Seahawks Acquire Additional Cap Space in '06

Seahawks.NET has learned that the Seahawks will be working with additional cap space in 2006. Our own "Hawkstorian" breaks down the numbers and reveals the cap adjustments for all 32 NFL clubs.

Seahawks.NET has learned that the Seahawks will be working with an additional $844,249.00 in cap space in 2006. These dollars are above and beyond the previously announced $94.513 league-wide cap. Each team has been given a cap adjustment, with some teams possibly having less than the reported cap to spend in the current year. The Minnesota Vikings received overr $7,000,000 in extra cap space. The Miami Dolphins are in the worst shape, losing over $9,500,000 from their 2006 cap. This reality has greatly contributed to the Dolphins' recent roster-trimming.

Cap adjustments take place for a variety of reasons, but most often result from "Likely to be earned" incentives from the previous year that weren't actually earned. Often, teams manipulate player incentives in order to deliberately push money from one year to the next. Thus, a negative cap adjustment

Also, cap adjustments have been known to change during the off-season. There are constant behind-the-scenes analysis and rulings that have the potential to modify the total amount a team is able to spend in a given year. Normally, any changes after the start of the league year are minor.

The Seahawks' adjusted cap for 2006 is now $95,357,249. Of course, if the Collective Bargaining Agreement is extended, the total cap for all teams will increase substantially.

Here is the list of the cap adjustments for all 32 NFL teams.

CREDITS (Cap limit raised above $94.513 million)

Minnesota $7,460,698
Philadelphia $6,954,540
Cleveland $3,554,178
Kansas City $3,436,422
Arizona $3,057,829
St. Louis $2,517,558
Jacksonville $2,123,433
New Orleans $2,058,846
Houston $2,000,000
Green Bay $1,737,071
N.Y. Giants $1,208,123
Seattle $844,249
Chicago $666,000
San Diego $600,765
N.Y. Jets $499,344
Atlanta $321,879
Indianapolis $250,000
Washington $176,427
Cincinnati $73,615
Dallas $0

CHARGES (Cap limit lowered below $94.513 million)

San Francisco $17,824
Denver $133,276
Baltimore $171,787
Buffalo $223,089
Carolina $242,117
Tampa Bay $308,890
Tennessee $587,234
Detroit $1,526,251
Pittsburgh $1,772,794
New England $2,026,060
Oakland $2,540,695
Miami $9,529,790

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