Seahawks Shopping for Running Backs?

Day One of the 2006 NFL combine appeared to be a day of Shopping for Halfbacks for many teams concerned with depth at the position. The Seahawks talked to at least three backs on Thursday, and Seahawks.NET has the inside scoop on who they were.

Uncertain with their depth at the running back position, the Baltimore Ravens, Seattle Seahawks, and Arizona Cardinals focused on two players at the Indianapolis Combine event on Thursday.

Wali Lundy from Virginia and Brian Calhoun from Wisconsin are just two of many running backs which have caught the attention of team personnel in attendance. The Seahawks were also seen talking to Maurice Drew of UCLA.

Wali Lundy sports good size (5-11 ½ - 214-lbs) and is believed to have the physical attributes to potentially become an every down back ( he was a receiver in high-school) at the professional level. His ability to catch the football and short yardage reliability has made Lundy an increasingly interesting prospect.

Brian Calhoun is also an interesting prospect and a player who may be somewhat underrated to the general public.

“Brian Calhoun in the right situation could be a very interesting prospect. He has the speed, elusiveness, and durability to play at the next level,” one AFC team scout noted. “The question is whether his size (5-9 ½ - 202-lbs) will be a deterrent. At this time where we are again seeing a mix of big and small backs in the league, there could be a place for him (Calhoun).”

Approximately 15 teams have talked with Lundy at the Indianapolis Combine, with the Ravens, Seahawks, and Cardinals being a few of them. No less than 12 teams have directly talked with Calhoun, with additional interviews scheduled for Friday.

Drew measured in at 5' 6½" and 207 pounds, and said that he will be doing all the workouts. The former UCLA standout feels his strength is his versatility since he can run, block, and handle returns. He also believes that his punt return ability will help his stock.

In addition to Seattle, the Jaguars, Raiders, Steelers, Browns, and the Bengals have shown interest in Drew. Top Stories