2006 Draft Preview: Rota's Mock Draft

The Seahawks.NET draft team (Kyle Rota, Ryan Rigmaiden and Scott Eklund) each have watched hours of tape, reviewed all 32 NFL teams' needs and put that knowledge to good use with the first of two mock drafts. Presented below is first-year columnist Kyle Rota's view of how the first round of the NFL Draft will fall. See if you agree or disagree with his projection.

2006 First Round

1. Houston Texans – Reggie Bush, RB USC

Really? Bush is being considered for the #1 pick? You don't say! Well, if Houston stays here they've already made it clear Bush is their guy. But I expect a trade.

2. New Orleans Saints - Mario Williams, DE, North Carolina State

While there isn't a gaping need there; DE Charles Grant is going to get expensive. Will the Saints have the foresight to draft for a future need? Their track record isn't promising.

3. Tennessee Titans – Matt Leinart, QB USC

Another choice that makes sense on many levels. Steve McNair is eventually going to retire or fall apart and Lienart shouldn't have any issues learning the system.

4. New York Jets - D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OT, Virginia

"There are no sure things in the draft," needs an amendment in the end to add "except D'Brickashaw Ferguson".

5. Green Bay PackersA.J. Hawk, LB Ohio State

Strengths: Playing Football. Weaknesses: Kryptonite.

6. San Francisco 49ers – Vernon Davis, TE Maryland

After running the 40 faster than many wide receivers, Davis will be taken early. A nice big target with breakaway speed is exactly what Alex Smith needs.

7. Oakland Raiders – Haloti Ngata, DT Oregon

Ngata is perhaps the best DT prospect to come out in three or four years. A big man who is surprisingly quick, Ngata will be a 3-4 nose tackle or 4-3 defensive tackle for the Raiders (who can't run either effectively right now).

8. Buffalo Bills – Michael Huff, S Texas

Somebody has to pick him. This is about as far as I see Huff falling. Has the blazing speed of a cornerback, but I'm not sold on his hips, so I put him at safety. Either way, he's a playmaker.

9. Detroit Lions – Jay Cutler, QB Vanderbilt

I'm not a Cutler fan. However, he is use to playing without a support cast, and if Detroit ignores the offensive line (again), he should feel right at home. At least it's not a wide receiver.

10. Arizona Cardinals – Winston Justice, OT USC

Some are concerned about his character. For some reason, I am not, and that is the only question mark about him. Newly-signed RB Edgerrin James might appreciate a hole to run through every now and then.

11. St. Louis Rams – Broderick Bunkley, DT Florida State

The Rams continue their disturbing uncharacteristic trend of addressing defense by picking up a defensive tackle with exceptional burst.

12. Cleveland Browns – Jimmy Williams, CB Virginia Tech

Big and fast, Williams might be a little raw but has the athletic ability to be an amazing defensive back. He's is a better version of Gary Baxter who is currently the top cornerback for the Browns.

13. Baltimore Ravens – Vince Young, QB Texas

His wonderlic may be lower than the amount of touchdowns Shaun Alexander scores against Arizona, but Kyle Boller's completions might be lower than Vince Young's wonderlic.

14. Philadelphia Eagles – Ernie Sims, LB Florida State

The defensive scheme used in Philly allows the linebackers to be instinctive and aggressive. This is exactly how Sims wants to play football.

15. Denver Broncos – Chad Jackson, WR Florida

Rod Smith will eventually retire. Chad Jackson ran a scarily fast 40 and is also big and strong enough to be a star.

16. Miami Dolphins – Kamerion Wimbley, DE/LB Florida State

With Junior Seau retiring, this pick makes a lot of sense for the Dolphins. Head coach Nick Saban likes playing some 4-3 and some 3-4. Wimbley has the versatility to play both.

17. Minnesota Vikings – Chad Greenway, LB Iowa

Greenway had a dreadful combine. Ran like a defensive end and bench-pressed like a quarterback. However, the game tape shows him as a quick, strong prospect who would secure a rather poor linebacker group.

18. Dallas Cowboys – Bobby Carpenter, LB Ohio State

As he heals up, he'll climb up draft boards. He provides great pass-rushing potential opposite of DeMarcus Ware, and can play the run.

19. San Diego Chargers – Tye Hill, CB Clemson

While the Chargers have been burned in recent years with first round corners, Hill shouldn't even have made it this far, and the Chargers need help there.

20. Kansas City Chiefs – Jason Allen, S Tennessee

An amazing talent who only falls this far because of his hip injury, the Chiefs need help at corner, but if Allen can't play there, he can be a top safety for them.

21. New England Patriots – DeAngelo Williams, RB Memphis

Adding the NCAA All-Time All-Purpose yardage leader would add security now for Corey Dillion, and his replacement later.

22. Denver Broncos – Donte Whitner, S Ohio State

Looking at the roster, the Broncos are really in a pretty good position to pick the best player available. Champ Bailey might appreciate a little bit of help every now and then.

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Marcus McNeill, OT Auburn

He has experience blocking for RB Carnell Williams, but more importantly hasn't given up a sack in the regular season since he was a freshman.

24. Cincinnati Bengals – Max Jean-Gilles, OG Georgia

Most mocks have him later in the first or early second round. However, much of the concern is about Jean-Gilles' ability to control his weight. Marvin Lewis is willing to take risk on character if the athletic ability is high, and Jean-Gilles has first round talent.

25. New York Giants – Lendale White, RB USC

While Tiki Barber has been amazing, he isn't getting younger and White could provide a better goal-line presence along with easing the overall load on Barber.

26. Chicago Bears – Santonio Holmes, WR Ohio State

I really want to give the Bears Jonathon Joseph ut considering just how bad their offense was I couldn't justify a defensive pick. Holmes provides a playmaking threat – if the Bears quarterbacks can get him the ball.

27. Carolina Panthers – Marcedes Lewis, TE UCLA

Might be a bit early for Lewis, but Carolina needs a tight end so badly that they might reach a bit here. Lewis has concerns about his blocking but is a nice big target for QB Jake Delhomme to ignore as he tries to find WR Steve Smith.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars – Laurence Maroney, RB Minnesota

Fred Taylor miraculously played 32 consecutive games, and looked really beat up for it. He's almost done, and Maroney comes without a lot of wear on the tires and with playmaking ability.

29. New York Jets – Manny Lawson, DE/LB North Carolina State

I don't think Lawson can be a defensive end in the NFL, but he has quite a bit of promise as a 3-4 linebacker who can blitz. New York needs help everywhere, and Lawson fits in well here.

30. Indianapolis Colts – Joseph Addai, RB LSU

The Colts haven't been afraid to draft for need if they find a suitably good player, and Addai offers tough running, soft hands and good blocking – a great replacement for the recently-departed Edgerrin James.

31. Seattle SeahawksAshton Youboty, CB Ohio State

Athletic and willing to make a tackle, Youboty has some untapped potential, yet is good enough to challenge veteran Kelly Herndon for the starter's spot in training camp.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers – Johnathan Joseph, CB South Carolina

The Steelers have surprisingly few holes for a Super Bowl champion, but one of them is at cornerback and with Joseph the Steelers are able to both fill a hole and take the best player available.

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