Seattle Eyeing A Longhorn?

Seahawks.NET has learned that another potential draftee is scheduled to meet with the Seahawks at their Kirkland facility. Projected as a second-day pick by most analysts, this Texas Longhorn could succeed as a backup in the right system.

WACO. TX - NOVEMBER 5: Will Allen #72 of the Texas Longhorns moves off the line during the game agianst the Baylor Bears on November 5, 2005 at Floyd Casey Stadium in Waco, Texas. Texas won 62-0. (Photo by Stephen Dunn /Getty Images)

Seahawks.NET has learned that Texas guard Will Allen is scheduled to meet with the Seahawks at their Kirkland facility on Friday, April 7th.

Projected as a second-day pick by most analysts, Allen could succeed as a backup in the right system. He’s a 6’5”, 318 –pound player who has alternated between guard and center during his Longhorn career. In 2004, he started the first seven games of the season at right guard before succumbing to a knee injury. Missing the final four regular season games, Allen returned to start in the Rose Bowl. 2005 was his biggest and best year, as he started every game at right guard for the national champs. A third-team All-America selection by the Associated Press, Allen also racked up first-team All-Big 12 honors. In total, he started 30 games at right guard in a Texas uniform. Allen is also a three-time Academic All-Big 12 Conference honoree.

Allen was reprimanded more than once during the 2006 Senior Bowl practice for his mechanics (see notes below), but he is also known as a tough, smart player who works hard to overcome his mistakes and rough spots. In a system such as Seattle’s, where proper line technique and teaching is an enormous element of the Seahawks’ dominant offense, Allen might be a pick with potential.

Seahawks.NET draft columnist Kyle Rota had this to say about Allen: "He just looks big out there. Allen weighed in at the combine at 6'4" 1/2 and 318 pounds, but it wouldn't surprise me if he lost weight for the combine, because he looks closer to 330. His game strength is excellent, he likes to push guys around. Plays low and keeps his balance. Defensive tackles who try to bull-rush him are wasting their time, because he anchors his feet really well. While he isn't a guy who gets blown by off the snap, he isn't very agile and guys can slip to his side (left especially) and get into the backfield. When you see Steve Hutchinson out there, he looks smooth and runs like a tackle. Allen plays smooth, but he isn't fast at all and sort of lumbers to defenders.

"As a Seahawk, I'm not sure what I'd do with him."
Rota remarked. "He is a typical center you'd want against a 3-4 NT, but he is a misfit as a center against a 4-3 defense, as he won't hit many inebackers on running plays. He has a nasty attitude - and most importantly for the Seahawks, he finishes his blocks every time - playing with Vince Young's tendency to run at any time would prepare him well for Shaun Alexander's patient style."

Seattle has already talked to Georgia guard Max Jean-Gilles, and their interest in Allen suggests that the offensive line is still in flux following Steve Hutchinson’s defection to Minnesota. The team recently signed former New England tackle Tom Ashworth, and head coach Mike Holmgren recently asserted that the versatile Floyd “Pork Chop” Womack would most likely get the first shot at replacing Hutchinson at left guard. Going into training camp in July, it’s possible that the only secure spots could be LT Walter Jones’ and possibly C Robbie Tobeck’s. Womack, Ashworth and RT Sean Locklear could be duking it out for everything else, with other depth players and draft picks trying to sneak their way into what should be a murderous competition for three-fifths of one of the best lines in football.

Prospect Profile: Will Allen

TFY Draft Preview
Mar 19, 2006

Full Name: Will Allen School : Texas Pos: G

Ht: 6-5 Wt: 318 40: 5.25 Year: 5Sr

Bio: Awarded All-Conference honors the past two years and given All-American consideration as a senior. Previous All-Academic selection.

Pos: Hard-working, self-motivated lineman who works best in a small area. Blocks with forward lean and anchors at the point. Engulfs defenders or removes them from the action. Alert, and works well with teammates.

Neg: Lacks footwork in space, over-extends into blocks and not effective off the line of scrimmage.

Analysis: A durable lineman the past three years, Allen does possess the extras to improve his game. Marginally athletic, he can play in the NFL if placed in the proper system. Senior Bowl Notes: Texas G/C Will Allen

Will Allen





10 1/8


Weigh-In Notes: Not great muscle tone - in fact, flabby.

Monday Practice Notes:  Showed nice ability and recognition in space. Has a tendency to give up too much ground in his protection along with lacking much of a punch. Was continually beat today by missing his initial punch.

Tuesday Practice Notes:  Was a mess all day. The coaching staff corrected him on not driving through with his hips. The tendency to lead with his head, and accentuating the problem by continuously keeping his arms too wide, lead for a long day. The one positive is Allen does work hard to reestablish his block after failing in the initial impact.

Wednesday Practice Notes:  Received reps at both left guard and center. Allen continues to struggle. Often loses at the point of contact because he shoots the hands wide and gives up his body, and he certainly is not strong enough to overcome this problem. Where he excelled today was out in space and at the second level. Not the most powerful prospect but shown ability to play if in the right system.

Thursday Practice Notes:  Again got reps at both guard and center.   Reprimanded early by the offensive line coach for not 'opening his hips' correctly on a double team.  Late recognition in pass blocking.  Did show better feet today than he has all week.

Analysis:  Allen struggled most of the week and received quite a bit of coaching from the 49er staff.  Looks to be a late round pick whose versatility and style of play can be put to use in the right system. Top Stories