired (Phil)         
RB James Mungro, Indianapolis   
TE Jeff Dugan, Minnesota              
LB Hannibal Navies, Cincinnati     
WR Bobby Engram, Seattle        
G Brian Rimpf, Baltimore      
T Jason Fabini, (New York Jets)        
CB Allen Rossum, Atlanta
LB Ryan Fowler, Dallas         
LB Jamie Sharper, Seattle
T Brandon Gorin, New England            
K Matt Stover, Baltimore      
QB Tim Hasselbeck, New York Giants        
WR Amani Toomer, New York Giants
RB Chris Hetherington, San Francisco          
LB Kailee Wong, Houston
P Dirk Johnson, Philadelphia           
P Dave Zastudil, Baltimore      
DE Lance Johnstone, Minnesota                              

Harvard Business School (Feb. 27-March 1; April 3-5)

The HBS program emphasizes entrepreneurial opportunities and business management.  Content includes financial analysis, marketing strategies, selected general business skills and legal, contractual and tax considerations.  Using the case method, participants learn how to work together to resolve problems similar to the ones they face in business.

Following are the NFL players enrolled in the workshop at the Harvard Business School (most recent team listed in parenthesis if player is a free agent):
LS Ethan Albright, Washington             
DT Lance Legree, (New York Jets)
TE Eric Beverly, Atlanta        
TE Chad Lewis, Philadelphia   
LB Rocky Boiman, Tennessee              
CB Ray Mickens, Cleveland      
LB Keith Bulluck, Tennessee              
RB Ovie Mughelli, Baltimore      
LB Jason Carthen, Retired (NE)           
TE Brett Pierce, Dallas 
LB Matt Chatham, New England            
G Chester Pitts, Houston
RB Casey Cramer, Carolina               
S Gerome Sapp, Indianapolis   
DE Marques Douglas      San Francisco          
LS Mike Scheck, Buffalo
LB Jamie Duncan, (Atlanta)              
G Matt Stinchcomb, Tampa Bay      
LB Justin Ena, Philadelphia           
CB Donald Strickland, Philadelphia   
CB Domonique Foxworth, Denver         
LB Kalen Thornton, Dallas 
RB Eddie George, Retired (Tenn, Dal)            
G Adam Timmerman, St. Louis      
DE Travis Hall, San Francisco          
C Ross Tucker, New England    
DE Michael Haynes, Chicago        
LB Sean Tufts, Carolina       
RB Robert Holcombe, (Tennessee)            
S Troy Vincent, Buffalo
CB Steven Israel, Retired (LA Rams, SF, NE, NO)          
DE Chuck Wiley, (New York Giants)      
RB Terry Jackson, San Francisco          
S Tank Williams, Tennessee      
CB Nathan Jones, Dallas                         

The Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University (March 6-8)

The Kellogg program focuses on developing and selling a brand and evaluating franchise opportunities.  This program provides a foundation for recognizing sound marketing plans and preparing players to ask key questions when analyzing opportunities.

Following are the NFL players enrolled in the workshop at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University (most recent team listed in parenthesis if player is a free agent):
G Ian Allen, Arizona        
RB Kyle Johnson, Denver 
T Ben Archibald, New Orleans            
RB Kevin Jones, Detroit
T Jacob Bell, Tennessee              
G Lewis Kelly, New York Giants
S Colin Branch, Carolina               
G Sean Mahan, Tampa Bay      
RB Ran Carthon, Seattle        
C Dennis Norman, Jacksonville   
LB Sam Cowart, Minnesota              
T Vaughn Parker, Retired (SD, Wash)     
S Donovin Darius, Jacksonville           
S Tony Parrish, San Francisco  
TE Ben Hartsock, Indianapolis           
S Pierson Prioleau, Washington     
C Justin Hartwig, Tennessee              
LB Al Smith, Retired (Houston)      
CB Reggie Howard, Miami          
T Todd Steussie, Tampa Bay      
C Scott Jackson, Tampa Bay              
DE Jason Taylor, Miami  
LB Bradie James, Dallas         
S Troy Vincent,  Buffalo
G Jeno James, Miami                    Top Stories