2006 Draft Preview: OG Davin Joseph

Seahawks.NET's Scott Eklund resumes his look at the guards in this month's NFL Draft by looking at one of the more athletic and polished players to come out of college in a while. Oklahoma's Davin Joseph is a player who won't make it out of the first round and will probably be the first guard taken off the board.

2. Davin Joseph, OG Oklahoma 6-3, 311 (5.09)

NFL Comparison – Randy Thomas, Washington Redskins

Overview –

A hard-working, versatile lineman who could play almost anywhere along the offensive line. He spent his career at tackle for the Sooners, but he projects as a guard at the pro level. Good strength, excellent technique and fiery attitude are the trademarks of Joseph's game and he has good leadership qualities as well.

Run-blocking –

Good bulk and strength. Has quick feet and really finishes his blocks. Relishes contact and just destroys defenders. Gets to the second level well and has good enough footwork to do well in space against linebackers. Joseph also has a mean streak.

Pass-blocking –

Is equally adept at both run and pass-blocking, but his footwork needs to improve to become an elite pass-protector. Initial strike stuns defenders and his long arms allow him to keep rushers at bay. Slides easily into his sets and is able to read stunts and twists well. Needs to improve at blitz recognition, but he is smart enough to pick up any protection scheme.

Roster impact on Seattle –

For Seattle to have a chance at Joseph they will likely need to move up in the first round. It'd doubtful they will do that, but if they do, Joseph would fit right in. He would probably be better as a strongside guard able to either replace Chris Gray or be the understudy for a season while learning the offensive scheme. He's about as big as he's going to get, but his athleticism, attitude and long arms make him a player who would start at guard for the Hawks for the next decade.

Final Analysis –

Joseph is getting looks from teams positioned in the second-half of the first round. Teams like San Diego, Kansas City, New England, Tampa Bay and the Panthers could all use a player with Joseph's abilities along the line. He's grading out on most boards as the top guard prospect in the draft.

Scott Eklund writes and reports for Seahawks.NET and Dawgman.com. Feel free to contact him at sctthawk@yahoo.com.

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