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On Thursday, April 6th, Adam Caplan of Sirius Radio, and stopped by the NETNation chat room as a guest of Seahawks.NET. Adam shared some thoughts on the team, what draft picks would fit Seattle's needs, and some free agents that the team may be thinking about (including Ty Law). Here's the full transcript of his chat with the Seahawks.NET community!

dfarrar777:: Welcome Adam!
AdamCaplan:: Just to get started, I see Seattle’s draft needs as CB, developmental DE for depth

dfarrar777:: Adam, how do you rate Seattle’s interest in Ty Law? Do they see him as a short-term solution? Are they just feeling him out right now, or are they ready to talk dollars?
AdamCaplan:: They have the cash to sign Law, comes down to the guaranteed money/upfront
AdamCaplan:: Seattle has the leverage there, Law has little interest so there's no need to overpay for an aging CB

dfarrar777:: Is his price going to come down soon? Who else is interested in him?
AdamCaplan:: DF: KC but they won't pay what he wants.
AdamCaplan:: It's a buyer's market for CBs.

dfarrar777:: Don;t think anyone will
AdamCaplan:: That's the whole point.
jseahawks:: how much does Law have left at this point? Is he still a probowl caliber player?
AdamCaplan:: JS: Two years of solid play.

ivotuk:: What other FA prospects look serious?
AdamCaplan:: IV: I think SEA is pretty much done for now.
AdamCaplan:: BTW, The Seahawks will be bringing in 3-4 OL prospects soon.

XxxZagnutxxX:: Is Chris Kuper among those?
AdamCaplan:: Max Jean-Gilles for one
dfarrar777:: Two guards already (the other being Texas; Will Allen) - Seattle seems to be focusing on guards early on with their visits - do you think they have confidence in their current o-linemen? Secondly, where do you see Ashworth fitting best - RT or RG?
AdamCaplan:: DF: Looking for upgrades possibly. Ashworth is better off at RT but they seem to want Locklear there. Womack inside.

Uberman:: there is alot of feeling out there that this may well be Holmy's last year . . . if he does leave who is the most logical replacement?
AdamCaplan:: UB: Good question, I would imagine someone with experience, WCO minded/offensive coach

Uberman:: while abraham is a good idea were not sure about his durability?
AdamCaplan:: UB: No way you can pay him that kind of cash and him not be on the field more. Very good player but gets hurt a lot.

ivotuk:: What will Seattle do with leftover cap money? Is it common to leave it on the table for next year?
AdamCaplan:: IV: Get any young player who is up soon extended, possibly sign veteran depth after June 1.
Uberman:: any plans to move Ashworth to right guard?
AdamCaplan:: UL: He'll either be the swing OL (6th man) or compete against Womack I would suppose at this point.

SNDavidson:: So you think the Hawks will lean towards a CB in the draft versus a S? Does that mean that Hamlin will most likely be in the starting rotation?
AdamCaplan:: SD: CB is a much greater need.
AdamCaplan:: I would think they will sign a veteran for insurance for FS-Hamlin

dfarrar777:: Where is Seattle in the Lance Schulters derby?
AdamCaplan:: SF: They're still in it, lots of decent safeties out there though.
AdamCaplan:: He was once a pretty good player with SF.

dfarrar777:: If they signed Law, do you think they'd still go CB in the first?
AdamCaplan:: SF: Nope, could go DE, Wistrom is getting up there and they have no quality depth there.
AdamCaplan:: Good thing is SEA is really set up well so they can just draft for younger developmental players.

dfarrar777:: Just to clarify - they're not interested in Charles Woodson?
AdamCaplan:: Not that I have heard other than casual talk.
AdamCaplan:: If they don't get Law or if they back off, Woodson could enter or a lesser free agent CB.

Uberman:: with the signing of Julian Peterson, is who is going to end up being the odd man out, Koutovides . . . Kaz . . .D.D.?
Uberman:: or do we keep all
AdamCaplan:: UB: Kaz restructured and is a good specials player so he'll be back.
Uberman:: yeah sorry
AdamCaplan:: He can also back up at MLB.
Uberman:: the thought of kaz at middle lb . . . *shudder*
AdamCaplan:: I have to think Lewis will be a backup.
AdamCaplan:: Hill may be moved to WLB. Stay tuned.
AdamCaplan:: I can't see them keeping him off of the field.
AdamCaplan:: Lewis isn't anything special.

dfarrar777:: If they're talking about Corey Mays I wonder if Koutouvides is on the bubble.

ivotuk:: How do the Seahawk's NFLE players look? The QB scored 158 passer rating and the punter averaged 49 yards
SNDavidson:: Will the Hawks draft/sign a punter?
AdamCaplan:: If Lindstrom isn't ready, they'll sign a veteran P, there are a few out there.

berkshire1043:: I came in late. Maybe I missed it- but is the FO concerned at all w/ Law's character or age?
AdamCaplan:: Berk: Age which is why they have to be careful of the up front money.

dfarrar777:: Interesting that with all the talk about the Seahawks drafting a corner, there’s been no news of any visits or workouts yet. Any word on corners they might be specifically interested in?
AdamCaplan:: DF: Not yet but there is over two weeks of visits to go, they have about 10 players coming in over the next week already. Lots of locals from what I understand too.

jseahawks:: You mentioned there are other free agent safety options other than Schulters.... have the Seahawks been in contact with any others?
AdamCaplan:: JS: There are about 5-6 decent options at S out there, Schulters is who they are looking at now, if they can't get him done, Marcus Coleman, Kim Herring and a few others are possible.

berkshire1043:: Re the Hawks serious about moving Seneca or another backup QB
AdamCaplan:: BERK: I think he stays at QB but gets some snaps at WR. Not much room for him at WR except for special packages.
Uberman:: does the resigning of warrick send the message that he has finally recovered from his injurys and will showing some of the form for which he was touted for coming out of the draft, or can we infer from the 1 year contract that this may be his last chance to make an impact?
AdamCaplan:: UL: He's an excellent PR if healthy, that's where he'll help plus backup slot WR, and in their 4-WR sets. Some threes.
AdamCaplan:: Three years ago, Warrick was a surpreme slot WR, but injuries really have curtailed his progress.

dfarrar777:: I think their ongoing interest in Burleson says a lot about Warrick.
AdamCaplan:: SF: You guys will love Burleson, excellent fit for the WCO.
AdamCaplan:: Burleson is great with the run after the catch which is a staple of good WCO WRs.

rockhawkx:: With LenDale White's apparently terrible showing during the pro day, and his apparent apathy about the whole thing, could he conceivably fall out of the first round? Is he this year's Maurice Clarrett?
AdamCaplan:: Rock: No way, he'll go mid first if his workout in two weeks goes well.

berkshire1043:: So then I probably don't have to worry about Harrington coming here?
AdamCaplan:: Not now.

SNDavidson:: Is the team better off sticking with Josh Brown?
AdamCaplan:: SND: No doubt, surprised DAL didn't give him an offer sheet.

ivotuk:: What is the possibility for a RB? One in the late Rounds?
AdamCaplan:: IVO: Could be since Morris is brittle.
dfarrar777:: How close were the Seahawks to replacing Maurice Morris with Sammy Morris, and why didn’t that deal get done?
AdamCaplan:: SF: Sammy Morris wanted more than one year, he never got an offer. He left town without one. Too bad, SEA could have used him in a lot of ways. He's a better player than M Morris

XxxZagnutxxX:: Does NFLE CB Reggie Austin have what it takes to stick in the NFL?
AdamCaplan:: XXX: Austin showed a little progress earlier in his career with CHI, if all goes well, maybe dime CB.

dfarrar777:: In your estimation or from what you’ve heard, can Julian Peterson ever be what he was before the Achilles injury? Did Seattle overpay?
AdamCaplan:: SF: They overpaid, he think he will be good but not as good as before the injury.
Uberman:: the difference is in Seattle he has other players on that defense helping him . . .it isnt a 1 man show, he will be better because of the people around him
dfarrar777:: it's a great overall LB corps, that's for sure

berkshire1043:: How likely are they to pick OL- I've seen on the boards here they are looking at guards, even high round picks. like Giles
AdamCaplan:: BERK: First day developmental.
AdamCaplan:: OL

rockhawkx:: Adam, what's the feeling on Holmgren? Does he stay, or will he take some time off and pursue something with GM powers?
AdamCaplan:: ROCK: I think he wants to still prove he can run a team, he failed as a GM so he wants to prove he can do it. Bad judge of talent but a great coach.
rockhawkx:: So you think he's gone next year?

SNDavidson:: Everyone talked about how much of a stretch Tatupu was last year, is Ruskell that unpredictable?
Uberman:: or that good a judge of talent?
AdamCaplan:: Sn: I have to tell you, I was at the draft as I have been for the past 6 years, I was shocked at the pick but give Ruskell credit, It worked great.
SNDavidson:: was that luck?
AdamCaplan:: SN: Not luck, they did their homework and wanted him badly, they didn't want to take a chance that anyone else would take him before they did so they selected him earlier than anyone expected.

ivotuk:: In your opinion, who is the sleeper LB and DE that you would "reach" for?
ivotuk:: I meant CB
berkshire1043:: So then 1st or 2nd round at OL?
ivotuk:: not LB
AdamCaplan:: Berk: 2-3rd maybe.

dfarrar777:: They don't have a third, but they'll probably trade for one?
AdamCaplan:: DF: If they need to.
AdamCaplan:: IF that OL is there.
AdamCaplan:: IVO: Nick Reid/Kansas LB
AdamCaplan:: Big 12 D player of the year

dfarrar777:: What’s your take on Purdue’s Ray Edwards?
dfarrar777:: I've heard attitude and workout concerns?
AdamCaplan:: perfect developmental DE
AdamCaplan:: that's what they're looking for

Uberman:: does will derting have a chance to recover from his injurys and make it as a pro. Do you see him getting drafted at all?
AdamCaplan:: LB: Late second day selection.

dfarrar777:: Adam, do you think Jason Allen is fully healed? Could he be there at 31?
jseahawks:: Same question for Cromratie (dont know how to spell it)
jseahawks:: the cb from florida state
AdamCaplan:: DF: He looked great at the combine, I have to think he's all the way back.
AdamCaplan:: And won't make it there but you never know.
AdamCaplan:: Herndon is better as the nickel.
AdamCaplan:: JS: He's on the rise. Teams are very hot on him.

ivotuk:: Do you see anyone in the NFC West drafting or signing well enough to challenge Seattle?
AdamCaplan:: IV: No, the race will be for second.
AdamCaplan:: ARI much improved, SF a little better, STL better
AdamCaplan:: The race now for SEA is them and CAR
AdamCaplan:: DAL is close too
AdamCaplan:: lets see how the draft goes

Uberman:: what happened with dyson . . . that cut was a surprise to many of us at a position of need
AdamCaplan:: UB: Not worth what they were paying him, he's really a good nickel.
dfarrar777:: They tried to renegotiate with dyson - I think the Jets offered more
Uberman:: will we see a possible second swap of sides with trufant?
AdamCaplan:: UB: Depends on what happens with Law or the draft etc.

dfarrar777:: USC guard Lutui - could he be that OL pick?
AdamCaplan::Very good developmenal prospect, fun kid too.
rockhawkx:: Do you think that all of the free agents the Redskins signed will improve their playoff run?
Uberman:: do the redskins signings ever impact there team in the way they think they should?
AdamCaplan:: WAS will be better but those other WRs are average.

ivotuk:: I'm worried about Holmgren's future plans, who do you think is the next best WCO coach? Mariucci?
AdamCaplan:: IV: No way on Mooch.
dfarrar777:: No way?
AdamCaplan:: He can't coach at the pro level, too soft.
dfarrar777:: Wow.
AdamCaplan:: Wayyyyyyyyyy to soft, doesn't command respect.
rockhawkx:: wow indeed
Uberman:: he's ruined himself with the debacle up in detroit
jseahawks:: i agree on mooch, he did well with inherited talent, thats it
AdamCaplan:: I could go on all day. Should be a college coach, rah rah. Him and Pete Carroll.
AdamCaplan:: Carroll is a great college coach, can't make it in the pros.

dfarrar777:: Oh, my.
Uberman:: he makes more in college than he would in the pros
AdamCaplan:: I think Mooch can coach though, but it's more than that.
dfarrar777:: Adam goes East Coast on us.
AdamCaplan:: You have to have a game plan and make sure the players get it.
AdamCaplan:: What he did with their offense was embarrassing.

berkshire1043:: Are the Hawks satisfied w/ theTE situation. What about Mili?
AdamCaplan:: BERK: They got in the game late with Putzier so they may add depth there in the draft.

dfarrar777:: So, in your opinion, was Harrington a victim of bad coaching, or is he just bad?
AdamCaplan:: Everything, coaching, lost confidence, there's a lot of BS that went on.
ivotuk:: Millen...
AdamCaplan:: Millen did a bad job of evaluating talent around him.
AdamCaplan:: And those WRs, maybe they'll set an NFL record for drafting a WR named Williams in the first round for three years in a row.

ivotuk:: lol
AdamCaplan:: They should be much better this season, discipline will be the buzz word there (with new coach Rod Marinelli).

rockhawkx:: Adam, After a great 05, do you count Hasselbeck as a "top tier" QB?
AdamCaplan:: ROCK: For sure.
dfarrar777:: His December was ridiculous.
dfarrar777:: All-time numbers.
rockhawkx:: his playoff performances were pretty good too.

SNDavidson:: who will have the last word as far as defensive coordination goes next season?
dfarrar777:: Marshall was named the DC.
AdamCaplan:: SND: I would suspect Marshall.
dfarrar777:: It's his baby
AdamCaplan:: Ray will have input
Uberman:: rhodes is an "advisor"
SNDavidson:: that's what i was getting at
AdamCaplan:: It's a shame what happened to him.
SNDavidson:: yes it is
AdamCaplan:: That was an odd situation

jseahawks:: whats the word on Jamie Sharper? Has he signed anywhere else? Anybody showing interest. I havn't heard anything but maybe i just missed it.
AdamCaplan:: JS: Teams must be scared of that knee. No visits that I know of.
AdamCaplan:: I would expect Sharper to get a job before training camp if his knee checks out.

rockhawkx:: Adam, can you give us the scoop on Russell Davis? I heard his interview last week and I liked his drive, but will he be an impact DT, or just a role player?
AdamCaplan:: ROCK: Solid third tackle, spot starter.
AdamCaplan:: SEA has five good DTs, they will have a great rotation.
AdamCaplan:: IND had a five-man last season and that really helped.

Uberman:: who is the next team in LA? Expansion or a franchise in trouble that no one knows about?
AdamCaplan:: UB: Expansion I would guess.

dfarrar777:: Who are the draft's most overrated and underrated players this year?
AdamCaplan:: SF: Overrated, Vince Young

Uberman:: next season Tubbs . . . boom or bust?
rockhawkx:: ugh
AdamCaplan:: UB: Boom.

Jazzhawk:: What do you think of the off-season that the Colts have had. It seems to me they have not made themselves any better, and may even take a step back.
AdamCaplan:: JAZZ: They'll always be good in the regular season because they can outscore you but when it counts in the playoffs, their defense will come up short.
AdamCaplan:: They don't have enough impact players.

ivotuk:: piggyback on Jazz's question will they go RB early?
Jazzhawk:: The Colts lost a few key players and haven't really added anyone.

rockhawkx:: Who's your pick for the next NFL Commissioner?
AdamCaplan:: ROCK: Possibly Rich McKay.

AdamCaplan:: I see Mili out of the pic soon
dfarrar777:: Released?
Jazzhawk:: Think that Seattle will draft another TE this year?
AdamCaplan:: The guy they signed can block-Will Heller
rockhawkx:: Mili will be cut, Hawks will draft a TE in the later rounds.
dfarrar777:: Heller's a Ruskell guy
AdamCaplan:: SF: Yep.
AdamCaplan:: From TB days.

dfarrar777:: Like Joe Tafoya

AdamCaplan:: But overall, the Seahawks are in great shape to make it back to where they were unless they get a lot of injuries.
AdamCaplan:: QB does scare me though, I can't see Wallace getting it done if he has to play more than a game or so.

Jazzhawk:: What is your take on the Seattle WRs now that we have Burleson? Do you see them taking another WR in this draft?
AdamCaplan:: JAZZ: They don't need to
AdamCaplan:: 1-5 are locked up.

Jazzhawk:: Even with the uncertainty to Jackson's knee?
AdamCaplan:: Hackett really showed me something,
AdamCaplan:: he should play more

Jazzhawk:: That's true.

ivotuk:: Info on where Adam writes, talks, chats?
Uberman:: thanks a lot for putting up with this motley crew there adam . .. come back soon!
dfarrar777:: Adam, thank you for your time tonight! In the great .NET chat tradition, please take some time and plug your upcoming projects!
berkshire1043:: Thanks for the chat
AdamCaplan:: IV: Sirius,, and

We'd like to thank Adam for answering the questions of our community in this exclusive chat. Top Stories